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Modern Shanghai: A Festive Noodle Dining Experience for the Family

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Since we Pinoys are heavily influenced by Chinese food that can be found almost everywhere, it can be considered as among the more familiar comfort food of even the Filipinos all over the country. So whenever we want to be sure we will get contented with our meals at a time when we are really hungry, we would always go to where all the things we love for a hearty lunch or a sumptuous dinner can be found.

Chinese food never fails to please as most of us practically grew up dining on dishes with Chinese origin. Thus, our dining experience at Modern Shanghai was intentional as we want to be satisfied with our choices. Their Glorietta 2 branch was shared with the Bulgogi Brothers brand but we were not really in the mood for Korean or Shabu-shabu meals that day.

What we got was plenty of noodles to share among the family that day. It was actually pure coincidence everyone ordered for a noodle-based dish so we are called this day a Festive Noodle Dining Experience for the Family. But we were really there to celebrate in advance the birthday of one of our kids who's natal day is on January 6.

So from crispy to soupy, we delighted ourselves with some culinary masterpieces at Modern Shanghai that are truly heavenly gastronomical treats.

Since they are sharing the place with another restaurant brand, I couldn't really tell if the place is huge enough for both fans of the two different dishes - Korean and Chinese. Though I've seen quite a number of restaurants that have been doing the same strategy of combining different brands under one roof.

It is an advantage to the consuming public because we can brag we ate at two different restaurants in just one venue aside from the many choices we have for our meals. Imagine eating two sets of dishes from two different Asian countries.

My second child will be turning 15 this January 6 but that's already back-to-school time so we planned to celebrate it the weekend before the first day of school. This is so special since we've eaten at three restaurants that day aside from the other activities that we had during that Sunday of January 4, and Modern Shanghai restaurant was the first on the list directly after coming from church.

As usual, photo ops at the restaurant while waiting for our food. We don't leave home without a camera, or at least our smartphones so we could always take memorable photos of our experiences. I'm the only blogger in the house but I'm hoping to influence my kids someday.

We were not wrong to choose Modern Shanghai that day as we happily splurged on every bit and drop of our flavorful noodle-based dishes. Slurping on the soup-based noodles was forgivable, and the crisps of those yellow noodles was invigorating as well.

Signature Fried Shanghai Noodles (Php 288)

The first dish to arrive was their Signature Fried Shanghai Noodles that was surprisingly unappealing based from its looks. There were very few vegetables and not even some decorative edible component to make it more appetizing. However, the taste was satisfying enough but still I would advise the restaurant to dress up this dish to make it more "Instagrammable."

 Crispy Yellow Noodles with Seafood (Php 398)

Next to set foot on our table was the Crispy Yellow Noodles with Seafood. The waiter offered to mix it for us but I insisted I would do the mixing myself. I just want to fully immerse myself in the dining experience.

This noodle dish was in a huge plate for a serving that's probably good enough for three to four people depending on who's eating. Loved how the crispy noodles crackled when eaten so I would advise not to thoroughly soak the noodles to retain its crispiness while you munch away on every mouthful of flavors.

Noodles with Double-Boiled Chicken Soup (Php 178)
A few minutes after came the Noodles with Double-Boiled Chicken Soup. The menu provides an option for you to order the Double-boiled Chicken Soup on its own without the noodles but of course its not that filling without the noodles to pack a heavier lunch for you. Mix the two for an enticing flavor almost similar to our "tinola" since its actually chicken broth without the papaya.

Soup Noodles with Braised Beef in Brown Sauce (Php 348)
They served the best for last. The Soup Noodles with Braised Beef in Brown Sauce came in while we we about to mix the Noodles with Double-boiled Chicken Soup, so I had to stop it for a while to take photos first of this amazing dish.

It was everything you would love in an almost complete meal that contains tasty and tender braised beef, vegetables and of course the noodles. You'll love sipping on the soup especially while its still hot. It's the best dish served to us that day.

Overall, the dining experience at Modern Shanghai deserves a loud applause for satisfying our hungry tummies. The many reasons to return overpower some of the minor flaws we found, and they have several other dishes that we aim to try on our next visits. We really didn't order too much since we plan to dine on two other restaurants that day so we're saving some space for more food.

Thank you Modern Shanghai for a festive noodle experience with the whole family. My wife and kids enjoyed the many varieties of noodle-based dishes served to us especially the one with the braised beef.

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  1. This article makes me hungry. I want to try those foods. All of it looks delicious.


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