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FrontLearners BlendEd Box Deployment at 2 IP Schools in Barangay Maruglo of Capas, Tarlac

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For the past 8 years, the performance of Philippine students on the National Achievement Test was below the national target of 75 mean score. The High School students' performance remained at around 50%.

This is why FrontLearners, an e-learning content developer and solution provider, promotes the use of BlendEd Mastery Learning Method in the country to help teachers improve the student competency. They cover Math, Science, English Grammar and other K-12 subjects.

Below are some photos during their deployment at two (2) Indigenous People (IP) schools located in Barangay Maruglo of Capas Tarlac.

Site 1
(Sitio Flora, Barangay Maruglo, Capas, Tarlac) 

They are off-grid, off-cell-site, speak 5 languages, 90 minutes away from nearest barangay by fastest mode of transport, many aspire to be a teacher, nurse and engineer someday. The 77 students of Sitio Flora Elementary School and their three teachers are not far behind from the rest with their use of leading edge technologies in classroom. They are equipped with solar power and lighting, Samsung tablets and laptop computers, and FrontLearners' BlendEd Box. FrontLearners' BlendEd Box contains WiFi router and a Web Server containing thousands of DepEd K12 aligned e-learning modules to help teachers implement Blended Mastery Learning Method in their classes.

Site 2
TEACHERS OF IP go BlendEd (Brgy. Maruglo, Capas, Tarlac)

The teachers of 284 Indigenous People students at Maruglo Elementary School are blessed with On-Grid electric power (but not with Cell Site signal), desktop computers from DepEd, tablets and computers from Samsung, and now, with FrontLearners' BlendEd Box (courtesy of Samsung and FrontLearners' BlendEd Box contains a WiFi router and a Server with thousands of DepEd K12 aligned e-learning materials. The box will enable the teachers to implement Blended Mastery Learning Method (a proven effective group instruction method augmented with technology). (They also have an "open school"; classrooms without walls.)

Partnering with FrontLearners in the deployment are Samsung (provided the tablets), FIT-ED Foundation (provided the servers and wifi), the Global Peace Foundation (the community workers who take care of the wholistic needs of the community), DepEd (though the Principal), the parish priest, and the Mayor (who provided our 4X4 jeep transport to Sitio Flora where the IP community and school is).

FrontLearners believes that technology makes quality education accessible to all. With the ready-to-use and cost-effective learning solution BlendEd, teachers would have more time for coaching, students will become more engaged learners and take ownership of their learning progress.

BlendEd Mastery Learning Method is the same as the proven effective group instruction called Mastery Learning Method that was developed by Benjamin Bloom. They just augmented or blended the method with e-Learning Technologies to help the teachers sustain its implementation.

The BlendEd solution allows discussion of prior understanding of new topics, provides factual knowledge and conceptual frameworks, and enables learners to track their own performance.

The content of the the BlenEd solution is aligned with the DepEd K-12, equipped with assessment tool, upgraded continuously and accessible with or without the Internet. FrontLearners offers support in the installation and set-up, teacher training, and will provide Helpdesk and quick response team support as well.

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