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Top 6 Office Birthday Surprise Ideas For Your Boss

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In all the companies it is common that the entire employees got celebrated their birthday at the work station even though the companies also provide some gift hampers to them but very less time it is found that the employees are celebrating their Boss birthday. 
It is very rarely found that employees are celebrating and thanking the boss for being kind and fair throughout the year. Most of the time employees do not understand the hard work and dedication of boss.
So here are some ideas for making your boss birthday very special.
1.  Create a team card for a birthday wish
There are lots of birthday celebration ideas in office, it depends on how you want to celebrate the birthday. One of the best ways is to celebrate the birthday by giving some unique card, a single card but which is decorated and created by all the employees and have some quotes. Such card looks very nice and show how much respect you have for your boss. 
A team card is always a good idea to give as everyone can quote something different for him.

2. Decorate the Office

Every birthday celebration requires some things such as a cake, gifts, decorations, food, drinks and so on. If you are going to celebrate the birthday of your boss than there are lots of things to do. 

Decoration of office should be done, there are many things that are available in the market, with the help of such things you can decorate the office in a different manner and give the different look to the office for the special day. Proper decoration also gives a decent look to the office, with the help of decoration you can send the message that how much you all respect the boss.

3. Arrange a Cake as part of Birthday

Cake is the primary stage of the birthday celebration as everyone likes to eat the cake. There are lots of cake with various size and shape are available in the market, not only by size and shape but also the flavors are available it depends upon a person which type of cake he or she wants to book. 

There are lots of portals available who provide the birthday cake delivery to your doorstep. Before ordering the cake just confirm from someone the favorite flavor of your boss, and order the same flavor cake so that the boss get delighted.

4. Surprise for Boss

There are lots of office birthday ideas for boss on this occasion of the birthday so that the boss will get a surprise. Boss also deserve a nice and surprise birthday party as he always worried about the future of his employees. So if anything has been done by the employees he will appreciate it.

5. Give a birthday gift to boss

There are a number of things you can give as a gift to your boss, some of the gifts are a big coffee mug, a nice pen and many more such things which can be used by him regularly. 

If you are going to plan to give him/her a coffee mug then it should be printed with his/her picture and some good quotes. You can also send balloons online to him if he is not available in the office.

6. After work celebrations

Sometimes it is found that there are lots of work in the office and it is not possible for the employee and also for the boss to spend some valuable time for the celebration. 

So it is the best idea to celebrate the birthday celebration after work, then there will be no bar of time. Party can be organized in the office or maybe out of the office, this will be one of the best ideas to celebrate the birthday after work and give the boss a pleasant surprise.
There are lots of ideas available through which you can celebrate the birthday of your boss, it is always good to celebrate the birthday of your boss as they never expect something like this from his teammates. 
Office birthday celebrations require a good cake, a nice decoration along with some food. A birthday celebration in the office is nothing but the procedure to know each and every teammate.

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  1. A fantastic read indeed! This article provides a wealth of inventive and thoughtful ways to celebrate a co-worker's special day. As an employee at Kelly Office Solutions, I found these ideas perfectly adaptable for our diverse and dynamic team. In fact, the 'Desk Decoration' and 'Surprise Video Message' ideas seem like great fun and would surely strengthen our already vibrant office culture. Thanks, Wazzuppilipinas, for these brilliant suggestions. Looking forward to putting these into practice!


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