Sunday, September 8, 2019

Trash the SOGIE Bill, No to Special Treatment, Yes to Equality

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We don't need new laws for the LGBTQIA+ community.

They seek acceptance from straight people but they themselves have not accepted who they were.

Huwag po tayong maging kunsintidor sa kanilang naging kahinaan. Not accepting their original gender was already a sign of their weakness. They've given up on their true selves and instead trying to live a life of fantasy. Because no matter what they do, they remain male in the eyes of many, including God, if ever they believe in a Lord almighty.

We continue to encourage them to give up their true selves if we keep on identifying them as special or treating them as real women.

Nevertheless, for mutual peace of mind, we accepted them. We have witnessed them excel in many industries. We congratulated them for their achievements. We were proud of them for working hard in reaching their ultimate goals.

Yet that hunger for more perks is not good at all.Forcing us by a threatening law would only hinder the acceptance once accorded. It will only put us both in an uncomfortable situation.

I have friends belonging to the same community but I don't see many of them making noise to be accorded special privileges. Only those with aggressive personalities are joining the call for the law. Only those who tend to gain are twisting the arms of everyone else they meet. Only those who have friends of the same call are joining the bandwagon.

Many just follow the existing law. They don't cry foul because they know that total transition will not immediately take place. Patience is the key. Acceptance should not be forced.

Just continue proving to society that you are worthy and please cleanse your community from the likes of Vice Ganda and his foul style of humor. We do not appreciate making fun of the shortcomings of others as a form of comedy. He only brings down the image of the LGBT community. He is there only as a comedian. Nothing more. We laught at him, not with him.

Be enlightened. Equality means having to follow the same law and not drafting a new one exclusive to a few. That clamor for SOGIE BILL is called demanding for special treatment! That is called trying to gain an advantage over the majority who are seen as straight and mentally balanced.

Lastly, stop using your influence to wrongly steer people towards the wrong direction. I know you mean well but look at the bigger picture. Look at the rights of the majority who have been considerate enough to accept the irregularities yet are now facing scrutiny for believing on what God has intended.

Stop dividing us when we are already on the verge of unification. If you seek equality, stop identifying yourselves as a special case.

Sasabihin nila na discriminated sila pero pansinin ninyo, most of the people they prefer to work with are their fellow LGBTs. In a company led by an LGBT, majority of the people they will hire are of their kind o kaya ay babae, liban na lang kung guapo ang aplikante. Less priority kapag straight.

Sino ngayon ang nag di discriminate?

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