Sunday, October 25, 2015

Battle of the Blogs: Breaking the Booboo Barriers or Becoming Boastful Blunders

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"This is why we left them... though they keep saying they kicked us out...hehehe...Well, everyone should know that they are just after the views and are not really concerned about the welfare of their readers. They are wasting their influence by dumbing the masses and feeding us with ludicrous content. It's all about the views, hits, impressions, etc. for them." - Ross Del Rosario (reacting to status post on Facebook)

Yes, some of the editorial team of Wazzup Pilipinas were once connected with When In Manila as correspondents/writers/contributors/etc. Through the leadership of our founder, Ross Del Rosario, we decided to eventually leave the so called "metro guide" because it is not functioning in the role that it blatantly advertises.

As online influencers, we have the responsibility to make sure we are sharing substantial content regardless if it's a trending or viral topic. We don't publish articles that aim to "chase pageviews" and only push stories we deem are within the boundaries of self-respect and appropriateness.

Though there's a lot that we have to thank When In Manila for. They took us in when we were still newbies in the blogging community, and were only sharing personal thoughts with our personal blogs. It is through them that we got known by other PRs, event organizers, brands and companies. We are grateful that through them we consequently met people who eventually became our partners and supporters who encouraged us to setup our own community blog.

It was three years ago that we were called When In Manila's finest story tellers. The photo below was for a special photo shoot where only a few selected writers of When In Manila were invited.

We have to sincerely thank the Editor-in-Chief, Vince Golangco, for having us, and letting us go, though not in the best of ways, for we learned from the experience and now know that it is not all about the page views. It is about making, and keeping, a firm stand on what we believe is the most beneficial content for our mankind. 

We should be sharing ideas and inspirations, not demoralizing the minds of our people. We should be praising or commending our outstanding countrymen, and not taking advantage of the disadvantages of some people. We should be highlighting success stories, and not spreading sensationally exaggerated click-baits. We should be prioritizing on articles that uplifts the positive views on our country, and encourages the people to get involved in taking it further up.

However, when there are situations where we feel abused, ignored or trampled upon. We will not think twice in helping out the underdogs. We can help out in raising issues against offenders who are obviously biased and puppets of evil entities.

We may not be doing what traditional blogs are doing. We are proud that we are breaking the booboo barriers and going beyond the norm, but resisting also to become boastful blunders. We believe that this will attract like-minded individuals and eventually also get the attention of the others to change their ways by reading better stories that will motivate them to do better.

Though celebrity news have never failed to attract readers, we still strive to provide various stories to balance our offering. We will never resort to sharing senseless news that is only aimed to gather hits only for our readers to end up reading garbage. We will always pursue content that we personally believe to be newsworthy enough to share.

We have constantly reaped the rewards of our efforts and have been thankful for the never-ending daily blessings coming our way. We may not be as big as the other online publications that publishes tabloid-like news, but we are proud to be among those that produces quality content for the more intellectually-inclined readers who wants to make a big impact towards improving our society..

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