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Demonizing the Angels: Discerning Who Wears Horns or Halos

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"Madalas, yung mga nagmamalinis pa ang mga hindi nakakakita ng mas malaki nila dungis sa kanilang pagmumukha"

Our friend fought for us because he does not believe what his previous mentors were saying and teaching.

Basically, they want him unfriending people that are not allied with his mentors. He finds nothing wrong with his friends but rather sees his mentors as the ones at fault for encouraging hate among the blogging community. They would rather form exclusive groups than create a community open to everyone. They would rather kick you out rather than accepting you as you are. After all, bloggers were supposed to be writing about their daily experience, and it needs to be real and not fabricated. We should not be restricting ourselves from showing our true colors, or for expressing our real thoughts and point of views.

Just as how social media could allow anyone to post only what they prefer to be known by the public, or their friends, we have been selective, or not, of what people should know about us. Apparently, what we see online is only but a glimpse of a person's true life and personality. Many of what we show are friends are selected.

Thus this is why it was called a blog short for "web log" or online journal where you are suppose to write your real stories, no more and no less. We are bloggers! Know the difference! We were all designed to be unique, not carbon copies of each other

We would like to thank our friend for sticking with us through this years inspite of the issues being thrown at us. We would like to believe that all these hate and bashing are more than meets the eye. There's a reason why they have so much time to hate others. The same reason why they avoid sharing all the most significant facts behind the hate.

We had conflicts with some PRs because we dare raise concerns with them. We don't have the "sipsip" or ass-kissing habits just to please them and keep getting invited to events. We would rather lose opportunities instead of submitting to their shortcomings. We believe that we need to be truthful to them and ourselves otherwise we will be blogging about fake stories for our readers. Fakery happens also when you do not agree to everything written, but is forced to write good things about a brand, or the PR, if you want to keep the relationship.

Our friend has been sharing this, and a lot more, to us because he wants us to let us know that he sacrificed his friendship with others to remain friends with us whom he believes are the better and real examples of how bloggers should be - truly expressing their real selves - never sugar-coating, always real..

Read on and be shocked with how some bloggers try to demonize their fellow bloggers just to uphold a community filled with fake and conniving influencers.


Please do not save or change the world if you cannot even save yourself. You are putting your blogging career in danger by associating with ------------, and -------------.

Grabe na ang issues and still you are siding with them. Yes you are friends but you have to see what they are doing is wrong in the blogosphere and PR world.

People are angry to them because of what they did and what they are doing wrong.If you cannot see that, I'm sorry we cannot be in the same side.

Until you have come to the realization of what is right, I'm sorry I cannot be your friend because your principle and mine is not same anymore. See what it has brought to you and how it brought your dark side. People sees you as a traitor and walang utang na loob that's what I got upset that all my hard work trying to improve your reputation (not mine) went down the drain. 

I showed ---------- your pm sa ----------- fb page and the comments and threats and disrespect that you have given to both me and --------- who took you under our wings.

I have not done anything to you for me to deserve all the threats you gave me, including ----------- who patiently listens and advice you. Walang kang utang na loob.

You have chosen ------------ and I wish you all the best. Kung mali ako, mali rin si Ms. -----------, I think it means what is right. Don;t be blinded and be influenced by -------------. You have not seen the evil in him yet. He wants revenge and put me down. For what? What did I do to ------------? You are being manipulated now by him as everybody is saying.

Only when you admit that you are wrong and will no longer take side with -----------, only then you can be in the light side again.

You cannot shine light when the darkness envelopes you.

Save yourself and be the light you want to be. Peace of mind comes only when you don't have guilt because what you are doing is right.

Good luck my former friend.



Here's another statement coming from the same so called mentor but you'll wonder why there are only a few bloggers who stay with him? Those who left him had nothing good to say about him.

"Pls huwag mo ako idamay sa away ng iba. Sa away mo sa iba. Ang pinag uusapan natin ay tayo. Kung idadamay mo lahat sa usapan, isama mo na tokhang, world hunger, terrorism at iba pa.

Think whatever you want. Save the world. Save the sinners. Be the sinner.

Don’t forget to save your self.

Goodluck. I have enough of this senseless conversation.

I can conclude now you have become like Ross. Paranoid, unreasonable, undebatable, ungrateful, traitor, full of hate. You have succumb to the dark side. May God shed light on you. Pray tonight for deliverance.

Bye. Blocking you now on email."

The quote at the top-most and beginning of the article could very well be intended for them, or maybe for us. But what we believe is that we need to be true to ourselves if we want to be happy with our existence.

Also, let us not cloud the judgement of othets towards others since our perception of good varies depending on how we were raised or lived thougout our lives. Let others discover others as how they see them. Badmouthing others is a sign of insecurity and failure to accept that not all people are like you. We each have unique traits and noone in this world could say which ones are the noblest to have. Remember that everything was man-made beliefs and ideologies that should be open to criticism. We need to challenge the system because life should not have a fixed single, and boring, design.

"There are demons, dusguised as angels, among us!"

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