Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Sex adventures for single women could be a problem

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Sex is excitingly dangerous (adventure) if taken outside the context of marriage. Sodomy (same-sex) is the leading transmission means for HIV-AIDS in the world by 70% to 90%, followed by fornication (sex before marriage) and adulterous sexual intercourse. Dangerous sex activities are not a necessity to human survival or to greater happiness. The converse is instead true.

It's either we keep tolerating these 'normalized' practices and we'd end up in a degenerate society....or begin tolerating an antiquated mentality and we'll never see some progress in society.

Progress is fine, but we could end up like ancient Rome if y'all keep normalizing everything.

It's not even antiquated. We believe in change, but if we're talking about fundamentally changing here, it's a slow burn process.

If you keep changing and changing it will remain incosistent until society falls apart.

We need something to hold onto. Delaying gratification leads to anything than failure.

It's not always warm and fuzzies and "do what you want and makes you happy" There are some things beyond sex, money and power. The one that actually lasts for a lifetime, and it requires a lot.

We COULD be better, as a society we could make it better by overcoming our failure and short comings as an individual. B that we're changing our state collectively.

Society doesnt see it both ways (equal perception of man and woman). This issue is only juicy if it is about a woman knowing what she wants and going after it. You dont see reactions (like the guy’s above) or articles about men and their whorehouses now do we? or articles about men (or boys) looking for hookups? and if promiscuity is the problem of ancient Rome or Pompeii; then why hasnt the world burnt up in flames yet? Prostitution is the oldest trade in the book. Men have been patronizing it since time immemorial.

Bottom line, if a woman is single, responsible in her ‘adventures’, and if that is what she wants; thats fine. If she feels like it's taking over her life, then it becomes a problem. But that is her problem. not everyone elses. 

If you're single, go ahead and enjoy the heck out if it. Things to be cautious about:

- a lot of men lie about their relationship status (kunwari single)

- please have yourself checked on a quarterly basis since you're very active. Free testing in Love Yourself Inc clinics.

- be careful with Covid since it's still pandemic

- birth control (condoms is really important but you can add pills or whatnot since condoms is not 100% effective)

- don't be shy in asking health and sexual activities/history of your partners. (Kahit wag mo na tandaan pangalan, importante safe. Haha. Charot.)

- if first time meeting someone lalo na gabi, inform someone. Take pic of the car or license plate if you must. Para if mawala ka at least may suspect agad.

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