Monday, December 21, 2020

My father is a policeman! No he is a murderer!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"A Paranaque City police officer shot dead two unarmed victims at point-blank range in Purok 2, Brgy. Cabayaoasan in Paniqui, Tarlac at around 5:10 p.m. on Sunday, December 20, 2020.

Oplan Kandado level 1 activated re Shooting incident transpired aao 5:10 PM today Dec 20, 2020 at Brgy Cabayaoasan, Paniqui, Tarlac wherein victims are identified as mother and son Sona Anthony y Rufino, 52 yo, and Frank Anthony Gregorio y Rufino, 25yo perpetrated by the suspect identified as PCPL JUNEL NUESCA, member of crime lab SOCO, Paranaque City, on board nmax color red, wearing black jacket, black helmet, black tshirt and black long pants, fled away going to Tarlac City."

Video warning graphic violence:

How inhumane can you be to take actual human lives like that so confidently for your own selfish reasons— IN FRONT OF YOUR OWN CHILD— LIKE IT’S NORMAL? This is what it has come to in our country. Sick. "My father is a policeman" my ass.

Policeman’s daughter: “My father is a policeman!”

An Innocent mother who is only protecting his son: “I don’t care”

Policeman: “Putangina mo gusto mong tapusin kita ngayon?!” then shoot them to death with two bullets each.

That wasn’t self-defense, that wasn’t a proper argument;

That was murder. 


Nakakakilabot marinig sa isang paslit yung "My father is a policeman!" as if she was made to believe that abuse of power is normal; that his father, being a policeman, is indeed, a "threat"


"My father is a policeman"

No sweetie, your father is a murderer with severe anger management issues and you are a f*cking spoiled brat!!! You two have a special section in Hell! 

Horrific how this kid yelled at the granny with so much entitlement.

"My father is a policeman"

GMRC definitely need a revive. 

It is very evident how she was raised just based from how she responded to an elder and how she used his dad's profession to counterattack and obtain supremacy.

Bata pa lang demonyita na. Kawawang bata ganyan siya pinalaki. At nang makitang bumagsak ang mga biktima parang wala lang.

I can see the killer look on that kid's eyes. She will grow up like her dad ...........A KILLER

She also deserves to be hold accountable. I don't want a future serial killer walking freely in the streets.

Justice for the two victims!

“My father is a policeman”

I worry about that kid. She will never find peace until her last breath. I can see no guilt or remorse at all. 

“My Father is a policeman” 

No dear, your Father is a demon. He can even surpass Satan after what he did. She knows how to speak english properly but precluded on proper manners.

 "My father is a policeman"

Girl STFU your father killed TWO INNOCENT PEOPLE

He's not a hero, he's a monster.

This is another incident where we should consider disarming all policemen and put them under a mental institution for psychiatric evaluation

The position and possession of guns have gone to their heads. They have turned into savage criminals.

Grabe tong Pulis ParaƱaque na to. Kumitil ng buhay ng mag-ina na taga Cabayaoasan Paniqui, Tarlac.

The police are supposed to uphold peace, di ba? Bakit pati ang mga inosente nadadamay? 

“My father is a policeman”

Walang matinong pulis ang papatay sa mga inosenteng tao. Their badge and authority isn’t a license to kill. They are supposed to protect the people, not be their killers and oppressors.

WE DEMAND JUSTICE. That policeman, more like MURDERER, needs to be in jail! And the "mY fAtHeR iS a PoLiCeMaN" girl needs to be in DSWD for her own good. 

To those people defending the girl just because she's minor, it's better we castigate her while at a young age so she will not grow up to be a monster like her father.

Shocking how the words "My father is a policeman" came out of that girl's mouth like they're an untouchable royal family.

Yep. F*ck these murdering evidence-planting, abusive, corrupt-as-their-boss police. No one trusts the PNP anymore especially with Debold "Mananita" Sinas as head.

Oh my God!!!. Murdering a mother and her son in front of your own daughter—while she screams “My father is a policeman”— is a whole level of crazy.

A true and sad reflection of the culture of impunity of those in power.

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