Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Spiderverse: Is there such a case as too many Spider-Men?

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People worrying about Spiderverse. This is gonna be epic if the writers know how to handle all the characters.

Reports suggest former Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, as well as Mary Jane actress Kirsten Dunst, may all reprise their roles for the next Spider-Man film in the MCU.

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Kirsten Dunst, & Emma Stone are CONFIRMED to be returning & joining Tom Holland in Marvel Studios’ ‘Spider-Man 3’ (2021), in what may be the most ambitious crossover in the MCU thus far.

This is every Spider-Man fan’s dream come true. Well, one of their dreams, among the multi-dreams.

As of right now #SpiderMan3 will feature villains from both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man franchises. 


-Jamie Foxx, Electro (THR)

-Alfred Molina, Doc. Octopus (THR) 

I know a lot of people are excited about this, but personally,  don't you think the big advantage to the movies has been the simplicity compared to the comics? Is bringing in alternate versions and parallel dimensions going to make things overly convoluted?

Spiderman 3 was bad because they introduced too many characters.

Sam Raimi didn't like Venom and was forced to put him in the movie, and then didn't know what to do with him so it felt like too many characters. 

Amazing Spiderman 2 was bad because they introduced too many characters

Marvel/Sony Spiderman 3: Let's get all the Spider-Man. This movie is now being developed with the idea of having many characters in mind. It works for the Avengers.

Avengers work because they make a lot of solo movies first for that particular character for introduction like Iron Man, Hulk, Captai America, Thor, Dr. Strange, etc. then merge it together in the Avenger movie. Spiderman 3, it's not.

Infinity war was filled with characters we already knew and had character arcs built up to the endgame. Spiderman 2 only referenced Eddie, he shows up in Spider-Man 3 for no reason along with the symbiote, TASM 2 introduced Electro, Rhino, And Harry Osborn/ Green Goblin.

I don't think it was too many characters that did either film in. Spider-man 3's execution of venom was cringey, and amazing spider-man 2 was simply lackluster and forgettable.

Into the Spider-verse was awesome and has more characters than any of the other films.

The mentioned Spidey movies could have been bad because the writing was awful in both bringing in too many characters these Spider-Men are established so not much more has to be done. If spiderverse can do it the MCU can too.

The characters maybe a lot but we already know their background story, so its not really a problem.

It worked out just fine for Spiderverse - I totally think that a live version, if produced with care, will do just as well.

This is a very valid concern to have, I’m personally thinking it’ll be better since it seems like there’s no conflict between directors vision and studio wants, the 2 movies you mentioned both had problems with the studio forcing things into those films.

Even if it ends up like overcrowded, I think the nostalgia and awe of it will overtake the flaws.

If this is confirmed they better make the pointing Spider-Man meme into actual scene and have all three dancing the emo Peter Parker dance. 

I’d say they’ll appear in an end credits scene, leading up to Multiverse of Madness.

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