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ABS-CBN to air Chinese News TV disappoints fans

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The ABS-CBN News Channel has entered into an agreement with a Filipino-Chinese media company to air "Chinese News TV," a nightly weekday news program delivered mainly in Mandarin Chinese.

What do you think of this? 

So funny! Sinophobic woketards are triggered, having a bitch fit tonight over something they thought would never happen to their favorite media outfit: ABS-CBN, professing "in the service of Filipinos" for years, has started airing Chinese News TV (in Mandarin) via ANC Channel. 

Is there's nothing wrong with ABS-CBN upholding it's values to be fair and unbias?. Is this is a true projection of how news should be aired?. Di porke China or Chinese, issue na?.

Can ABS-CBN please clarify on this news report by Rappler.? For ABS-CBN to claim independence and yet align with the One Belt One Road  (OBOR) advocacy is not only contradicting but also very much concerning.

Statement of ABS-CBN Integrated News and Current Affairs chief Ging Reyes on Chinese News TV: 

"I understand the concerns on Chinese incursions in the West Philippine Sea & many other issues related to the country’s relations with China.  ABS-CBN News has vigorously covered these issues, in our pursuit of truth and public enlightenment. But we resist discrimination against any race or ethnicity. The airing on ANC of Chinatown News should not be equated with the intrusions in the WPS. Chinatown News is produced by fellow Filipinos who belong to the Filipino-Chinese community. They are part of Philippine society.  Rather than belittle their attempt to provide a service to their local community, it’s time we considered embracing the diversity of this land we all call home.  We have editorial control over their content, provide national news stories & ensure accuracy of the translation from Mandarin to English subtitles." - Ging Reyes

I’m sorry but we don’t buy Ms Ging Reyes’ explanation. As a solid Kapamilya, we are hurt. We feel betrayed.

At nakakatawa yung explanation na kesyo daw they don’t discriminate ethnicity bs. Bakit hindi na lang aminin na malaki yung bayad? Di ba? And imagine, in Mandarin, wtf.

In a statement, ABS-CBN said it "retains the editorial control, provides the newscast with national stories, and ensures the translation from Mandarin to English subtitles are accurate." 

Who cares if you have editorial control, etc.? The fact is YOU were controlled by these Chinese into putting this on air! SHAME ON YOU. Sayang pala ang pinag laban ng mga nagalit nung pinasara kayo. Alisin ninyo yan otherwise sirang sira kayo diyan.

We have enough Chinese enablers starting from Duterte! With that broadcast of Chinese TV, your channel makes me sick!!! Finally CAPITULATING?

While I appreciate this clarification from the ABS-CBN News chief, I do believe that the concerns aired by various individuals here were not about/related to discrimination per se—it's about the current sociopolitical climate and the timing when the agreement was inked.

At this point, a lot of us are more concerned about the implications of such actions by ABS-CBN & ANC in this time when our country's sovereignty & territorial integrity are being held in contempt by Chinese state forces.

It's not that we hate Chinese but we know CNTV is China state owned and it will just gonna broadcast propaganda for China.

Do you seriously buy that crap? China is starting to invade us and this is just part of it. How can you be so naive? Pilipinas, wag tayong pumayag dito, boycott na!

Di ko alam kung OA lang ako pero nakakainit talaga ng ulo yung ABS-CBN at Chinese media ganap.

Imagine, most of us were rallying for and alongside them the past year. Tapos biglang ganyan ib-broadcast nila. In the service of the Filipino ba talaga?

Business over integrity, ganun?

Mga utak munggo daw ang mga DDS for their statements. That show already aired on ibc13 and net25. Do your research. Bagong script nga ba nila na naman ba iyan para madivert ang attention sa president na laging absent?

Idk but is it really necessary to have a specific segment addressing their need? Why should our media, the biggest one even, adapt and not the other way around? If anything, it only helps condition people. Given everything that’s going on ABS-CBN should’ve known better.

The broadcast is in Mandarin. So malamang target audience ay hindi Filipinos and it isn't meant as propaganda for Chinese government? Perhaps it's news for the Filipino-Chinese community or the growing number of Chinese expats.

