Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Raising Wussies with House Bill No.1526, An Act Banning Minors from Full-Contact Competitive Sports

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Ako Bicol Reps. Alfredo Garbin Jr. and Elizaldy Co have filed House Bill No. 1526, titled An Act Banning Minors from Full-Contact Competitive Sports which seeks to "prohibit the participation of minors in competitive full-contact sports such as boxing, mixed martial arts, jiu jitsu, muay thai, judo, taekwondo and various forms of full-contact karate."

To congress: please pass a bill banning us, from having full contact with the author of this bill and for them to be declared persona non utak or persona utak biya!

Pucha!!! Sports in any form helps strengthen kids/adults immune system!!! Gaguhan ba tong bill na to?

Just look at Japan and Korea where early sports and arts are inculcated in children.

“Karate Adult” doesn’t sound as catchy as “Karate Kid”...

The Pussy-fication of the next generation has officially begun.

We are going to raise a generation of pussies if this bill materialize. Pain is a great teacher.

If they really want to keep kids safer, they should ban things like super sugary candy or drinks like softdrink that are making our kids obese and unhealthy. 

Better to ban online gaming especially with going Live and kids cussing here and there. The nonsense noise is too annoying.

Martial arts is cool and it instills a different type of discipline to kids. They learn to focus and apply strategic self-defense to protect themselves and keep loved ones safe too.

Physically, just like any other sports, improves your outlook on keeping fit and healthy, thus giving special attention to what kids eat and work on to maintain fitness and health.

This is another bill that will make weaklings of our children. Stop protecting them in the most inane of ways. Do you really want a generation of sissies and ninnies?

Do they want our future generations to be wimps and become snowflakes? Martial arts help can help kids grow both physically and mentally! The discipline combined with the knowledge of defense and attack can save lives.

Next maybe padded basketball courts and full body armour for players. 

This reminds me of a Christian group that believes martial arts is satanic  and the belts they use holds the evil sprite.

I’m guessing the next bill is to not hurt any criminals when they are apprehended and use little to no force at all. 

If this is a response to that Ateneo kid who went viral in 2018 when he bullied other kids by using his Taekwondo, then you're so late.

Although it is not appropriate during this pandemic, sports should be encouraged - not limited, especially for kids who need the discipline. After this Pandemic is over, we should encourage our children to be active in such.

Who authored this trash of a bill? Which wont sure There are provisions in the constitution that violates the rights of children to play.

HB1526 authored by Congressmen Alfredo Garbin Jr. and Elizaldy Co of Ako Bicol Partylist.

These congressmen are apparently not Cobra Kai material.

Lately bills being proposed are becoming stupid to stupidier if there is such. Like, is that the best thing you could think of? Shame on the proponents of that bill and the likes.

"This is stupid. If this bill is passed, it will have been done by people who don't understand anything about anything.

You rarely ever see kids get severely hurt in contact sports. What martial arts instills in essentially every minor who falls in love with these disciplines is honor, humility, respect for foes, and a powerful camaraderie between teammates. EVERYONE KNOWS THIS.

Yes, some kids turn into arrogant little assholes, but those are extremely rare cases. An overwhelming majority of teens and preteens who walk into a jiu-jitsu class or a muay thai gym or a wrestling mat with even just the sliightest semblance of an ego walk out humbled -- yet stronger and more confident to face a world teeming with bullies and snakes.

Oh, and if this is about Covid, kindly check the latest from the CDC and the WHO and find out for yourself how the data explicitly shows that the Corona rate for kids is so trivially, preposterously low that's it's basically negligible at this point. Apart from newborns, there is literally no age demographic safer from Covid than minors.

So please stop passing dumb bills. The point of your job is to make the world a better place, not to turn the next generation into a pitiful assortment of weak, oversensitive telenovela drama queens who will never get the opportunity to learn the powerful, breathtaking beauty of what it's like to struggle, feel pain, and come out on the other side a better human being.

Our lawmakers are getting bankrupt of ideas that's why stupid bills such as this are being filed. There is one bill filed by Senator Gordon which became a law. It's about the plate number of motorcycles. 

Having lawmakers like these is one of the best arguments why we should just go for a unicameral form of legislature. With that, we can save a lot of government funds and we can have lesser useless lawmakers filing useless and absurd bills." - Franco Mabanta

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