Friday, July 21, 2017

#RIPChesterBennington: We Lost Another Music Legend from Linkin Park

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"When my time comes 

Forget the wrong that I've done 
Keep me in your memory 
Leave out all the rest"

"Nobody wants to die. They just want the pain to stop."

We lost another great singer. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park has unfortunately committed suicide. Whatever the reason was here, the world lost an awesome songwriter and a very powerful voice.

I seriously can't believe the news. I mean like Linkin Park is everybody's childhood jam! They were basically the soundtrack of my youth. I'm an emotional wreck right now. Words cannot begin to describe... utter chills. What a hole this will leave in the music world! He made some incredible music and inspired so many with that voice, myself included. I hope he finds peace and the light.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family, fans, band mates, friends, and everyone else who will miss him. A generation is mourning. Thank you for what you did for us while you were here.

This man has helped so many people throughout their dark times, this world has been blessed to have him in it. Linkin Park has been most of the 90s kids first favorite rock band. Lots of memories in every song that Chester and his band made. His voice was the haunting scream that captured the inexplicable, numbing rage of a generation. I really can't accept his suicide. Such a heartbreaking news.

"Forfeit the game 
Before somebody else 
Takes you out of the frame 
And puts your name to shame"

It's like he has always been leaving clues through the songs, but no one really knew. We were so busy getting lost in your words that we forgot to understand their meaning. He gave a voice to the emotions of my younger years and nostalgia to smile back on. Truly saddening, my teenage angst will live on through his voice. Thank you. Rest in peace, my legend.

Chester ... I'm so sorry we couldn't help you the same way you helped us. I wouldn't have survived school without your songs. When I'm tired, miserable, or in doubt, I sing songs. One of those is Leave Out All the Rest. Comforts me every time. I played my Reanimation CD until the glass cracked. A man that helped shape a generation of music. Heartbreaking. I wanna wake up tomorrow and see that Chester is still alive and that it was all a nightmare. 

"Sometimes solutions are so simple, sometimes goodbye's the only way. " Shadow Of The Day - Linkin Park

He's not a coward for killing himself. He's actually brave for surviving as long as he did. Sometimes there are no answers and maybe that's where faith really lives. You'll be missed, Chester.

If someone you know says, "I'm depressed." DO NOT ignore them. Talk to them. Be there for them. Listen to silence. Listen carefully to those close to you. Some people only have the strength to let out a very small cry for help. Suicide is no joke. Don't fucking bully people because it's cool, funny, or entertaining. We're all humans prone to imperfection.

Even a life full of people and riches can be a lonely one. Call someone who might need to hear a friendly voice today. It's funny how one can save millions, but millions can not save the one.

There are lots of myths about mental health. Stop the stigma. Not all men are strong. Some are breaking on the inside. Mental illness is non-discriminatory. Spread them, we all can make a difference, each and every one of us.

Mental illness is as real as a broken leg. Understand those in your life who suffer. Don't judge them, love them

For all the depressed and troubled, the world is a better place for having you in it. Stay with us, it's okay to not be okay.

"I tried so hard 
And got so far 
But in the end 
It doesn't even matter 
I had to fall 
To lose it all"

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