But why in Mandarin? That is not the language of our Filipino-Chinese communities, which is Hokkien.

Napakadami kong kilalang Tsinoy at HOKKIEN ang Chinese language na ginagamit nila. 

Yang Mandarin inaral lang nila saglit sa Chinese school. Marami nakalimot na. Kasi nga hindi naman Mandarin ang lingua franca nila, kundi Hokkien!

Head scratch talaga, ABS-CBN.

It could be similar to local versions of TV Patrol in provinces delivered in the local languages. So catering to a specific population lang. There is demand for news delivered in Chinese so why not provide. After all, sa cable channel lang naman to.

Pero ibang usapan naman yung regional segments. I think beyond using the local languages, they deliver news mismo galing dun sa lugar na yun. Wag natin pagbanggain yang dalawa kasi sobrang magkaiba. The point still stands, malaking question yung pagpromote nito sa OBOR.

It's FilChi news by and for the FilChi community. If its main goal is to promote OBOR to Filipinos, then it should have been delivered in Filipino. 

I'm not surprised by this though, after all, ABS-CBN is still owned by ultra-rich oligarchs & executives who look after their vested interests. Well-meaning & critical ABS-CBN journalists, reporters & writers can only do so much.

Obviously, they suffered losses. Kaya nga may mga natanggalan ng trabaho dati. Hanggang ngayon siguro.

Ang paglabas nito right after Chiara Zambrano's case doesn't add up. so may Western/European/other Asian news content na din ba sila?

Chiara, sayang yata efforts mo. Compromised? Blink twice if you're under duress.

This leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
Very disappointed with ANC.
Please continue showing the public the real stories in the WPS. Padayon.

Nakaka disappoint lang kasi kung usapang pera na lang din naman, walang wala na ba talagang makakapitan? Don’t the Lopezes have other companies na, ewan ko, pwede mapaghiraman?

I'm so disappointed. Napakainsensitive lang of them na alam naman nilang inaangkin na ng China mga dagat natin, gusto pa talagang e inject sa Pinoy ang pagka Intsik.

The Lopezes along with other ABS-CBN big bosses saw survival & profitable schemes out of agreements with Chinese outfits. Hence, this.

WTF! ABS-CBN! That is how the Chinese enters into one territory. They start then they grew bigger and eventually takes over. 

You can't dance with the devil! It will play you!

Sorry but still I'm disappointed ...

Promote na din natin Fil-Am, Fil-Jap, Fil-Aus, Fil-Kor, Fil-Spa...etc culture di ba?

Lantarang gaguhan eh. It's definitely all about the money. Why can't they just admit that they needed the funds to survive and earn a profit. They are a business first and foremost.

This is where we part ways I guess? Call me shallow but then again my country comes first. i'll just enjoy Netflix and YouTube, WeVerse and VLive.

We are fighting for our WPS and your giving them a platform.

Hindi na sila nahiya sa mga taong nakipaglaban at nakikisimpatya sa sitwasyon nila! Nakakasuka!

The irony. Desperate time calls for desperate measures. It's gonna be a struggle sa pawokes na Anti - China pero pro - ABS.

Soon what President Duterte said that Philippines can be a province of China will be a reality. 

Why ABS-CBN needs to rethink its partnership with CNTV?

1. In its official FB page, CNTV promotes #CCPChina's propaganda re. Xinjiang where the #UighurGenocide is taking place framing a different picture. 

2. The CNTV FB page shares posts from another FB page named CRI Filipino Service.
CRI Filipino Service is media that caters to Filipinos in China but serves at the pleasure of #CCPChina. 

3. CNTV FB page also shares news from @CGTNOfficial, a #CCPChina affiliated media organization. 

This is what we're saying when we demanded for press freedom. We are not behind the Lopezes and Katigbak because clearly they have money to spare. Iniisip natin yung mga crew, people who work in ABS-CBN with low minimum wages. In the end, moguls protect their wealth above anything.

Lastly, let's channel our anger to the Chinese govt, not the Chinese community in PH. 

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