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Angelica Panganiban Launched as Endorser for New and Improved Silka Green Papaya Whitening Soap

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Cosmetique Asia Corporation, makers of Silka Green Papaya Soap, gave us an introductory to the video advertisement which already came out on TV, along with its radio version, both featuring their new endorser, Angelica Panganiban.

Introducing the lady of the hour had mixed reactions but mostly because we were all starstruck with her glowing presence. The bubbly "tisay" little girl in Ang TV, the angelic face yet truly funny lady comedian in Banana Sundae, and the walang ka-effort effort dahil sa natural talent in acting in That Thing Called Tadhana, Angelica commands respect for being a well-endeared personality.

Sa Ang TV gag show pa lang I knew she will soon be among the pretty faces of showbiz, and I was right. During my interview with Janssen Co, the COO of Cosmetique Asia Corporation, I told him they made the right choice because Angelica is beautifully radiant inside and out. We witnessed her many intimate and personal stories, and how she dealt with the challenges in her life.

Group photo with Cosmetique Asia Corporation management team along with their Silka Green Papaya endorser, Angelica Panganiban

The media launch was held at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Quezon City, an events venue smaller but similarly majestic to its bigger version in Bataan.

Casa Juico Events Place at Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar located along Roosevelt Ave, San Francisco del Monte, in Quezon City.

I thought they only exist in Bataan but surprised there's a smaller, but also great for pictorials, one in Metro Manila
I saw the name of Chef Margarita Fores so she is probably the one responsible for the food served here.

First time, but couldn't explore the place thoroughly because of the rain...also pics are too gloomy and dark because of it
They have some portions of their lawn with artificial grass, and the inner areas are still under construction/renovation.

The ground exteriors, as well as the interiors, were majestic! You'll want to have this as your classy venue after your wedding, or hold your debut, birthday, anniversary or any special occassion.

As experienced, outside parking spaces would probably accommodate around 30 cars or less but a bit hassle when you park first coz the other cars would be blocking you, and you have to ask them to move out their cars if you leave first. I think a few more cars can park inside too.

But the food, from appetizers, to the tanglad-infused iced tea drink, and main dishes, especially the leche plan dessert, served here was so good that I ate everything on my plate except the fat portion of the roasted pork. Promise!
Haven't I mentioned the pool yet? Maybe they could have you hold a pool party here! Hehehe!

Their pool looks good enough to please anyyone wanting a dip or swim. Honestly, I never expected this place to have a pool.

Going back to the Silka Green Papaya media launch of Angelica Panganiban as endorser, you have to admit that she has always been a headturner ever since she was a child, even still with those crooked baby teeth, she already got our attention as she truly stands out among the other kids you'll usually meet in the country.

I do hope I had that same confidence during my younger years, because honestly I was not this gregarious before. I was an introvert and so shy to join famiky gatherings, and would often keep inside my room when there are visitors at our home.

Silka Green Papaya whitening herbal soap

Interview with Cosmetique Asia Corporation COO Janssen Co

Photo ops with the booth that prints everything you pist on Instagram that includes the hashtags for the day

Now, whenever possible, I would always sit infront of big and crowded  events so I could get the best view of the stage, and if given the chance, ask them to do the iconic Wazzup Pilipinas shout-out.

"Pa shout-out ka ng shout-out, ikaw tuloy ang napapansin sa mga events. Attention grabber, scene stealer, noisemaker, ...ayan pati sa interviews ng iba naririnig yang pasigaw mo!"

Where am I getting the "kapal ng mukha" or I call it aggressiveness or some would say confidence to face people, even the head honchos or top management, senators, congressmen, celebrities, and business owners themseves.

For now, it's the beauty filter of the smartphones. Lol!

Seriously, I'd do everything for the opportunity to improve my complexion because my previously white complexion turned darker from all that travels where I get exposed under the sun for hours.

Hiking on hills, cliff and mountains. Walking the shores of beaches. Following festival parades and floats. These are just some of the reasons why my complexion went from fair to kayumanggi to almost "nognog" state.

But if it was possible to go back in time, I would not change a thing except use whitening products to maintain or bring back the complexion I once had. But it has to work fast because orobably after a week or two, I'll be off to my next adventure seeting foot to a new destination within or out of the country.

However, the whitening products back then involved "tiis ganda" sacrifices. We were like a snake peeling off old skin....and just applying the whitening product was already irritatingly "mahapdi" or painful. And we had to wait a long time to see some improvements on our skin. If patience is not one of your traits, then it will be like stuck inside your car in the middle of the road waiting for the traffic condition to go faster.

Now, Cosmetique Asia Corporation, makers of the new and improved Silka Green Papaya, boasts of as early as 7 days improvement. Since we all have different kinds of skin, working conditions, diet and exercise, the actual number of days you could see change in skin color may vary. But being a positive thinker could motivate your skin to cooperate too.

Two thumbs up for whitening as our global culture looks up to the fair complexioned

How I wish I've come in contact with the Silka peeps sooner before holding the recent Influencers Forum at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall. Co-organizing the event with ExLink Events as the opening program during their 10th year of the highly successful Philippine Business and Entrepreneurs Expo (PBEX2019).  Because I've seen the photos taken from the event, and it was very obvious that I was definitely darker in complexion compared to the majority of the panelists on stage. Though I've got sort of an advantage being the host also of the forum.

Needless to say, I would have appreciated it more if I had a lighter complexion. My photos would look better, the audience would have seen me blooming in more appealing radiance.

Of course, our confidence do get a boost when we look our best, and since mainstream media and the industries around us has looked up to whiter people as their preferred models, celebrities, influencers, naturally because they seem to shine vibrantly like the sun, especially when you smile with sincerity, and your eyes sparkle with glee.

We brought home Silka products: whitening soao, lotion, facial cleanser, deodorant and a foaming net ball

Well, thank you to to the brand for giving us some product samples to try home. Hoping they do work on me. So see you again after a week or so, and best of luck to me to get whiter at least before I celebrate my birthday this October 6.

Though I'll be celebrating my natal day in Boracay, so it would have been super if the brand also had a sunblock product.

Never worried here because just as how we've seen their new endorser Angelica Panganiban went through her colorful life in showbiz, she's again ready to love. Similarly, the Boracay sun may darken my skin again, I will have Silka Green Papaya ready to work faster in bringing out the best complexion of my skin.

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