Thursday, March 24, 2016

Who Is Winning and Leading in the Presidential Debates?

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After witnessing the presidential debates via the previous two PiliPinas Debates 2016 series, and highly expecting the upcoming third run, we must be wondering who among our presidential candidates, namely Jejomar Binay, Rodrigo Duterte, Grace Poe, Mar Roxas and Miriam Defensor-Santiago, are leading and should be considered winners in the debates. But that thought is far from what is really troubling me.

I still believe none of the presidential candidates are qualified to become president. But sadly, we have no choice but to accept the fact that there would eventually be one of them who would sit in Malacanang and assume all the power of the presidency. 

They say choose the lesser evil. I was hoping there would be a sixth choice of "None of the Above" but a failure of election would only result to definite chaos because the incumbents would only take advantage of the dilemma, and fight over the authority over all they could possibly control.

You would easily know if a political candidate is unreal. When he or she would not entertain interviews alone without his personal assistants, or advisers, etc., doesn't have the guts to speak to you on a one-on-one basis, doesn't have the confidence enough to share his or her very own thoughts and insights, could not answer your inquiries directly, and could not elaborate on his or her platforms and actions plans without the presence of notes or documents.

We better take caution that he or she might just be pulling our legs ....towards our graves, figuratively and literally speaking, just so he could be put into position. They will promise everything, including the moon, just to get elected, and afterwards just say "Sorry" coupled with so many excuses and finger-pointing, if they could not fulfill their promises.

That law giving them immunity to be prosecuted is a total shit. They should be held liable for the failure to implement their promises. If only we could bring back time to prevent ourselves from voting a political candidate, then everyone else would do the same.

I know we should be wise enough to determine which promises are feasible but the country is just full of gullible people who would easily believe anyone who seems to have the political will to help them rise up from their depressive state.

Why are most of us gullible? Because we lack the education and common sense to identify why we are still in a rot inspite of how rich our country is. Our taxes only benefit a few, and mostly go fund only the atrocities and illegal activities of the swindling government officials and their cohorts.

We should not be proud we are being called resilient just because we do not have the courage to assert our rights for a better society. We should all make a noise! Stand up for what we deserve and let our voices be heard throughout the entire world.

The positions the politicians are all fighting for should not put them into a pedestal of power, fame and wealth. It should put the people they are meant to serve into an active participation and involvement in shaping the society into what would best benefit all.

When President Benigno Simeon Aquino III said we will be his "boss" during his presidency, everyone thought he would be our savior against the oppressive few. It turns out it was just a propaganda to fool us in supporting his administration, since no one else had the authority to speak out and be part of his cabinet meetings. Not that we are imposing, but he was the one who made us believe we will have an opportunity to do something similar.

We've seen two presidential debates already that were orchestrated by two different TV networks who partnered with the COMELEC to bring us a well-viewed and trending spectacle. I admire how the Filipinos took time to witness the presidential candidates flaunt their wisdom and speaking abilities, or struggle with their ignorance and avoidance of issues. I am equally excited for the remaining debates.

However, it should also remind the people that all of these should be just one factor in making your decision. We should be able to determine if these candidates can walk their talks. The most important factor in choosing a candidate is their ability to make things really happen, and not just hearing his or her campaign promises accentuated by his or her speaking prowess, flowery words and persuasive skills. Remember that they won't just be doing debates in the government. The ability to win debates is nothing compared to the ability to make each and every Filipino a real winner.

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