Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Imelda Schweighart Irks K-Pop Fans with her "racism" remark

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"I hate K-pop"

"Filipinos are losing their identity trying to be like Koreans." - Imelda Bautista Schweighart

Are Filipinos losing their identities because of K-pop? 

Former Miss Earth Philippines Imelda Schweighart's unsolicited opinion on South Korean pop culture draws in flak from K-Pop fans.

I never knew that only a former Miss Earth Philippines Imelda Schweighart is the answer to unite all Filo K-pop stans.

Not K-popies, Imelda.

We really know what's xenophobic, racism really means.

Funny how she stands against all filo K-pop stans.

It's the same thing goes with J-pop fans, anime fans/otakus, Thai pop and drama fans, Western pop fans, etc.

Idolizing or admiring foreign artists because of their art/music doesn't make you less of a Filipino. and Imelda, you can hate the artist/s without being racist.

Imelda is now being ripped by the Filipino K-Pop community. Be mindful girl! Your beauty is useless if don't have respect. 

She hates K-pop but her music said 'Hey fuccboi, you can be my boy toy' ew Miss Earth Philippines, Imelda. 

You're saying to support OPM with your song titled "Fuccboi Remix"?? I'd gladly support good music with good lyrics. Not this... 

We love K-pop because we’re here for the good music. Go and try to make one instead of having an EP with FUCCBOI as title. Come on.... you can’t be serious.

Do you expect us to listen to your music instead? To listen to someone with this kind of mindset? You could have promoted your music without hating on something other people like. Not everything is about you or your preference. Hungry for clout? Now eat. 

You're half-Filipino, half-German. You Mom married a foreigner. Does that make your Mom less Filipino?

Catriona & Pia's Moms married foreigners, too. Does that make their Moms less Filipino, too?

Calm down because even Top’s toenails can outshine your whole existence.

In fairness alam niyang rapper si Top. For all I know pinagnanasaan niya din si Top like most of his fans. Char!

Annyeong Imelda, why don't you try to speak your mind like a real queen?

Why hate when you can always love?

Please try to promote Pinoy Pride without embarrassing the whole nation.

Well I guess this imelda bitch isn’t a stranger to controversies.

May attitude problem si Manang Imelda, a tacky girl!!! tsk tsk tsk 

Problematic girl. Send that beauty queen to Mars. I want her to be with aliens.

Whatever you are fighting for, please do respect some of your kababayan's taste of music. For them, they're more than a beat, they are therapeutic.

I dont even understand why would she use the word nasusuka when nobody is forcing her to listen to K-pop?

Baka nasusuka siya sa sarili nyang kanta. Nakakasuka naman talaga yung EP nya hahaha.

Imelda must have been pretty upset cause no one listens to her music.

Imelda Schweighart is now lowkey uniting all Filo K-pop stans out here. Who would've thought na eto lang yung way para ma-pause muna yung fanwars.

Imelda is trying to be relevant by dissing K-Pop and educating us about losing our Filipino identity as if she's a pure Filipina.  

Please don't get me wrong, pero yung mga puro at tunay ngang Filipino na singers at composers ay walang sinasabi about sa K-Pop, pero ikaw pa na nagsisimula palang sa karera mo as a singer?

At kung ang pinupunto mo ay yung "losing our identity" siguro kausapin mo muna yung magulang mo!

If your song is the pride you're talking about, then sorry but no. I'm not taking this trash as one of OPM's pride. There's a lot of gold Filipino songs out there that is worth listening to. But I'd rather listen to kpop than listen to this clout chaser piece of shit.

You should've just sat there and ate your Korean food.

Our views on entertainment goes beyond our identity as Pinoys. 

Baka kasi naghahanap lang kami ng original and quality concepts.

Same goes with how others appreciate WESTERN artists. 

Sorry, Ms. Imelda pero 'Life goes on' is way much better than your song 'fuccboi'. Just saying.

Be Ms. Wyn Wyn Marquez in a world full of Imelda Schweighart.

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