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Mr. and Ms. Great Bodies 2015 Candidates of Slimmers World Visit Vigattin of Radyo Inquirer

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Your Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas (National Blog of the Philippines), Wazzup Pilipinas, was invited to become an official media partner of the Mr. and Ms. Great Bodies of Slimmers World (Asia’s leader in slimming, health, fitness and beauty) several weeks ago so  as an added support for the event, I invited them to guests in the Vigattin Radio of Radyo Inquirer DZIQ 990 AM where I co-anchor with Elison "Vigattin" Barcelo and the Cheerleader of the Startup Community, Professor Arne Barcelo.

Since there is very little room at our radio booth to fit all 32 candidates, we only were able to allow six candidates to guest, along with some of the people from Slimmers' World responsible in managing the event and the candidates themselves.

I asked them to be there as early as 9:30 am so we could do some briefing and photo/video profiling of the candidates. I could use the photo and videos as a promotional material to get the interest of my readers about the event which will be happening six weeks from now.

Within those six weeks, the candidates would have plenty of time (if matched with discipline and determination) to be as fit and fab as possible in time for the two separate pre-judging and grand finale this November.

At the radio guesting, we asked the candidates as well as Slimmers' World Training Manager Robert Baranda, a bunch of questions pertaining to the physique pageant, and about the personal routines and thoughts of the candidates related to being in the best and admirable body form. The one-hour time slot of Vigattin radio was simply not enough as there were plenty of inquiries I wanted to throw at the candidates.

Our guest candidates were Shara Clemente, Pepper Gutierrez, Clarissa Calingasan, Junjie Presillas, Rheine Canlas, and Paul Pangilinan (the only hunk among the babes that day).

The topic of fitness and health is now seemingly very important for many, just as proper diet and right eating habits, regular exercise and gym routines, from as simple as brisk walking to running in fun runs, or even marathons, and whatsoever, are now very interesting discussions within the health and body conscious communities.

A good number of both young and old individuals are now concerned and conscious with their health and physique, and many aim to look the best they can be. One effective way to motivate oneself is to work-out at a gym so you can be among like-minded individuals who are all seeking to be in their best form and health.

You'll get to listen and watch the episode soon as the videos at the radio booth are recorded and eventually uploaded within a few days for everyone to see.

Incidentally, it was my first time to be all alone as the anchor for the radio show that morning because I co-anchor called in absent for the day, so I was a bit having difficulty of whether wanting to listen to the answers of our guests or to think of the next questions I would like to ask. Lol!

The job of the radio anchor is really difficult as you have to think fast to keep the discussion going non-stop since "dead air" is not really nice for a radio show. You have to be fit in mind to be able to keep engaging both your guests and listeners.

This prompted me to mention that our candidates are equally gifted in both physique and brain power. They were all really good in sharing their thoughts and ideas even though they came from different fields. Thus, both brains and body are kept fit and healthy.

I'm looking forward to guesting more of the candidates so we would like to do this discussion again with a new batch one of these Saturdays.

You can check out the official Facebook fan page of Slimmers' World to see the Japanese-themed album where the candidates dress up wearing Japanese-inspired outfits.

"You can have a hand at determining the fate of each candidate as they forge their way to the title of Mr. & Ms. Great Bodies 2015. Vote / Like your candidate of choice. The Great Bodies candidate with the most number of likes on his/her photo will win PhP 20,000 worth of CASH and GIFT CERTIFICATES. The winner will be named as “Internet’s Most Popular” and will be awarded during the Grand Finals on November 21, 2015- 7PM at the RESORTS WORLD THEATER."
You can see more photos from the Vigattin Radio of Radyo Inquirer radio guesting at the official Facebook fan page of Wazzup Pilipinas:

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