Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange

Wazzup Pilipinas!

First look at..... Erm.... Benedict Cumberbatch in an up market fancy dress outfit as Doctor Strange? This totally validates every male cosplayer growing a goatee for a Doctor Strange costume!

People are making assumptions about a film that is yet to be made on one photo? I'm not saying it doesn't looks amazing, but that still doesn't mean that end result will be just as dazzling. There is a lot more to this film than Ben striking a pose.

Loving the mix of science and spirit here...much needed in society today. He's using Sacred geometry too. He's doing an Impact Palm in this picture.

That's gotta be the green Infinity Stone right there! And at a guess I'd say Soul Stone. I wonder if that will be considered the Eye of Agamoto or will he get the real one that pretty much is a real eye ball. It would make sense if it was the soul gem (actually the one he gets in the Illuminati comics), but then where's the Eye of Agamotto? I'd bet that's the Eye.

Maybe the Eye of Agamotto and the Soul Stone are the same thing in the MCU. The same way that the Tesseract was the Space Stone even though it was just a cosmic cube in the comics. The eye is a artifact of much importance for him to be taken away as a gem, but that would actually explain Stephen's presence in Infinity, as he would be willing to defeat Thanos in order to recover the Eye.

I'm usually the one who is first to bitch about a casting job for any comic book character, or, costume design(i.e. Apocalypse in the new X-men, Sabertooth in X-men origins), Benedict looks good though.

I wanted Matthew McConaughy to play Dr.Strange just so I could hear him say, "Eye of Agamoto...alright alright Alrighht..." or Patrick Dempsey would have looked better ... or they should have paid for Liam Neeson, Marvel can afford it. But I'm still waiting on them to invent time travel so we can see the real Dr. Strange... Vincent Price, but until they do, Cumberbatch will do. Make his hair and facial hair black with grey streaks and he'll look the part. Not only will he have the look but he already has the voice. The only issue I really have, and I know it's nitpicking but his goatee needs to be more filled in and thicker if that makes sense. Make his hair and facial hair black with grey streaks and he'll look the part perfectly.

I really hope they fix the costume. The amulet hangs too low, and the belt hangs too high. It makes him look like a middle-aged white rapper.  I'm glad they didn't try to 'modernize' his costume or something. Strange had a style and feel that is uniquely him. Not really digging the costume to be honest but, hay, it's just a picture. I don't know how it's gonna look like in the movie but would you have preferred the long trench coat which would give him a more modern look than rather than the classic cape? Now if the movie lives up to the look it's going to be epic.

Here's my other problem. I love Cumberbatch, he's possibly the best actor of our generation, but that's the thing, he still looks too much like the Cumberbatch who played Khan in Star Trek. Those images are still stuck in my head. Hope he does not ruin Dr. Strange like he did with Star Trek. But I don't think it was his performance that was the issue in Star Trek. He was the wrong choice to plat the character as well. It was like Charlie Chan being played by American Actors. I think it was how JJ Abrams wrote his character. Star Trek fucked themselves over when they tried to be Star Wars.

I'll reserve judgement till I see him act in the Dr. Strange movie, till then all I can say is - not yet  impressed.

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