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Justice Marvic Leonen faces impeachment complaint

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Like in the impeachment complaint against ex-Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Justice Marvic Leonen is accused of lacking integrity for his supposed failure to file his SALNs when he was a law professor. 

Leonen is now facing an impeachment complaint at House of Representatives filed by an Edwin Cordevilla over alleged delays in resolving SC and House election cases and supposed non-filing of SALNS. Filing facilitated by lawyer Lorezon "Larry" Gadon. 

SALN is trending, because a Marcos relative & Larry "Bobo" Gadon filed an impeachment complaint versus Justice Marvic Leonen for violation of Constitution & non-disclosure of SALN.


This is about BongBong Marcos wanting to get rid of the man standing in his way in his electoral protest versus Leni!

Gadon filed a quo warranto petition in order to remove Leonen as a justice of the SC. The grounds for removal are likened to the case of Sereno for non-filing of SALN and also failure to exhibit impartiality and probity which are qualities of a justice.

SolGen Calida will file a comment to the petition and another petition to remove Leonen from the SC.

Larry Gadon is as criminally insane as Rudy Giuliani who insists that there's widespread fraud in the US election.

And both are blatantly tainted with many legal suit mishaps!  Who needs them as counsels with awful records?  Duh!

Sising sisi tuloy siguro si Leonen nung di niya tinuluyang kasuhan si Calida at yung Jomar Canlas. Hayss! Di sya titigilan ng nga kampon ni Satanas. Kakapal ng mukha. SALN na naman ang ini-issue pero yung SALN ni Duts wala pa rin.

He may be the lone dissenter sa SC pero he failed to do the right thing on several occasions thinking he will be spared from the wrath of Duterte. Here we are now.

Akala niya titigilan na siya nung di niya tinuluyan. Kaso desperate na si BBM. Lapit na 2022 eh.

Gadon held a presscon after filing the impeachment complaint versus Leonen where he stressed that neither Bongbong Marcos nor his election protest has anything to do with the impeachment complaint. Leonen is in charge of PET case versus VP Robredo.

Gadon said he has not talked to Bongbong Marcos about impeachment complaint, but acknowledged Marcos tried to stop him from pursuing quo warranto.

Bongbong earlier said about Gadon: "We are in touch, nagte-text kami."

So now we know one of them is lying.

Gadon said that Rep. Angelo Barba, a cousin of Bongbong Marcos, endorsed the impeachment complaint only because he represents the district where the complainant, Edwin Cordevilla, resides. 

Gadon called Leonen "incompetent, lazy & biased" supposedly because he has 82 pending cases yet to be resolved and is allegedly critical of Duterte admin and Marcoses.

Leonen is among most vocal dissenters in SC even during PNoy's time, writing extensive opinions. 

Gadon acknowledged impeachment complaint is based on newspaper articles from The Manila Times. Asked for documentary evidence, he said there are documents but the originals and certified true copies will be summoned by the House of Reps.

An impeachment case is not a criminal or a regular case filed in regular courts because in an impeachment case the House has the power to summon documents and to summon witnesses.

Gadon not foreclosing possibility Leonen impeachment complaint will follow same route as ousted CJ Maria Lourdes Sereno's who first faced impeachment complaint before quo warranto petition using evidence gathered from House probe. He insisted probe not fishing expedition.

"Easier to impeach Leonen because the issue here is very simple. The grounds are determinable by yes/no. Is it true there are 82 cases you have not decided on?" 

The impeachment complaint accused Leonen of not resolving 37 of 82 pending cases within 24 months, supposedly violating the Constitution. Gadon said provision is self-executing: "Mabigat ito, direct violation of Consti."

Reacting to impeachment complaint vs Leonen, NUPL President Edre Olalia says complaint is defective in form and substance, “suspect and comes not from the purest of intentions.” Cites the need for dissents in SC, one of issues raised vs Leonen in complaint. 

Congressman Barba endorsed the impeachment complaint againstLeonen. Barba is a cousin of BBM. Go figure. And Gadon is their lawyer? Double go figure. Lol.

Gadon can deny all he wants but this Impeachment Complaint has a big "MARCOS" written on it.

If Gadon has so much time in his hands, he can also do something about Pres. Duterte's secret SALNs and medical records?

Duterte’s time changed our metrics.

Confidence level? From 1 to Gadon.

Bastos level? From 1 to Harry.

Never give up level? From 1 to BBM.

Photo op level? From 1 to Go.

Party level? From 1 to Debold.

Marvic Leonen is one Justice in a Supreme Court overwhelmed by Duterte appointees. Takot pa sila? Impeachment effort? It’s not the case outcome they fear... it’s the spirit of dissent and independence.

DIWA. Malayang diwa. That is what this regime fears most. And THAT is our main weapon against tyranny. Never forget.

This current leadership is just too allergic to dissent, to opposing views. The mentality of a tyrant.

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