Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The mysterious Obelisk reappears and here are our theories

Wazzup Pilipinas!

How did it get there? Where is it from? How long has it been there? 

I do not have the definite answers yet. But hHereis what people think:

"I guess this is the thing now, right?"

A third mysterious, shining monolith has been spotted in California by locals, two weeks since a similar obelisk disappeared in Utah and another in Romania. 

This shiny obelisk similar to ones found in the United States and on a hilltop in Romania has been spotted by the sea off the south coast of England.  

When you say "appeared" - it's just people putting them there. Like park benches.

Well it's not orange and it doesn't keep yelling it won so I'm happy for some different news.

These monoliths are unwanted so they are litter. Shiny symmetrical litter. Trumpers from Orange County California knocked it down and put up a wooden cross. The cross was taken down.

I’m telling you right now... between this horrible virus, trump’s crazy fraud conferences and my wild imagination, I hope this is all real!

Trump might soon be saying that it’s the device that has rigged the election!  He now has the Martians to blame!

Aliens saying "Oh we were just setting up. Our bad we thought that you guys were done jacking up this planet". 

Aliens are marking their landing spots. The next chapter of our world. Chapter: Earth 2021. We Have Visitors. I hope they know to wear masks. 

Perhaps it is the one that aliens placed, then removed in Utah. #alienprevalence or was it dastardly human scheming? Someone should quickly take some readings for signs of malevolence, or evidence of benevolence.

The aliens are really fucking with us this time. Call Space Force before Biden disbands that military branch!

The Utah removal could have been by a couple of ultra runners pissed at the people going to look at it and wrecking the place. This is why we can't have nice things. Lol.

They must've had a lot of energy. They could've just keyed it. Next we'll find it burning with some old used tires on the streets of Provo.

I hope that these shining boxes are not diffusers of other viruses worse than covid-19!

- Why this metal especially?

- aren't the areas used until now strategic?

Maybe they are one of the tricks used by US intelligence to divert the attention of its oblivious people from other things being made.

Don't just take photos or videos of it. Knock em over lets see what happens. You cant get in trouble if no one claims it. Can’t the NSA review the sat video footage over these areas?

Why doesn’t someone get this shit out the ground and study that shit. Has anyone bothered to see if there is anything inside of these things? Do these things beep or pulsate, hum or radiate?

This is some obvious Extraterrestrial USB Drive. It's just a storage disk, to download Trump's  tweets and  his speeches . He is considered as an important research topic for aliens.

They're not mysterious, stainless steel and rivets are fairly common. Let me know when it's a metal that doesn't exist on Earth. Now that would be interesting!

As are people with lots of time on their hands these days. I think Bansky and crew at it again. Thanks for a fresh look at art as always Bansky! But quit it already, Banksy. You might unwittingly invite an alien invasion. But I do hope this will increase people’s interest in sculpture.

Is somebody mapping these cuz I guarantee once we find all the monoliths they’re going to show up as a smiley face on Google.

In any case, nothing inspires confidence! In my opinion, humanistic scientists must analyze these areas seriously!

People, don’t you get it? These are antennas set to control people’s minds once they get the vaccines embedded with microscopic chips. The truth is out there!

They're coming to take us away...and fumigate the Earth! I'm fairly sure there's a Doctor Who episode similar to this and it does not end well.

The only thing we know for definite is whoever or whatever put this here, had a really small weener.

I heard from a reliable source that Santa, the Easter Bunny & the tooth fairy were spotted carrying something suspicious in the area.  Watch for further updates.

Seriously, if people were smart enough to put up motion cameras, like for hunting, they might find out who is placing these possible “pieces of art”. Not brain surgery to try and figure this out.

It only has to be around the object current found. Anything more would be a waste of resources. I wasn’t implying a global hunt.

But that's an awful lot of trail cameras, to cover the world. Since we don't know where the next one will pop up.

What I'm really suggesting is put cameras on the existing ones so they would be able to find out who takes them down like the one in Utah.

It would solve the mystery of “who done it?”. You would only need a few cameras setup, but realistically who has time for this goose chase. Of course this is just my opinion and thoughts on the matter.

It's probably a guy with so much money. He is bored and drops shit off in random places. It's lame but it does help shake up the monotony. This pandemic needs a stress reliever. But it’s 2020.... you’re going to have to do more than this to totally distract us from this Corona virus or Covid-19.

How much you want to bet it will be some type of a marketing campaign for a new Netflix series? Brilliant idea if it is.. Or it might just be the stupid aliens driving around in that tic tac.

Whoever created this marketing is brilliant. In few weeks we would probably see probably a Netflix’s series being released.

Just a marketing ploy? Congrats in advance to whichever agency has the world talking about this 'story'.

You can see mundane craftsmanship in it.

Not surprised at all about its reappearing act. Completely predictable and EXPECTED to see it again. Whether the original or, a copy.  Though, per pictures, it does appear riveted. If it's the OG probably, the edges are welded to increase structural integrity after being knocked our of original spot.

It’s definitely going to end up being some advertising campaign.

And more monoliths are being built by pranksters right now. They will be trying to go with the fad.

People just trolling. It serves no purpose and represents nothing. It’s put together using rivets and a welder. It’s build is no more significant than a movie prop.  People these days are looking to get trolled, and the trolls are more than willing to oblige.

Obviously a human did it for whatever reason. Doesn’t matter. What’s interesting is they leave no tire tracks, foot prints... nothing. And it’s also more than one group. Romania? Yeah. It’s people jumping onboard. It’ll be fun to watch develop anyway.

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