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How to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

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To write brilliantly means to turn written words into a real moving picture of views, things, and emotions. This ability demands to be developed, and it takes much time to improve your skills to create a paper of your dream. If you have a white whale to become a good author who is able to compose works that are persuasive enough as well as touching and interesting, you need to learn some common rules for this.

Write it Better

These tips on paper composition will polish your ability to transfer your train of thoughts on paper in a proper way. All you have to do is to read and learn them all.

     Use present tense to enhance the meaning of an action and describe it like it is happening here and now. Thus, your reader will imagine it better. This is a common hack for academic writing tasks. To compose creative papers, it is okay to put ideas in different tenses according to a purpose of an utterance.
   Try to write as often as you can. Constant training will level up the quality of your work. It doesn’t matter whether you write about some profound topics or compose a simple report about how you spent your vacations.
     The majority of people prefer to write at an early hour, as it has a great effect on a paper. Thus, you can have a look at a problem with a fresh eye and tackle a task in a relaxed way. Nevertheless, you may be an exception from the general rule. That is why you don’t have to torture yourself for hours in order to create a line. Find your place and time to write. In this way, this process will become pleasant for you.
     Use synonyms to avoid repetition. The problem of battology is familiar to every writer, especially at the beginning of his or her career. However, a person can cope with it with the help of simple substitution of repetitive words with their synonyms. Be careful, as not every word with the similar notion may fit your verb, adjective, or noun.

Some Peculiarities to Avoid while Composing a Text

To write coherently and perfectly, a person needs to throw away several bad writing habits and forget them as if they were nightmares.

    “Here are” and “there are” statements are too general and boring to put them in any papers. Use more active words instead, for example, “let’s go over this…”.
     Try to omit “that” and “which”, as they are not necessary to be mentioned.
     “Not only…but also” parallelism is okay to put in your essay. However, a small but valuable aspect has to be kept in mind. If a noun follows “not only” part of the construction, then after “but also” we need to put a noun as well. The same is true for verbs, if in the first part we use a verb, the second part should also contain a verb.
    An excessive use of words is harmful to any type of texts. Omit unnecessary adjectives making no sense for your content and idea. It is better to write 15 words instead of 50.

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