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#StevestonPizzaPh: The Fastest Disappearing Pizzas Alive

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I may be exaggerating quite a lot when I said it's the fastest disappearing pizza alive, but that's how I really felt when these pizzas quickly disappeared from sight the moment it was laid down on our table. It was like the pizzas had a life of its own beckoning others to "Come and eat us!" without very little hesitation.

One by one they were served, yet in a matter of seconds, they were immediately gone even before I could get a good number of photo or video shots of the pizza. Everyone just grabbed a slice after a few clicks from their cameras or smartphones and then devoured the pizzas like it was alive and would ran out of the restaurant if your don't eat them as soon as possible. Lol!

Honestly, I am used to a great number of minutes taking several angles for my photos and videos, but our recent gathering with our special group has broken that long photo shoot and waiting for others before we could finally sit down and chow on the food.

These pizzas must be really so darn good that everyone couldn't stop themselves from devouring a slice or two. I had to rush myself in taking the shots so I could still somehow get to show you how they looked like before all the hands started coming in and grabbing a slice from every corner. There was no more effort to flat lay just like what most foodies will do. Every pizza just disappeared even faster than the Flash, the fastest man alive.

Well, maybe it was because it was lunch time already and some probably did not ate breakfast before coming in for the event, so I may have taken mostly "action" shots for both my photos and videos. Action meaning I got shots while many hands went for the pizza slices.

But the Flash is just a fictional character, what was infront of us was reality - pizza creations at its best. An awesome feasts of pizzas that have leveled up the way pizzas are prepared and cooked. It was not greasy as the traditional pizza and they look so healthy with all the green leafy toppings I've seen in most of them. It was sort of a pizza party for all of us. Lots of laughter also filled the room especially when we were all full after around 6 slices.

This was actually a fun bunch. I was used to being with foodies and food bloggers that usually take a lot of time flat-laying and rearranging how the food should look like, and then taste them when their already cold. Our group was more concerned in eating the food and worrying less about how their quick shots looked like. i guess it's best to also tell stories about how the food taste like when they are still hot from the kitchen.

I still managed to get a few good shots myself even amidst all that rushed sensation every time a new pizza gets near our table. I also managed to do some video coverage as well so hopefully I would be able to release the video soon at ur YouTube channel at

Mr. Richard Go, CEO of Steveston Pizza, allowed a short interview so we could get to know more about the pizza restaurant. Please do watch it here or at our YouTube channel at

Unedited version of our interview with Steveston Pizza CEO, Richard Go, before we tried their pizzas. Watch out for the longer and edited version soon.

We visited the branch located at the Corinthian Garden Clubhouse just right inside the subdivision which is infront of the Crown Plaza Galleria Manila hotel beside Robinson's Galleria. It was fortunate that my next event for the day was happening at Crowne Plaza so it was just a few minutes of walk from Steveston Pizza restaurant.

They served several kinds of pizza but the owner said they have a total of 30 kinds which most were displayed on the posters all around the walls of the restaurant. If you must know, I was already hooked on the very first pizza served. The first bite was phenomenal. It was love at first bite even faster than how the pizzas disappeared from our sight.

A little bit of history revealed the brand originated form Canada near a fishing village. But the specialty of Steveston was not with seafood toppings. Mr. Go said they were not just a franchise but licensed to even setup other branches in different countries.

The first pizza served was the Black Pizza (Php899) with chicken breast, fig gorgonzola and arugula julienne toppings with oozing mascarpone mousse, and like I said earlier, it was gone like the wind in just a few seconds. Fast and furiously gone, the sweetness of our first bite still lingered ntil the next pizza served. This pizza would make it a great choice for your kids.

The Japanese Pizza (Php899) is wasabi-scented teriyaki chicken breast, enoki mushrooms and sesame seaweed (Php899). I never have tasted something similar. Though nowadays many establishments have tried to put different kinds of toppings already to innovate and make a difference, I don't believe there is one that is Japanese-inspired and has seaweed prominently seen.

Green Pizza (Php899) is with herb pesto butter, shrimp, single cream brie, and scallions. I have never been so delighted seeing this one since it sounds and looks so healthy. Health and fitness enthusiasts would prefer to indulge themselves with the healthier variety of pizzas, and this one is a prime candidate of choice.

Blue Pizza (Php899) - overflowing rosemary smoked bacon, caramelized onions, mushrooms, baby fresh spinach and Stilton blue cheese mousse. For some pizza establishments, too much blue cheese is not good, but for this one, which seems to have a lot of it on top, the taste was still spectacular. I told myself before that I won't try blue cheese anymore because of my bad experience with it, but this one changed my mind to love blue cheese again.

The Caveman ((Php899) is the "killer" pizza - pepperoni, genoa salmon, back bacon, lean beef and capocolli. It's called a killer probably because of how thick it is. If other pizza brands have their all-meat version, they are nothing compared to the Caveman named after the people back then who hunt for animals as their prey so they would have food. Back then, men love to eat meat, and this one would not disappoint you if you're also a heavy eater.

I the know there are pizzas they call Marguerite (Php499) which even has Zero, One, Two and Three varietes but I simply did not have the time to see the difference since as I've said earlier, this group has emphasized how fast-moving Steveston Pizzas are. They continue to quickly disappear even after several pizzas were already served. I don't really know how man pizza slices can one man consume in one seating but those who are probably too full already just wanted to keep them aside and eat them later.

I promise to scrutinize in detail when I return to Steveston Pizza for another amazing dining experience.

Iced Tea served was sweeten yourself because the sweetener is separately served. It was good even without the sweetener. 

Also get your coffee fix at BonCafe! I ordered for Mocha and this is definitely one of the best coffee I've tasted.

We got a bonus tour of the kitchen where we got to see how one particular pizza was prepared from scratch until it was later put in the conveyor oven. Thank you to the head pizza chef for the opportunity to interview her too.

Thank you to Steveston Pizza for having us. We are hopeful to get invited again at your other branches or when you introduce new menu offerings so we can drop by again and have another speedy pizza party.

The big bonus at the Corinthian Garden Clubhouse branch? You can come at night and witness the Christmas lighting around the place. There's this Christmas tree and lighted lanterns that are lit when night time comes. It's something well appreciated during this holiday season as it gives us the vibrant feeling of joyfulness because this is the time of the year when we get to be a lot more kind, generous, and comforting especially to the less fortunate ones.

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