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Pak na Pak with my Unipak Mackerel Special Recipe

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One look at me and you'll know I love eating. My love for eating got so much pampering when I became a blogger because there's literally food at every event I attend, aside from the actual food reviews or features I do at restaurants. I grew from wearing a Medium-sized shirt to an Extra Large-sized shirt within only a few years in joining the blogging community.

But, that doesn't stop me from preparing my own food as well. Cooking at home would still be a welcomed alternative than eating at those fabulous hotels, restaurants, and other events venue. Like they say, there's no place like home, especially when there's great food served that was cooked and prepared by your loved ones.

Because we are on a budget, and always on a hurry since we are all busy with work, and my kids at school, my wife would sometimes prepare DIY recipes that can be quickly prepared since time is not on our side. She would often come up with a dish that does not have a name since it's all made up. Most of the time it would be composed of ingredients that are available at the nearest store downstairs since we live all the way from the 5th floor (which is like the 9th floor since every unit at our building has two levels.

Yup! We're all the way living at the top of our building so you could imagine our dilemma. We would prefer buying all that we need for an entire week rather than on a daily basis.

Thus all dishes we cook are mostly those that does not require fresh ingredients like vegetables that we could store inside a refrigeration (fridge) or freezer within a week.

Here are our ingredients for our special Unipak mackerel recipe:

One (1) big can of Unipak Mackerel 
Two (2) pieces of Garlic (Bawang)
One (1) Onion (Sibuyas) medium size
One (1) Carrot (Karot) - medium size cut into strips
One (1) Chayote (Sayote) - medium size cut into strips
Just a few pieces of Moringa (Malunggay) leaves (one small bowl)
coking oil

Please refer to the special video we did for the sequence of how to cook the dish with Uni-Pak mackerel

You may use just one (1) small can if the dish is for only one person. Though the veggies may be a bit too much so you may just put half of what was indicated on the ingredients.

Always boil for a few minutes everything that you cook so be sure the dish has boiled enough already before adding the vegetables. Depending on how you like your vegetables, normally they are added when the main ingredient, in our case is the Uni-Pak mackerel, is almost cooked already.

Be creative with your plating. But since we prepared the dish for our personal consumption only, it is enough we just put it in a bowl. The colors orange, green and light green already looks good with the brownish, silvery color of the mackerel. However, if you are serving it for others, especially visitors, it is always advisable to be a bit more fancy with your plating.

Surprisingly, the dish prepared was yummy mainly because the Unipak mackerel is good enough even on its own. Adding the vegetables just made it better, and healthier since just the moringa or malunggay by itself alone is already a great source of nutrients.

The dish prepared is good enough for two to three persons....but if you're too hungry, you may end up eating everything in one seating because the Unipak mackerel is just so damn good.

There's good reason to say that "hindi basta nakasanayan, the best talaga yan. Kaya basta Mackerel, dapat tatak Unipak!"

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