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Bacchus Sponsors Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Special Blocked Screening

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Thank you Bacchus energy drink for the lengthy 153 minutes of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice special blocked screening at the Podium cinema 1. The brand sponsored the blocked screening on March 26, Saturday which is also the regular showing of the movie in all theaters.

I guessed it right who would win between Batman and Superman. My hunch was right, and no matter what some people say, I still would reiterate it's worth the viewing on the big screen, and not to discredit it just to promote other movies showing on the same days.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the second movie in the DC Extended Universe series, which began with Man of Steel, and will lead to the Wonder Woman solo movie, the Justice League movie, and more. As a result, it's positively packed with references to DC Comics, and hints about the future of the DC Extended Universe."

Both Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill played their roles well. Though I thought Superman would have been taller than Batman. Jesse Eisenberg played a Lex Luthor like no other - well, he was never like any of the Luthors we've seen in the past movies, or even the comics or animations. Gal Gadot (playing Wonder Woman) would remain an interesting watch to be continued on her own Wonder Woman movie.

Am I the only one who thinks all that collateral damage could have been avoided if the heroes just lured their enemies to other locations where damage would be less? When the Bats lured Doomsday back into the city, I would have preferred if he just went back to find his specially crafted "weapon" and returned to where the Kryptonian killer was. But knowing Hollywood, the more damage, the better it's impact with the viewers.

The Batman versus Superman movie tries to build on the characters, their personalities, background history so you'll find it a little bit dragging on some parts to give momentum. For a movie that literally has the word versus on its title, it took quite a long time before the battle started, but then you get to feel and relate more with the heroes once the slug fest begins. All those punches and critically-damaging hits from both parties felt a lot more ...Ouch!!! Ugh!!! and OMG!!!

"Bruce Wayne's "one percent chance" logic is childish and horrifying, and sounds like something Donald Trump would say about immigrants (or what Rodrigo Duterte would say about his killing spree of drug addicts and rapists). It certainly was the logic that Dick Cheney used to condone "enhanced interrogation techniques.""

Superman is treated as a celebrity such as they have a giant statue of him in the movie. But just like anybody that becomes popular, there would always be a few who would exert all effort to make him look bad. This I can relate so much as a blogger as I've tried my best to be a friendly neighborhood and good Boy Scout just like Supes but no matter how hard I try, there would always be criticism from detractors.

The Caped Crusader could not realize it until he beats the Man of Steel to a pulp. The Last Son of Krypton would have gained the upper hand if only he was not so quick to return fire from the Dark Knight. For a man who's been called the World's Greatest Detective, he could have found out that Clark Kent and Superman is the same person. Face-recognition software should have done the job.

The presence of Wonder Woman gave the movie that much needed charm but I would still vote for Lois Lane (played by Amy Adams) as the better female component that added value to the story. It's about time she does the saving. You'll find out why when you watch the movie.

"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice made it pretty explicit that Darkseid is on his way to this world, and there were several visual cues for those who are interested."

I am now so excited for the Justice League movie, as the Batman v Superman movie already gave us a teaser on who will be in it. But thinks that's old news as there have been several infos about the inclusion of selected heroes already.

The Justice League movie is now in pre-production, and will begin filming in April. Fro m the concept arts already released, we know who would be a part of the movie aside from Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman - The Flash (Ezra Miller), Aquaman (Jason Momoa) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

Zack Synder, the same director of the Batman Versus Superman movie will direct the Justice League movies - said to be two parts. We could also say that there is a separate Wonder Woman movie in the works too which is also going to start pre-production almost the same time as the Justice League movie. This is no surprise since these movies are all inter-related. Cameo appearances of all heroes in each movie?

Which team of superheroes would better rock our world? The X-Men, the Avengers or the Justice League? The answer would have to wait as we are yet to see the third one on film. But for me, between the X-Men and the Avengers, I would vote for ... 

Before I get too sidetracked ...See the Batman v Superman movie on the big screen as every real fan would do, aside from a few more times on every possible medium out there. Lol!

Thanks again to Bacchus, and of course to the one who referred us to the organizers of the special blocked screening, fellow blogger, and also Wazzup Pilipinas correspondent, Krizia Louren Catapang. 

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