Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Duterte to fireworks makers: Look for other livelihood

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"President Rodrigo Duterte said he will give firecracker manufacturers a year to find new sources of income as he is considering declaring a total ban on the use of fireworks – the same policy being implemented in Davao City – beginning December 2021."

"Palace tells firework makers to look for other livelihoods".

Sana man lang "Palace assured firework makers that they will be provided with other livelihoods" 

What a dork! That is the government's RESPONSIBILITY. That is what the government should focus on. Jobs or Livelihoods for the Filipinos. And in turn they have to pay taxes. If he could provide work for the Chinese that they let in the country, they should also be able to do the same for the Pinoys.

Kaso ang galing-galing talaga ni Tatay. Always trabaho ng hindi nag-iisip ang peg. Akala yata niya great idea Yun since dangerous naman talaga ang firecrackers, but he is forgetting this damn Coronavirus! Again, wrong timing. Kahit 2021 pa Yan, we don't really know when this pandemic will lasts.

What will the manufacturers and their employees do? Line up in the streets and beg? Looks like another spur of the moment utterances and no alternative plan to help the displaced owners and workers. Kadiri talaga itong administration na ito. Puro pahirap lang ang naiisip. Laging kulang-kulang at short-sighted ang action plans? Walang vision for the future. Or no plan at all talaga since Day 1?

The government should help them find a new source of livelihood! How stupid can you get! Remember that there's still.the pandemic. I think it will be difficult to just switch business for the owners, or work for the laborers.

At this point,,we should focus more on providing jobs and livelihood instead of taking those away. Although the president is raising a few valid points, this is not the right time to slap this one on the affected populace.

Better if the government gives them alternative livelihood as part of their anti poverty programs. Let the concerned agencies do their jobs. Sayang ang pinapasahod sa kanila.

Duterte still thinks the whole country can be handled like Davao. This man never learned his lesson. After three to dix months he promised to get rid of crime, which includes drugs, but now where are we with this drugs problem?

Like banning it is gonna help? People will find other ways to outsource firecrackers. Can he please stop treating The Philippines like Davao? 

Instead of providing jobs to those who are affected by the pandemic, it seems this administration is enjoying closing businesses, and taking away the jobs of the people. For every action, they should give a this case, sources of livelihood. 

In the world fireworks displays are all over, and being done in many occasions in situations needed by a country, to entertain and for merry making activities.

To stop people engaged in business, and the government does not present any alternative for their livelihood is a deprivations of their right to a decent living. The government must give them jobs for assurance of a sustainable living. Give them a means for their financial stability.

The country would be safer without Duterte should be the one to leave the Presidency and go find another job. He doesn't even deserve going back to Davao as a Mayor.

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