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Stanley: New Products with the Power Of Innovation

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I grew up using my father's handheld tools. They were not the ordinary tools which can be easily bought from the local neighborhood hardware stores. I'm proud to say that most of them were of quality brands. I remember that we had a complete set at home composed of several pieces of tools some of which were previously unknown to me.

Thus when I finally had the need to complete my own set of tools, I always make it a point to buy only the quality brands. Stanley was the better choice for me because of the following reasons:
1. The colors yellow and black looked really good. 
2. The design was extra cool compared to the others I've seen at leading hardware shelves.
3. The price is reasonable since they really do last for years.

Needless to say, my first set of tools were mostly from Stanley. The other brands that I have were either gifts or freebies I get from different sources. I've always appreciated the quality brands since the cheap ones can only be useful after a few months of continuous usage while my Stanley tools have been with me since 2003.

Thus, whenever some of my tools get lost because my relatives forget to return them, I always come back to the hardware stores to buy a Stanley.

Below is their official press release:

Stanley Black & Decker, the world-leading provider of tools and storage, commercial electronic security and engineered fastening systems, recently launched new product catalogues under its hand, power and mechanical tools, and storage solutions at the Prism Plaza, Two E-Com Building, Mall of Asia Pasay City on November 25, 2015.

According to Anthony Allarey, Commercial Director of Black and Decker Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., these new product lines highlight the brand’s new direction, anchoring its innovations towards ‘Performance in Action.’

“Stanley Black & Decker pounds its century-long commitment to excellence by producing some of the most well-known hand tools and storage products in the world. As a trusted name in the industrial, construction and automotive industry, Stanley helps professionals build, repair and protect the most valuable objects,” Allarey said.

The launch comes on the heels of Stanley Black & Decker’s new product logo, which is grounded in the company’s rich 170-year reputation for innovation, performance and quality. Now that another benchmark is reached, Allarey said that the company will be “more able to carry on what it started and introduce better and more business opportunities for the company.

White Series Tough Case Tapes

Made with a sleek, triangular design, the new White Series Tough Case Tape boasts an improved stability and extra durability with its nylon coating feature. It provides users with a comfortable anti-slip hold material with matching easy-to-lock capability allowed by its ergonomic design slider.

The tough Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene(ABS) casing passed four major tests to ensure optimum quality and usability. For the drop test, the White Series Tough Case Tape passed the drops from ten different locations; its Airlock Technology even survived the drop from a height of nine meters.

What’s more, the new tape technology undergone and passed the solvent test, which immerses the material in a variety of oils and acids. It also went through the lifecycle and standout tests where the tape went through repeated cycling tests with a spring and blade tape rule, and used the distance extended as a measure of effectiveness.

With the new White Series Tough Case Tape, users are expected to enjoy measuring for up to 1.8 meters, experience better readability and increased versatility due to its double end hook design, and higher accessibility with its 45-degree clip.

Snap-off Knife

Stanley knives are ergonomically designed to maximize performance for professionals while bearing safety in mind for their added ease of mind. With the new Snap-off Knife, Stanley ensures that this new hand tool boasts torsional resistance, blade opening force and cap removal force to meet high-quality performance. To make this possible, the new Snap-off Knife has gone through rigorous tests including drop, solvent and compressions tests.

What sets this new knife apart from other brands is its rigid stainless steel barrel feature which provides smooth action and corrosion resistance, and its unique ergonomic thumb pad which enables firm and comfort holding position. What’s more, it also has a neck down design, which ensure the user of excellent grip control and ultimate cutting performance.

Laser Distance Measuring tools

This year, Stanley is launching three different laser distance measuring tools that highlight increased accuracy and functionality. The Laser Distance Measuring TLM99 has a range of 30 meters, with accuracy ranging from +/-2mm. It has a continuous measurement function that finds distance from a target quickly and easily.

On the other hand, the Laser Distance Measuring TLM165 has a range of 50 meters, with accuracy of +/-1.5mm. It measure distances even when point A and/or point B is not acceptable for linear measurement and stores up to the last five measurements taken by the user. With its backlit, two-line display, the unit can provide visibility in all working conditions. Its robust design technology allows the device to be water and debris resistant.

Lastly, the new Laser Distance Measuring TLM330 has a range of up to 100 meters, with accuracy of +/-1mm. It is built with an inclinometer, which may be used as a digital level, calculate indirect height values or indirect horizontal distance. Compared with the TLM165, the TLM330 has a large backlit with three-line display, and can store the last twenty measurements taken by the user. Same with the TLM165, it has a Pythagoras indirect height solution, multifunction end piece that delivers versatility and accuracy of measurements, and has an over-molded housing and IP 54 water/debris resistance.

Power tools

Aside from the new set of hand tools, Stanley also launched its state-of-the-art power tools: Cordless Drill Driver, Chipping Hammer and Impact Drill.

The 10.8V Li-Ion Cordless Drill Driver has a two-speed transmission for optimal speed and torque control, and runs on a high-performance 0-400/1500 RPM for faster drilling. Powered by a 1.5 Ah Li-Ion battery, the new Cordless Drill Driver offers no self-discharge to maintain maximum productivity and lessen downtime. It is made with a very compact design for better control and easy handling, and built with LED light to provide visibility in dark areas. This new technology is best used for screw driving and wood or metal drilling.

In addition, Stanley also introduced its new 5KG 17mm 1010W Chipping Hammer that has a 1010W Powerful motor which delivers outstanding chipping and chiseling performance, and a specialized anti-vibration system for low vibration and more comfort. With its slim line design, coated back handle with additional side handle and built-in HEX 17mm chuck, users are guaranteed to experience easy control and better access to confined spaces. The new Chipping Hammer best applies to tile and concrete surface chipping, light to moderate concrete demolition and concrete and bricks chiseling.

Stanley also introduced a 720W 13mm Impact Drill which runs on a durable powerful 720W motor for excellent performance and long durability. It has a 120-hour loaded life, a forward/reverse control, additional side handle for easy two-hand operation and a mode selector switch for drilling and impact drilling options. This new technology is best used for iron plate drilling, screw driving, window installation, tile and wood drilling which can go up to 35mm.

Storage solution

Stanley’s new Click and Connect toolbox complements its wide range of best-in-class tools. The Click and Connect storage solution allows one-hand latch operation for easy accessibility, allowing the user to open the toolbox from both sides. It has removable dividers for customizable storage solutions, making one storage structure easy to be connected to another storage unit for maximum modularity and flexibility.

For automotive tools, Stanley also developed a 19-inch metal toolbox that has a long handle, one-hand operation system, auto-sliding drawer and central locking feature. The one-hand operation gives professionals an extra hand in accomplishing their projects anytime, anywhere.

Quality that exceeds the standards

Since its joint venture with Black & Decker in 2010, Stanley—now named as Stanley Black & Decker—pursues to build a legacy by producing some of the most well-known hand tools and storage products in the world. These products are recognized for exceeding government and industry standards such as ASME/ANSI, ISO and DIN.

Allarey concluded, “The launch of our new products continues to show that Stanley is the market leader in the tool industry, providing professionals with high-quality products to complement their work—and there’s more to come for every Filipino. No matter how big or small your construction project is, there is always a Stanley product waiting in store for you.”

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