Thursday, November 26, 2020

UP students and faculty declare their commitment to fight to end the semester and the tyranny

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Most of all, to end the semester is to prove that beyond plain brilliance, UP is still human."

Sometimes ending things is the healthiest decision to make.


UP students and faculty declare their commitment to fight to end the semester and the tyranny of Pres. Duterte. Iskolar ng Bayan, ngayon ay lumalaban!

"Pushing ourselves to comply with the academic requirements also means putting our mental health at risk. We need time to heal."

End the semester now UP, and plan for a safe university opening next sem! Clearly, online learning is only for the privileged. "Self-paced" learning is just a made-up term to cover up for the flawed and ineffective system.

Please do not forget that we are still in the midst of a pandemic. Parents of some students may have lost their jobs. 

Meanwhile, students and their families from Cagayan, Bicol Region, and other places affected by typhoons are still recovering.

Burnout from trying to keep up with online classes and fucktons of deadlines while suffering from typhoon casualties and pandemic anxiety is not laziness.

The system is broken. and in turn, it broke your students and your faculties. We're all trying to make it work but your fixes aren't working. Make your move and end the sem now. 

Well, if this creative laziness shows compassion and understanding to everyone's situation, I don't mind being called lazy.

UP students, faculty and staff: tired from trying to find creative ways to compromise in this impossible set up.

UP BOR: is this creative laziness?

Heed your students' calls. It's not laziness. Even your faculty find it hard.

If there are a few who are really lazy, will you really let those who are actually struggling to be left behind just to spite those who are lazy?

How about you? Are you ready to be called heartless? 

If you really want that 'world rankings' and have that 'honor and excellence', listen to your constituents.

Uncover your ears and hear our plea. We're tired and restless, UP.

Many entered UP with high chin kasi HELLO University of the Philippines na to teh! Pero I am nothing but embarrassed on how UP can often times be anti-student and detached from struggles of its constituents. Top university pero walang pake. Embarrassing!

End the sem is not an end to learning! CONTEND UP will be holding public lectures while on strike.

Silid-aralan ang lansangan, guro ang masa!

Hindi kailangan ng students ng surface-level compassion. Reading break?? Recovery period ??? THEY WANT A CONCRETE SOLUTION. 

Many are demanding for quality education for ALL, and that can't be achieved in this setup. 


and are barely surviving this setup.

No matter how hard they try to be optimistic, telling themselves "I can do this," it's just not working. Can't you see

It's unfair that during a pandemic and after two super typhoons, we're still continuing the sem; hindi pa kasama diyan yung fact na mababa ang kalidad ng internet connection dito. This isn't a level playing field!

We should be at the forefront of this fight for the welfare of the students and professors affected by the government's lacking response to the coronavirus outbreak and consecutive natural disasters. 

Sobrang overworked na ng mga estudyante. This is not education anymore, this is now prolonged suffering. 

The current mode of learning isn’t inclusive. This can be seen in the number of students who opted to drop out and file LOAs. The demand is to adjust the curriculum in consideration of the different situations of the student body.

At this point, we urge the administration to act now and prove that UP’s mandate is to really serve the people. 

Kung talagang layunin ng UP na pagsilbihan ang sambayanan, dapat panindigan ito ng admin sa pamamagitan ng pagtugon sa pangangailangan ng mga estudyante. 

As of November 19, 12:00 NN, There are 861 signatures to end the semester and pass all students. Signatories include: students, faculty members, and alumni.

DR: Ito ang pinakamakataong option. 

Iya Trinidad of ACS-UPB lauds the UP administration for granting the academic break, but it is not enough.

Simula pa lang, alam na natin na libo-libong kabataan ang naiwan sa online learning. Dapat mas tumindig tayo at maging mas compassionate. 

Wala tayong pagkukulang sa panawagan. Now it is high time for us to pressure the administration to heed our calls. 

I'm lost of words but I just know that students are not learning anymore and I think I can speak for iskos and iskas, especially for those who have worst and more pressing situations. End The Sem.

Wazzup Pilipinas stands in solidarity with the UP community in the call for mass promotion and to end the semester now. One student left behind is one too many!


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