Sunday, July 19, 2020

Believe in Your Brand, Make Use of Your Bashers, Boost Your Presence

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sa totoo lang, if we won't treat our own, even stinky, shit as a worthy product
, who else will dare to even smell them. One way to do it is with the packaging. Parang food lang yan, wrap or plate them up with something colorful, creative or unique, add some flashy but affordable trinkets, decors, ornaments and whatever knick-knacks you can find, personalize it with a brand logo, product info or thank you card, add extra service that is rarely given by other competitors like some freebies, samahan mo ng endorsements ng mga influencers, take advantage of the free publicity your bashers create, and they would eat up all your shit.

I would have done the same, but something inside of me keeps twisting my arms to do otherwise. I maybe wrong in listening to that voice insidey head, but I have no regrets.

Mayabang, entitled, egocentric, with malicious intentions, wrongly-motivated, self-proclaimed, maingay with those iconic shout-outs, narcissist, hypocrite, kulang sa pansin, at kung ano-ano pa ang mga binabato sa akin noon, hanggang ngayon, dahil sa pagiging blogger.

Honestly, I wanted to get out of this profession,  but I call it an advocacy, though I'm just too opinionated to stay away....and with so much opportunities coming my way almost everyday, how could I resist?

Pasensiya na po. Mahinang nilalang. Marupok, minsang mapaglinlang, umaabuso, pabago-bagong paniniwala, nagmamatigas sa ilang prinsipyo, nagpapakatotoo, nakikipag plastikan, halos lahat pinapasukan at pinapakialaman.

But situations do change. Noon pilit akong pinapaalis na sa pagiging blogger, ngayon suportado na uli ako. Noon nawawalan ako ng gana sa mga nakikita kong pangyayari sa likod ng pagiging blogger, ngayon naisip ko na kung mawawala ako ay nariyan pa rin yung mga tunay na nakakasira sa ating bayan. Mga ipinagpalit ang prinsipyo para kumita lamang.

Napakarami rin namang walang katotohanan sa mga binibintang paratang sa akin. Pero mas madalas akong matuwa at matawa kapag may nakikidebate, panay ang bash at paninira, lahat ng galaw nakikita na parang may CCTV sa akin ay nakaumang 24 oras araw-araw. Tapos babanatan ka ng mga below the belt kapag wala ng logical na masabi in.his or her defense. In fact I miss those days when there's a long thread of people ganging up on me. Asan na ba ang mga bashers ko? Nagsawa na ba kayong punahin ako...hehehe....o baka naman nasa mga shadows lang kayo, waiting for the next opportunity to strike. Even to the point of reaching out to the PRs, events organizers, brands, and fellow bloggers. Ganoon sila ka threatened sa akin pero they disguise it as a concern for the welfare of the brand or the bligging community, so they could keep the opportunities to themselves.

Ang daming nagsabi na inggit lang sila. At least effective daw na napapansin talaga ako. Negative publicity is still publicity at dagdag online presence. The views, the views, the views...It's all about the views. But I never really cared about the views, well not until I've learned you coukd really earn a considerable amount from the views. Lol.

But we've seen so many with a huge following and stats at viral or trending stages but their sites are filled with the usual chismis, showbiz, scandals, rehashed trending topics, controversial issues, etc.. Some were even accused of setting up their own scandalous acts, and we fell for them, thus making their content viral.

I keep repeating this similar statement over and over again because it continues to proliferate and thrive like unwanted weeds in my vegetable garden.

However, has anybody advised you that weeds can be used as part of our compost or fermented plant juice too. Just us how our bashers could also be as useful to our online presence.

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