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Vic Sotto, Ai Ai De Las Alas and Aldub for My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More as 2015 MMFF Entry

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No less than Jose Javier Reyes or Direk Joey, the director of My Bebe Love (#KiligPaMore) has total admiration for the phenomenal "accidental love team"of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, known more as Yaya Dub, as mentioned on one of his posts in his blog titled "Choking on my Adobo."

On one blog entry, he states that Alden is "not just a pretty face. He sells" and enumerates that the kid has the looks, knows his camera, well-mannered and has the talent. He further questions why it took an "accident" to reveal those qualities to the world.

Similarly to Alden, the Massacre Movie Queen dub-smashing yaya also rise to fame because of the same accident. This situation would make you think that it's probably the new yet uncanny match, coupled with the crazy existence of the familiar Dabarkads, that has made the couple a real stand-out to an otherwise somewhat traditional noontime entertainment.

"Her rise to fame is accidental and she seems to be having fun. Her addition toEat Bulaga's roster of Kabarkads is a case of absolutely perfect timing. When she assumed the character of Yaya Dub, much harassed caregiver to Wally Bayola's hilarious Lola Nidora, that whole gang with Jose Manalo and master chameleon Paolo Ballesteros raiding the baranggays of Manila exploded with a new adrenaline overload.

Yaya Dub and Lola Nidora were enough to generate fresh interest in the 36 year old noontime show but the inclusion of Alden and Yaya Dub's lampungan andkiligan literally brought the house down ... and the ratings flying off the roof. Just at the time when people thought Eat Bulaga was already showing wear and tear and audience fatigue .... WHAPPAK! Suddenly the planet reversed its somewhat predictable orbit and nobody was prepared for the phenomenon that has become of Aldub."

If the record-breaking millions of tweets and re-tweets in Twitter, the proliferation of their advertisements and commercials, and the full-to-the-rim Philippine Arena still has not convinced you that the tandem is a true social phenomenon, then you must still be blinded by the love for another love team, or network, perhaps.

Alden has personally said that he is striking while the iron is hot. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of their popularity. It is only proper to make the most of what the opportunities have to offer, and thus the new house he is almost done building for his family is a testament of the Aldub success. I'm sure Main also has equally been rewarded with similar blessings to buy or build her own dreams.

Given the huge popularity of the love team, there is no denying that Octo Arts Films entry to the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival, My Bebe Love, would be a sure blockbuster hit. The fans still can't get enough of "Aldub." Needless to say, the presence of comedy giants Vic Sotto and Ai Ai De Las Alas is a big bonus. Plus the participation of the Dabarkads like Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Ryzza Mae Dizon, Paolo Ballesteros, and other celebrities makes the movie more interesting. After all, the magic of Aldub started off within the Juan for All segment of Eat Bulaga thus it is only proper for the production to keep with the working formula.

It is very rare that a huge number of bloggers would gather for an event unless it's something worth covering for our blogs. It is such a shame that Maine was not there to complete the main casts. It would have been extra awesome if we had the opportunity to photograph the two together. Since I haven't seen Maine in person yet, unlike the three other stars whom I have seen from previous press cons, I would cherish another chance to meet her, and hopefully I get invited to an event featuring her.

I am not really a showbiz person but I appreciate every encounter with celebrities and take photos with them if possible. So it is with great pleasure when celebrities take time to pose with you for a photo ops or a selfie. This time, I leveled up by doing video selfies with the casts. 

Video Selfie with Alden Richards at the My Bebe Love Blogcon

Video Selfie with Vic Sotto at the My Bebe Love Blogcon

Alden Richards and Direk Joey Reyes My Bebe Love Blogcon Interview Part 1

Alden Richards and Direk Joey Reyes My Bebe Love Blogcon Interview Part 2

Vic Sotto and Ai Ai De Las Alas My Bebe Love Blogcon Interview Part 1

Vic Sotto and Ai Ai De Las Alas My Bebe Love Blogcon Interview Part 1

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Below is the official press release of the movie:

What happens when the country’s comedy giants - the undisputed Philippine box-office king of comedy Vic Sotto and box-office queen Ai-Ai delas Alas, join forces with the newest record-breaking, phenomenal loveteam Aldub in one groundbreaking movie during the holiday season?

No doubt, “My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More!,” starring Vic Sotto, Ai-Ai Delas Alas and the phenomenal loveteam Aldub of Alden Richards and Maine “Yayadub” Mendoza, is going to make a killing at the box-office and set higher heights in the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) History.

Expect waves of high-spirited excitement, heartwarming romance, wholesome fun, and excellent Filipino values, to take the holiday season’s finest film festival by storm. Vic and Ai-Ai spearhead the fun topsy-turvy of characters as they are featured side by side Alden and Maine in the movie written by Jose Javier Reyes and Bibeth Orteza and directed by Jose Javier Reyes.

This early, festival observers are already predicting a surefire box-office reign for “My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More!” which is jointly-offered by OctoArts Films, M-Zet Television Productions, Inc., APT Entertainment, GMA Films and Meda Production. While the country is being swept away by the record-breaking loveteam of Alden Richards and Maine “Yayadub” Mendoza, MMFF is poised to be another territory for conquest by the Aldub phenomenon. This is the duo’s most exciting film debut.

“My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More!” also features Joey de Leon, the “Eat Bulaga” lolas Paolo Ballesteros, Jose Manalo, and Wally Bayola, and Ryzza Mae Dizon, in special appearances.

Vic Sotto plays the role of Vito who finds himself at odds and in a bitter professional rivalry with Cora, played by Ai-Ai. The two are both in the business of mounting special events and productions and have both made a successful name in the same profession. The conflict happens when their respective wards – Anna (played by Maine) daughter of Vito, gets romantically entangled with Cora’s beloved nephew Dondi (played by Alden). As expected, the “parents” actively reject the budding romantic involvement between the star-crossed lovers and willingly struck an unexpected truce to prevent this romance from happening.

The plot thickens when the unexpected alliance of the Vito and Cora starts blooming into something else. Now, it’s the turn of the youngsters to feel disconcerted with the idea of having their folks enter into a different relationship zone. Now it was the turn of Dondi and Anna to react to the situation. They did not like the idea of his auntie and her father falling in love with each other. Now it was the younger generation vehemently reacting to this new romance.

So where will all this end? What are the possible solutions and resolutions to bring closure and new beginnings to these young, exciting lovers? Catch the excitement, the love, the fun and romance when “My Bebe Love: Kilig Pa More!” starts showing on Christmas Day at the MMFF.

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