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Megawatt Tex-Mex Pizza Chicken Burrito Restaurant: Powered Up and Amped with Mouth-WATT-ering Goodness

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"Fuel your appetite! Amp up your taste buds with electrifying deliciousness! This is not your ordinary wash-and-go restaurant concept. Staying true to its goals of serving 1000 kilowatts of electrifying good food to everyone, not only do they serve Pizza, Burrito and Chicken to power-up their customers, but they also generate green energy to power-up our restaurant, contributing a solution to conserve energy one burrito at a time."

The Megawatt Tex-Mex Pizza Chicken Burrito Restaurant is impressively unique. I liked it for somehow being a Hollywood action superhero movie-themed restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant, you will feel like you're in a Marvel Comic's Ironman or Avengers movie setting. I believe the real intention was to create a sort of power plant themed restaurant but since most high-tech superhero movie has adapted similar looks for their superhero headquarters or base of operations, everything feels like you're taking part in a movie shoot.

While your eating their Burgers, Pizzas, Lasagnas, Tacos, Burritos, Rice Meals, Fries, or any Megawatt meal combos on disposable utensils, you may pair them with your choice of coffee, juice, beer, tea or imported drinks. Like pairing the Bundaberg's with a Jack Daniels Beef and Mushroom or Burritos - one of the best paired meal of the newly opened restaurant this year. 

Tex-Mex cuisine is characterized by its heavy use of shredded cheese, meat (particularly beef and pork), beans, and spices, so it's very evident at the Megawatt restaurant. Your orders are served by men wearing full jumpsuit like that worn by mechanics or engineers. The theme is completed with a construction worker safety cap or head gear like what you can find in a Super Mario & Luigi brothers game. I may now consider this sport-action themed restaurant as one of my fave restaurants among the others like Howzat, Army Navy and National Sports Grill.

I like the chicken and chips, it taste good with the secret 12 spices of crunchiness that was just right. The packaging and serving are undeniably creative. Each dish in the menu was crafted to almost perfection by a group of friends who love to eat and cook. You can feel the seemingly Ironman Megawatt energy flowing within as you grab a bite of every dish.  

"Who doesn't love a pile of nachos with all the fixings? Megawatt's Nacho-Rizo tailored to perfection. You'll never get tired to crunch and munch."

"Chicken & chips, anyone? Bite into the crunch of a 12-spiced delish treat from Megawatt!"

"Taste testing the Megawatt fried specialties that aims to activate even your inner cravings"

"Sink in your teeth, take a big bite and hear the crunch! 100%Angus beef patty for all their burger specialties!"

"Pizzas are ready to energize your weary, and hungry, stomachs. Get ready to be hooked with mouth-WATT-ering goodness"

From the design, the colors, to the themed-inspirations that showcase the restaurant's eat and drive concept. Not only the Marvel superhero and car fans, I believe everyone will adore this restaurant. It is very obvious that the owners are die-hard fans of the superhero franchises, and most probably collectors themselves, who believe there are many others who would love the concept they are openly sharing to their customers.

Also, you'll get that feeling of going green, eco-friendly or an advocate in saving the environment, because the restaurant employs solar panels as its source of renewable energy. The solar panel table and red and silver pipes quite resembles the machines identified with Marvel Comic's Iron Man. 

You'll also enjoy browsing those limited editions Adidas and Nike shoes, iconic Marvel character toys and gadgets, G-shock watches, as well as other limited edition memorabilia products, you may order them for take out as a souvenir, together with their yummy food.

Also, you may drop by the F1-like race track pit stop LG2 car wash and auto detail mechanic while you're on the 2nd floor superhero paddock. Car owners who want their cars washed, can view their partner's car wash service downstairs from the restaurant while munching on Megawatt specialty dishes. The design of the car wash is like being on an actual race track. I like it very much because I'm an automobile and race car fanatic! 

So, If your looking for a different kind of dining experience, you should try Megawatt PH located at the 2nd floor of 41-A N. Domingo Corner Gilmore Brgy. Valencia St, Quezon City. It's very near the Robinsons Magnolia mall and the Gilmore LRT Station. Quite challenging but should be easy to find when you're really seeking for the best themed restaurant.  

Megawatt Tex-Mex Restaurant opens daily from 11am to 9pm, Monday to Saturday, and 9am to 9pm on Sundays. Please visit for more info.

Contributed by Jayson Biadog 

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