Monday, July 20, 2020

ABS-CBN's Strategic Move: From TV Network to Online Content Creator

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We may be exaggerating a bit on the 11k employees losing their jobs.

One of the reasons ABS-CBN is letting people go (for now) is because they won't be earning as much as before since income from advertising ops on television will be reduced ...and we know how even brands alone can generate their own online ads even by just using their internal Marketing peeps....and since the Covid-19 pandemic is still around, producing teleseryes or other shows requiring a group of actors interacting with each other is out of the picture too...thus again, no room for the previous type of shows to continue which means brands won't have a show to match for their commercials. We can't make a mini-movie with actors wearing face masks or PPEs, otherwise we will be risking their safety against the veerus. Zoom videoconferencing will eventually become too boring to watch. That will look too awkward if it will always be the case. Brands will just choose GMA. ABS-CBN might just as well continue playing reruns or produce animations...or follow the leads of online influencers like vloggers who are thriving online.

With ABS-CBN still existing online, there are obviously still people assigned to manage tasks involving their online presence. Maybe not as much right now since they won't be having an extensive list of shows initially, but they could operate just like other online Influencers featuring online content -  news or entertainment. Anyway, going digital or online is really the way to go, and if vloggers could earn a considerable amount, imagine what ABS-CBN can do if it takes advantage of its existing resources and workforce.

So the real threat is for the digital and/or peeps currently existing. This former TV network can produce better and more elaborate content, thus competing with vloggers in collab with brands, ad agencies in producing commercials, etc. ...Aside from outsourcing, I'm betting that ABS-CBN could already be doing these small time, but they could expand and become a giant on this field as well.

Again, with the current pandemic, everyone is obviously limited to do the usual stuff too. The other TV networks could not produce and air their usual teleserye shows too..all reruns.

Thus the playing field seems even for all, but ABS-CBN has a backpack full of advantage that will be its competitive edge.

But don't get me wrong. The non-issuance of franchise leading to the network's closure as a television entity was also unnecessary regardless of its many faults, if ever there was. No matter how the government (Congress) defends it's decision, it will forever be seen as wrong, especially now that we are still in a Covid-19 pandemic. But this is a different (horror) story.

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