Thursday, June 18, 2015

Walang Unlimited Dahil Walang Forever: When FUP Means F*ck U People


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Let us not be deceived.

The Fair Usage Policy was created mainly because the telcos could not effectively deliver an "unlimited" Internet access with acceptable speeds "as advertised".

Let us say in our neighborhood, if majority of us use the Internet to watch online streaming videos on a daily basis (the near future as predicted), or download huge files from the cloud (or torrent sites :) ) every time there's something newly added (worst case scenario), it should not affect the connection of some who only use the Internet to check their email or social media accounts (they don't really need a fast Internet as compared to those accessing videos).... Why then would the telcos degrade everyone's speed to a crawl just to satisfy a non-existent few?

The truth: The telcos' infrastructure could not handle the over-subscription. Too many users on the same system that was built for less. Improving the infrastructure is costly, so they resort to degrading the quality of our Internet instead.

If I wanted my customers to be happy and satisfied, I would instead improve my infrastructure to be able to provide for the demand. But the telcos do not want to lose profit so being businessmen, they cheat their way out of this predicament. They would only need to use a lesser amount of money to influence (or bribe) those in authority like the NTC (It is quite bothering that this agency is only able to create policies beneficial to the telcos). Ask the NTC to help them make up a policy they eventually called FUP (which actually means "Fuck U People") so they can get away easily with this scam.

As a friend has mentioned, "It seems that PLDT is holding the right of the Filipinos for a faster internet to earn more. Monopoly. Our fastest internet is my free internet in the US. Seriously!"

The recent studies shows that we are dragging among the lowest in terms of Internet connection speed (at a cost that is already equivalent to the fastest). This is a proven fact from some friends whose job involved traveling around the world. I grieve every time they will return to the Philippines telling stories of how they were able to download almost everything in minutes, while it takes forever here in our country to download the same.

The telcos continue to portray a good image by sponsoring all of these CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities. But no matter how many foundations, public service programs, or NGO activities they support, it is unbearable to realize that the funds used in those came from our subscription fees. We paid for a promised service that we never really got, but we were asked to pay the same amount.

If the telcos insist on their FUP, there should also be a counterpart beneficial to the users - like the amount payable to the telcos will correspondingly decrease every down time due to maintenance, system errors or any kind of interruption coming from the telcos. It should be automatically implemented just like the FUP.

But we all know that would never happen because the telcos have all the resources to pay for smart and cunning lawyers to steer them away from liabilities. Bend or go around the law where possible.

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