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Were you amused of the Miss Manila versus Hipon Girl showdown on Wowowin?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Miss Universe Philippines 2020 candidate representing Manila, Alexandra Abdon, personally apologized to Kapuso host Willie Revillame after failing to show up in the Monday episode of "Wowowin."  

Willie Revillame castigated Miss Manila for not showing up in Wowowin before.

Willie couldn't help but be disappointed when Miss Manila failed to show up.

Willie to Miss Manila: "Sabi mo, pupunta ka nung Monday, you have to be professional. Pag nag-commit ka... you have to commit." 

But let's see what happens on the show with Willy Revillame together with Herlene aka Hipon.

Watching Tutok to Win, and it's really cringey how they let Miss Manila be that ELITIST and CLASSIST towards Hipon....edi ikaw na classy.

Habang nanonood ako ng Wowowin kanina, nakikita ko kay Miss Manila parang highschooler na papampam, papansin. di ba?

Totoo. Para siyang highschooler habang pinapanood ko. Do you agree? Yun kasi nakikita ko eh.

I cringed so fucking hard watching Miss Manila try to save herself on Wowowin.

She's like "I'm so classy because I wear this pompous dress and act demure, but actually she's not that at all. She's sending out the wrong vibes."

Pilit umarte eh mukhang mas class at makinis pa si Hipon. Miss Manila looks like a social climber. Ang kapal sabihin hindi papasa si Hipon sa pageant eh mas maganda pa si Hipon kaysa kaysa sa kanya.

Are they trying to boost the career of Miss Manila or "Hipon" with that attempt?

Is she actually guesting on other shows? Why are they giving her elitist attitude an audience. It's not funny at all.

Hopefully that's the first and LAST time Miss Manila appears on Wowowin. WTF was that? Being an elitist jerk on national TV is not funny. Regardless if it was an act (poorly delivered) or if that's her real personality (even worse). It is certainly not going to get you any fans.

Watch your words Miss Manila,other people will get offended not just Hipon. You dont have the right to judge people from where they came from or where they started from You never know how much they have struggled to achieve the life they are living now.

Can Miss Manila just shut her mouth up? She’s actually really offending people on all the shows being a guest, being too tactless and all. Not a role model being a pageant candidate. 

Miss Manila is a stupid bitch. I don’t understand why people find her funny. She’s unprofessional, and over-confidently rude. Aside from that, she thinks she can get away from saying shit just because she’s famous. Gigil na ako sa kanya.

Walang nakakaproud sa pagiging ignorante given the platform she has. 

Especially nung interview for Miss Universe Philippines. Sobrang unprofessional. Hindi ko alam ba't natutuwa mga tao don. Kung ako judge, zero (0) ang score nya. Mas madami pang arte kesa sa sagot mismo.

Is it because yong mga tao din na may gusto sa kanya.. tulad din niya nang ugali? Ugaling kanal!?

Miss Manila, you acting like a bitch in front of camera and thinking you're funny with your offensive jokes toward to hipon? Hell no. I lost my respect to you when you criticize Hipon's physical appearance.

Sobrang trashy ng ugali mo. "Classy"? The way you act? Nah!!!. More like toxic. I'm so disappointed. Where's the women empowerment? 

Miss Manila is very cheap. No doubt her attitude is Basura that is why she didn't won. She is just a laughing stock at Miss Universe Philippines. She is such an embarassment to Yorme and Manila. Imagine a self- proclaimed comedian underestimating Hipon? Cheap! Hindi ka maganda, Miss Manila. 

I feel bad for Herlene. She can’t defend herself well because Miss Manila screams sarcasm. Bakit ba naging representative ito ng Manila? Napaka walang substance.

"Sobrang sensitive mo?" No Miss Manila, sobrang insensitive mo. Stop comparing yourself to Hipon because we all know Hipon is prettier than you inside and out okay? Ikaw puro ka lang attitude. Be humble, also you deserve all the hate.

Fyi, Miss Manila. We have different levels of sensitiveness ranging from normal to abnormal. It looks like you’re the one who went aboard lol, being over insensitive.

You should act on your title. Wasn’t it the reason for running in pageants to be a role model? 

And please, consider checking the feelings of people around you first before opening your mouth ‘coz you’re worse

Miss Manila is so disappointing. I know that she's only being true to herself or showing her true sides, but the way she throws a word on Herlene even in a jokingly way is not nice.

She thinks she's beautiful! Even if she wears outfits that can cover your body, it will not help covering your trashy traits.

I feel for Hipon. The irony is mas walang breeding si Miss Manila and she’s not that beautiful.

Now that Willie is saying mas karesperespeto si Miss Manila kaysa kay Hipon just because Hipon is wearing a crop top and Miss Manila is wearing a long sleeved blouse. This is obviously just a scripted episode trying to amuse us.

I actually watched an episode a few weeks back and Willie Shitvillame couldn’t stop comparing her to Miss Manila saying shit like “ay mas maganda siya, mas nakakatawa siya.” And of course, out of respect and politeness na lang siguro, Harlene awkwardly agreed...

Lol and nung sinabi ni Miss Manila na kasama nya boyfriend nya sa Tagaytay, tinatanong pa kung kasama sa kwarto. Like?

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