Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top Food Trends for 2015

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Since it's the beginning of another year for us, I might as well re-post what I have learned about the possible upcoming food trends for 2015 and beyond which I learned from a famous chef from one of the events that I attended last year.

The chef says food trends are like fashion trends because they come and go and speak of the times. When not in current style, food appears dated, unappealing and not so fresh. A good example is the cronuts which are like the loom bands that turned out to be more like a fad, and the food trucks that never caught on in the country because of licensing issues.

Globalism with socialism is now in the rise. There is now the demand for global flavors but with local ingredients and a mix source of herbs and spices.

Comfort food is still king, but they are now elevated by adding new ingredients, like mac and cheese with lobsters, and burgers with artisinal cheese.

There is also the interest for food with a conscience emphasizing on the keywords: sustainable, local, organic, farm-raised, free-range, pro-biotic, artisinal, heirloom, fair trade, and grass-fed.

Less in now more. Minimalism is in, the purity of ingredients and dishes with very few but tasty ingredients so that the quality and flavor of each will shine through.

There is also the Nose-to-Tail dishes where restaurants use the whole animal including the offal, intestines, liver, tripe and cheaper, tougher cuts of meat that are braised for a long time.

Grazing menus are also trending where small plates, sharing plates, tapas, snacks, modern day dim sums, evolving and seasonal menus are highlighted.

More restaurants are also presenting their dishes the rustic and causal way. Food is presented with a look that is natural, on the plate, and where some are even presented on wooden plate. An entry is placed like it fell effortlessly on the center of the plate -natural plating, and edible garnishes like fresh herbs are sprinkled effortlessly.

Individualized and interactive restaurants are also trending like the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) dishes where you pick your own toppings or ingredients. Examples are the make your own pizza, burger, pancakes, or ice cream.

There are also now more vegetarian offerings that are healthier, a focus on superfoods, whole ancient grains are up and coming favorites like spelt, amaranth, buckwheat, millet and quinoa. Plant-based sources of proteins and a reduction in foods with trans-fat and salt.

For the more adventurous, there are the emerging science fiction foods using new kitchen equipment, tools and food preparations like the use of sous vide machine, rotary evaporator, liquid nitrogen, low temperature ovens, and foam. 

Modern day beverages are also trending like juices, retro cocktails, craft beers, homemade brews, employing a mixologist.

There are also several collaborations with big hotels and almighty popular celebrity status chefs. Filipino chefs from Michelin star restaurants coming back home for pop-up events.

Breakfast meals are still in demand but on the healthier side. So the All-Day Breakfast restaurants may try offering healthier alternatives as part of their menu.

Eco stores are popping up selling healthy foods as opposed to highly processed food in convenience stores.

Diet delivery is intended for those who wants to lose weight but do not have time to prepare healthy meals, and for those that do not want to deprive themselves.

Third wave coffee has been in for quite some time already. This is the movement to produce high quality coffee and consider coffee as an artisinal food stuff like wine, rather than a commodity.

These are just some of the already existing and soon to be the next trend, or fad depending on how the consumers will accept them, when it comes to restaurant dining. I'm really so excited with the new year since we are expecting a lot more international influence especially with the ASEAN integration very near.

What is undeniable is the fact that the country will continue to see more restaurateurs bringing in more interesting or unique concepts whether they may be franchises from successful international brands, local or heirloom delicacies reintroduced with a twist, or totally something new out from their creative and adventurous minds.

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