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Pacquiao feature on Netflix? Sponsored campaign for the homophobic and death penalty supporter?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Boxing superstar and Philippine Senator, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, shares breathtakingly shitty opinions on the recent murders of Frank and Sonya Gregorio by cop, Jonel Nuezca. 

Then here's Netflix attempting to create an exclusive Pacquiao special feature on their channel?

Dear Netflix. Manny Pacquiao is a bigot who's used the clout he gained from his success as a boxer to peddle regressive ideologies as a lawmaker. Just scrap the idea entirely.

The idea of the movie alone makes me cringe already. Casting non-Filipino makes it worse. 

Chronicling the life of this boxer turned politician is never a good thing when the 2022 election is near. This would only look like a campaign to promote him.

Scrap this please. He might use this as platform to campaign for presidency. Enough with politicians using drama/ variety shows to further their ambition. Kung gusto nila ng limelight, baka better if reality show kasi dun lumalabas mga tunay na ugali.

No Pacquiao movies until after elections!!!!

Most likely fake news and puntanginang iyan.

With increasing quality competition from HBO Max at Disney+, they wouldn't greenlight this shit, let alone talk about this. 

Netflix wouldn't sacrifice their content quality, let alone sink as low as this...

Fake news yata ito. Bakit naman kukuha ng Egyptian to play a Filipino? The same way Hollywood got Scarlett Johansson play a supposed to be Japanese protagonist.

We all know that Pacquiao's moves from this point on is intended to fuel his political ambition for 2022. He certainly has the money but NEVER the wisdom and sensibility of a capable leader. NEVER.

Just read about his latest statements:

"Huwag po nating husgahan ang buong PNP"

Amid the recent police shooting in Tarlac, Pacquiao called on the public not to judge the entire PNP and instead show them trust, insisting that there are more good policemen in the force. 

Pacquiao, a known supporter of the death penalty despite being a born-again Christian, said the police shooting underscores the need to reinstate capital punishment in the country. 

According to him, death penalty may be 'fastest' way to serve justice for heinous crime victims.

Bakit biglang nagpapaepal ito. Pakyaw magaling kang boxer pero wala kang silbing pulitiko.

Christian daw siya? Pero pabor sa death penalty... Hindi ba conflicting? 

Okay ba ang death penalty? Basta maayos justice system natin. But we all know the justice system is full of crooks. 

Ngayon pa na parang sa mahihirap at ordinaryong tao nila lang kaya ipatupad Ang batas.

With our justice system? Kahit hindi guilty baka patayin pa rin. And in all honesty, death is not the key eh kung maayos ang Pilipinas, people will not result to any crime.

Ang mga mapaparusahan ba talaga eh yung mga totoong may sala? Mapapanagot ba nito ang mga maimpluwensyang tao?

The fastest way to serve justice is a justice system that *works*. 

The severity of the punishment to be meted out has nothing to do with the swift delivery of justice. Good grief.

Pacquiao: Love and support for the PNP

Also Pacquiao: D E A T H  P E N A L T Y  for criminals™

A L S O  Pacquiao: Uhmma Christian™ y'all

Resulta na yan ng ilang taong niyang pagtanggap ng mga suntok mula sa kanyang mga nakalaban.

Death penalty sa bulok na sistema? Yeah right.

This will only result in more abuse by those in power where our justice system is not strong and independent.

“Sa halip na kamuhian ang ating mga pulis ay tulungan po natin sila upang maramdaman nila ang pagmamahal at pagkalinga ng mga mamamayang kanilang pinagsisilbihan,” Pacquiao said.  

Pulis na yung pumapatay, taongbayan pa ang mag a-adjust?! WTF!

Once again, Pacquiao a rumored potential candidate running for Philippine President, has missed the point. Public trust is earned. Majority of Filipinos are convinced that police officers are themselves involved in extra-judicial killings, illegal drug trade, and planting evidence.

Pacquiao is barking at the wrong tree! The murdered mother and son are victims here!  The law enforcer used his government-issued weapon to silence them! We sympathize with the victims here who are poor & exploited by our sickening criminal justice system! Que horror! Get that to your boxing-damaged head!

Sa iyo lang sila mabait kasi may pera ka, kasi inaabutan mo sila. Kami pa gusto mong mag adjust?

Tunay ba nila tayong pinagsisilbihan o hinuhuthutan lang? Pera natin ang ginagastos mula ulo hanggang paa nila hanggang sa baril na itinututok sa atin. Wala naman pala talagang feelings sa atin. Lol

Huwag na magmarunong Pacquiao at hindi bagay. Focus your senseless utterance on how PNP should start internal cleansing. Tanggalin ang mga tiwali, hindi yung patung-patong kaso pero malayang pumapasok at sumusweldo! Respetuhin muna ng PNP ang hanay nila bago humingi ng respeto sa taumbayan.

Then at the same time, make Debold "Mananita" Sinas accountable for his party- party violating the quarantine health and safety protocols. That pig deserves to get a taste of his own violation penalties.

They should actually earn the respect they demand. Their uniform is just a piece of cloth until they show what the uniform stands for.

Pacquiao kahit gaano ka pa kayaman, hindi ka makakabili ng common sense. Paborito pa niya banggitin yang 'common sense'. Lol!

In fact, 66% of Filipinos believe that police officers are behind EJKs. While people are afraid, I sense that many of us are also angry — and rightly so. The burden therefore is on the police force to fulfil its own mandate: to serve and protect.

So, do people feel that they are being served and protected by the police force? At a time when innocent people are being killed and the critical among us red-tagged, the answer is a resounding NO! 

The death penalty will not stop the killings. It will only send more poor, innocent people to death. Bato, Pacquiao et al ignore the system of impunity so glaring in the killer cop’s track record of cases.

Patawa nga eh. Kung maiisa-batas 'to, mai-implement ba nang maayos? There are so many laws that are not properly implemented. What more for a law that would put innocent people to death.

Manny Pacquiao is an example that “having a lot money doesn’t make you smart”. Being famous doesn’t make a person credible. 

Pacquiao is totally braindead.

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