Sunday, July 19, 2020

The Silence Amid the Noise Can Be More Deafening, Our Blurred Visions Can Be More Blinding

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Pag hindi tayo nagsalita.. kinampihan natin ang mali," says Angel Locsin.

This applies to all issues and not just about ABS-CBN. However, only a few are sharing their opinions and majority are contradicting the statement. They will argue "Sumunod ka na lang. Ano ba nagawa mo para sa bayan? Magaling ka pa sa gobyerno. Law is law." While the rest are minding their own business and silent with the harsh realities happening around us.

Those who ignore and let the wrongdoings continue are accomplices themselves.

Why are some of us apathetic!? And others have become illogical with their fanaticism?

Now that we might get accused of being a terrorist and unfairly held against our will for several days because of the anti-terrorism law, have we further broken our moral compass?

We could have a maximum of 5K friends on Facebook yet only a few are truly interacting with our posts. Are most of us busy with only our own personal interests that we would only react when we need something from an FB friend?

Being actively connected online on social media does not necessarily mean visibility to all. Well, Facebook could be doing it intentionally so we would patronize its advertising options, or we are losing touch with true friends, or fans (if your are a celebrity or an influencer), if your only presence is online.

Just check how many of your FB friends take the time to like, share or comment on your posts and/or are followers of your page, and who likewise interact with you. It might give you an idea who your real friends are.

There will be people who believe that we should stay away from people who give out negative vibes with their constant bickering highlighting the issues hounding our republic. But all that positive thinking and hoping things will eventually turn out for the best is like assuring ourselves we will not get hit by a car if we cross the highway powered by our faith alone. God probably does not allow stupid people keep what they do not deserve.

It we keep on underminding the value of getting involved, we let the persecutors win.

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