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Promate 240: The Portable Generator for Recreational and Residential Use

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We were in a desperate search for a generator or an alternative power source when the country was once suffering from abnormal power outages and black-outs. I remember my father concocting up something with the car battery and was amazed how he was able to make it power a light source from it. I was so young back then that it was already something magical for me.

The curious me was expected to tinker with the setup and I could see the clamps and cables running from the battery to the light. It could also run a mini electric fan but we never tried hooking it up to the television.

Now that we can afford to buy a generator, the main problem is the huge space it requires and the noise it will produce. I always prefer to work late at night until the wee hours of the morning so I'm afraid the neighbors may complain if I run the generator during that time. We could probably have that setup at our home in Pateros or at our rest house in Rizal province, but we cannot really do that at our "condo" in Pasig.

Now that Powertech Asia Pacific introduced a portable indoor generator they are calling Promate 240, and for less than 10k only, we are given a better option for our household power needs. I've seen from their mini demo skit that it can even run the LED TV while the electric fan and lights are simultaneously running. That's something we would appreciate especially during the rainy season when we experience more brownouts and power outages.

The launch of the Promate 240 is highly welcomed and much appreciated. Every home should have one or two of this generator to be always ready for emergencies. Since it is very portable and easily transferable due to its power grip handles, anybody can carry it around easily. Even the women won't have any problems carrying it. Going out for some weekend fun outdoors and bringing this portable generator would be a breeze.

The portable generator enables users to charge it through AC, car and solar charging ports. It also has a 4-led digital display that allows you to monitor the status of the generator, from the power output to the battery voltage. You'll be able to determine the power consumption of electrical devices via its LED digital display. Now that's something very useful and appreciated especially if we are curious on how much power is consumed by our devices.

Though it is not rain or waterproof, the generator must be under the tent or a roofed location in order to make it useful as a back-up power source.

Do you know the first thing we would do during a blackout? Charge our smartphones and other communication gadgets! Promate 240 allows us the convenience to do such. We don't have to lose communications with our friends or loved ones, social media accounts will be kept updated, and we get continuous access to the news.

More photos can be seen at the Wazzup Pilipinas Facebook Fan Page

Below is their official press release:

Powertech Asia Pacific Incorporated , a Philippine registered company and owner of Promate and the leading brand for portable generators in the Philippines, today introduced the latest on-the-go portable generator ideal for recreational and residential consumption.

As a complete back-up power solution, Promate 240 Indoor Power Station is designed to offer convenient and reliable source of power guaranteed to save your home and business from the hassles of possible outages. 

Packed with 24Ah sealed lead acid battery, this high-capacity power station suits indoor usage which could last several hours depending on power being plugged. It can also charge and power up selected appliances, mobile phones and your electronic devices, with 3 usb ports to fast-charge mobile devices. It also has a one duplex 400 watts outlet that allows you to directly plug regular appliances power cords, and a battery cable port that allows you to jumpstart a car or connect the power station to a battery for additional power time. These features are not only affordable and easy to use, but also ideal for communities with rotating brownouts and condo users.

With its compact design and reliability, Promate 240 enables users to charge it through AC, car and solar charging ports. It also has a 4-led digital display that allows you to monitor the status of the generator, from the power output to the battery voltage.

Price and Availability

Promate 240 Indoor Power Station is currently available at major existing Promate retailers nationwide and is distributed by Powertech Asia Pacific Incorporated. Promate 240 has a Manufacturer’s Suggest Retail Price (MSRP) of Php 9,999 and will offer a 1-year limited warranty

About Promate

Promate is a registered brand of Powertech Asia Pacific, and a leading brand of portable generator in the Philippines, with nationwide distribution and aftersales services. Due to its reliability and responsive service team, Promate is became the brand of choice of most businesses such as drugstore, banks, convenient store ….to protect their business from brownouts . Promate is also actively involved with various relief organization, regularly donating portable generators during calamities

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