Thursday, June 18, 2015

Behind a Veil of Anonymity and Cloaked by Cyberspace

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are so troubled with the current discussion ongoing at this particular blog post. It saddens us so much that a lot of people would not even have the decency to reveal themselves when declaring damaging statements, and continue to hide in anonymity. But who knows, maybe its actually just one person who was really pissed with us.

"Mixed emotions kasi natatawa lang kami dahil puro Anonymous ang mga nag-uusap ... hahaha!"

What was really troubling was this latter one introduced him or ...her self as a PR. The PR company may now be regretting having him or her. Such a disappointing character. We all know how PRs should behave, and what he or she posted was very unlikely of a respectable PR.

He attacked the event organizer, as well as the owner of the publication, and even the entire Wazzup community? To generalize everyone belonging to the community is not something we will tolerate. We dare him or her to reveal himself so we could soon find out who are left standing with a clear conscience.
Does a respectable PR person talk like this? If this person is impersonating a PR, please beware as he or she sounds not befitting of the industry he or she currently belongs in.  

"A good friend of mine sent me this link.

I work for a humble little PR firm and i must say that this thread is quite entertaining. I have to say though that there's a lot of truth to the issues raised here.

We've actually tagged ______ as a scammer and consequently banned him from any of our events/lists. The same goes to members of ______ and _______- who we noticed would always gatecrash and force himself into events. (We also haven't forgotten about that whole ______ thing where there were questions about where the sponsorship went)

I really really want to identify myself but since i cannot disclose my company (which would undoubtedly also reveal our clients) All i have to say is that i wish these idiots (_____ and ______ and their accomplices), would get the message and quit pestering everyone with their lousy events and antics.

Its getting tiring yo!

So in conclusion, Fuck off bitches! Nobody is really jealous of a scammer like you with a bogus IT company and a sponsorship sealing blog! We're just friggin' annoyed that people like you exist!"

We previously allowed people to post comments in our blog using an Anonymous account. But that was meant for those who are just too shy, or afraid, to reveal their true identities.

Someone we highly respect has told us that we should not validate any opinions given by people using Anonymous accounts. Reacting to it is senseless. They are better off just being ignored and deleted.

We disagreed. We believe everyone deserves to voice out his or her opinion however method he or she shares it.

However, we realized everything can be orchestrated especially if there's a malicious agenda. We have a big problem if the intention was meant to malign instead of exposing the truth.

People who could not courageously identify themselves, and be personally held liable for their statements, have their own personal problems they need to solve. They also need all the understanding we can give them. We cannot shut them down just because we only prefer to hear what we like.

But the community has spoken. It is time to change the situation before things go too far.

A fellow blogger requested us to remove all the Anonymous entries and change the blog settings to only allow registered users to comment. We are hoping all the Anonymous posers would man up, identify themselves, and re-post what they previously said.

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