Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Have We All Been F*cked by this Government Using this Pandemic as an Excuse?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We can only comment credibly based on our own personal experience. All the rest that we say are either assumptions concluded out from memorable stock knowledge gained throughout the years, or fiction we unintentionally concocted based on fake information we thought were true, or a mix of both.

This is why we should always get - not just one or two, but several opinions from unbiased third-party sources.

However, the supposedly credible sources are being compromised. We are soon,if not already, getting only mind-conditioning news and information designed to steer us away from the truth, keep us concerned with something else, and entertain us to make us comfortable unaware of the real situation happening around us. The forces of evil are already at play and outwitting us while we were too busy quarreling with their trolls.

I wan't to firmly stand on my own beliefs but my perception of the truth may have also been wrongly formed from fabrications too. Therefore, I would appreciate anybody willing to contradict or counter my opinions, but would never tolerate the ones who would go beyond the debatable topic and attack my personality instead. The moment they use ad hominems as their weapon of choice, it signifies their reasoning is weak to stand on its own.

Lastly, I believe we are all fucked in one way or another. We have to accept that there are just too many misguided elements in government that have their own personal interests as their primary motivation. Whether they admit it or not, too much access to authority (power, privilege, perks, etc.) corrupts even the holiest of us.

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  1. yes you're right this stupid pandemic is a new excuse of everyone. they put their their carelessness on others and now the COVID-19. must try us to know about how you can buy baby swings


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