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Double murderer Jonel Nuezca surrenders

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Inilabas na ang mugshot ni Jonel Nuezca, ang pulis na bumaril sa isang mag-ina sa Paniqui, Tarlac.

Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca appeared at the Pangasinan Municipal Police Station about an hour after deliberately killing 52-year-old Sonya Gregorio and her son Frank Anthony Gregorio, 25.

Aside from murder charges, Nuezca, will also face an administrative case.  

Nuezca had faced criminal and administrative cases in the previous years. It was in 2019 when he leveled up to homicide cases that were both dismissed due to insufficient evidence.

Impunity encourages members of the state security force to commit abuses.

MalacaƱang on Monday vowed to seek justice for two unarmed civilians saying President Rodrigo Duterte does not tolerate such behavior of a uniformed service member. But the Spokesperson failed to mention that it has been Duterte who has been encouraging his police force to kill and offered protection.

PNP chief Debold Sinas said he was angry and saddened by the fatal shooting incident.

Oh really, coming from a him who did not event submit himself to pay for his Mananita incident, violating quarantine protocols.

In his mugshot, Nuezca looks proud about what hideous crime as if telling us “may kapit naman ako...”

Pupusta ako, nakulong yan pero VIP treatment pa din yan. 

May privilege pa din yan sa loob.

Ikinulong nila tapos anong mangyayari, lalaya din naman? We don't really trust this system anymore.

Sa dami dami ng kaso nyan nako maghahari harian lang yan sa loob. Mukang malakas kapit.

Imbis na pag pawisan siya dun baka nga naka aircon pa yan.

May sariling kwarto yan at dadalhan pa ng makakain galing sa mga buffet.

Wala bang balita tungkol sa anak na babaeng spoiled brat who was apparently wrongly raised by their parents...even the school should be doing something since that girl may be bullying her classmates too and threatening them.with "My father is a policeman!"? Hindi yun inosente. She should be dragged to DSWD for treatment.

Yung girl na bratinela sa tabi. Triggered din ako dun eh. 

I can’t help but think na may sapi din yung girl. Yung parang sa movie na bumubulong.

Baka kailangan din ng counseling ni bagets. Mukhang sanay sa violence eh.

Those who are concerned about the consequence of the incident sa bata. Dapat mas lalo kayong ma windang on her behaviour at that age parang norm nalang sa kanya makipag-away sa matanda at makakita ng patayan. Masahol pa sa animal ang mga magulang. Padampot sa DSWD yan!

She's demonyita, alright, but her horns won't erect that high if it weren't honed. This is a child and for her age to have the mindset she currently has, it's alarming. She needs help professionally.

War freak yung bata shit! Kahit matanda eh sinabunutan. Bully siguro yan sa school nila... kaya hindi man lang kumurap nung binaril na ng tatay niya yung dalawa.

“My Father is a Policeman “ Put the kid in a shelter and make them undergo therapy. Kung ibang bata ‘yan diniretso na agad ‘yan sa shelter ng authorities. Ipaalam na may mali siya. Malinaw naman ang nangyari. Nakatanim sa utak niya na tama ang ginagawang karahasan ng tatay niya.

His father is a criminal! It reminded of this 90's Nestle Philippines advertisement, "Sa mata ng bata, ang mali ay nagiging tama kapag ito'y ginagawa ng mas matanda."

To those who are saying walang kinalaman ang Presidente dito....ang tatanga ninyo!

This culture of impunity will never aggravate if he was not encouraging his men towards violence.

Don't go comparing the situation with the previous administration. Live in the present and realize that we have been doomed since 2016 when the monster took over MalacaƱang.

It seems normal for the child to see her father kill people. Kung sabagay may homicide cases nga at baka marami pa na Hindi naisampa dahil sa takot sa kanya.

Abang-abang lang din, baka ipalabas na naman na nasa drug watchlist yung mag-ina at makakalaya agad ang demonyong pulis na to. It's more fun in the Philippines because of a president that is an enabler of the KILL, KILL, KILL attitude. 

This is why having a gun is a responsibility not a source of power that you can use to impose your way with others.

I hope this will serve as a lesson to other policemen. Just because you have a gun doesn’t mean you’re powerful or a God. However, knowing this administration, they will twist the story to make the victims look like they deserved to be killed.

The viral video revealed the true state of our country.

This case is not isolated. This is nothing new.

An isolated case is one case. More than one case is not in any way isolated.

Somebody please teach our cops mathematics.

Pulis ang tunay na terorista. 

Duterte granted the cops impunity when he said “I will protect you”.  It went to their heads.  That’s the culture Duterte created.  Dangerous leader, who not only buys their loyalty, but gave them licence to be above the law.  Loyalty so they do not turn coat in a coup d’tat like What happened to his Idol Marcos.  Duterte in reality is a PAPER TIGER.  Very insecure paper tiger.  Go figure what that means.

Let us admit it. Almost all policemen are entitled. They act and believe that they are superior citizens. Adding fuel to the fire is our president who tolerates and encourages this behaviour.

Photos Courtesy of Central Luzon Chief Police BGen Val De Leon 

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