Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Social Media Masquerade: We Are Not What We Seem Online

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Should access to social media come with a moral responsibility?

But then again, not. I'm afraid that social media has evolved beyond being social. It has become another form of entertainment. There is very little truth or sincerity on what we see or read online.
The whole world does not need to know our personal problems. Our online friends will not want to read about our failures. Our deep dark secrets should remain hidden from the scrutiny of the online bullies who are mostly pretentious little bastards with wieners the size of a cocktail hotdog. They try to make up for their insecurities by being a bully online.

Some would use an alter ego that will be comfortable in cracking jokes, or portray a character that defies ethics and decency - trying to achieve some naughtiness in between the wild antics, trying to impose a reputation they fabricated to catch some attention.

It's all about role-playing. Since we would not really express or show our real personality especially if we are part of the industries where public perception is key to our success. An artist that's more controversial and seemingly profound and highly iconoclastic gets more attention from an intrigued audience.

Everyone should be aware that majority of us would post only the "good" stuff online, and filter out the less pleasing. We try to project an image that we are very approachable and someone that you can count on every time.
Who would dare post a less flattering profile picture? Of course we would always want people to see our best. Confidence is crucial. Maintaining a low profile just won't seal the deal. Though some people would see us as arrogant and egoistic, it's mainly because they are jealous they cannot exceed us or become our equal.

There may be moments online when we read about people breaking down into depression or anger but that is very rare. A lot of us would prefer to hide our mess under the carpet, while people unknowingly trample all over it because they only see the colorful rug.

We get envious reading about another person's glorious life not realizing there might be worst moments in his lifetime that is kept secret from us.

Sadly, I guess what is left for us in the real world is all that dirt we've been sweeping under and away from us. We've accumulated so much dirt throughout the years that we already believe our lies are true.

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  1. Ingat kayo sa may-ari ng blog na ito. Huwag na huwag kayong papakuha ng picture kasama siya. Else, sasabihin niya na may partnership kayo (between his blog and your company).

    1. Excuse me. Please show proof of this accusation. Otherwise, you're just maligning the founder of this online publication.

      And please do not hide behind an Anonymous account. :)


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