Friday, October 16, 2020

#JusticeForBabyRiver: We Mourn with Reina Mae Nasino

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Our government freed a man who killed a transgender but imprisoned a human rights activist. That doesn't make sense at all. 

Reina Mae Nasino, a Filipino activist, was wrongly jailed, gave birth to her daughter River in jail and mourned for her child in handcuffs surrounded by police officers. 

Please don't turn a blind eye to what's happening. Help spread this to educate people on the violations of human rights done by our government and PLEASE register to vote if you are 18 by 2022. Every vote counts and it starts with you.

If you are lost on #FreeReinaMaeNasino #JusticeForBabyRiver and want to educate yourself towards this please do take the time to read the infographics below.

We live in a society where a convict who killed a trans woman was easily set free and pardoned, yet won't let a grieving mother make peace with her child's death. Does it make sense?

We don't deserve to have our necks locked by the hands of our government, let alone be deprived of our rights and experience injustices. 

"Ang batas ay batas, pero ang batas, dapat makatao."

"The law is all about disciplinjng the poor. The law  doesn't apply to those who rule."

Human rights lawyer @ChelDiokno slammed the police and jail guards' treatment of Reina Mae Nasino after she remained handcuffed while attending baby River's funeral. 

What kind of insane soulless monsters would bring an entire battalion to a BABY’S FUNERAL?!!

Kuya, nasaan ang giyera?!

"I can't believe people are still buying the 'activists are terrorists' narrative when a whole bunch of policemen woke up today and were like "yeah okay let me get all suited up to harrass a grieving mother at HER BABY'S FUNERAL.""- CTneversleeps

We have to raise our voice while we still can. We have to let our voices be heard as silence will lead us nowhere.

Not taking a political stand IS a political stand. Neutrality only benefits the oppressors.


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