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Airborne Technologies Tough Rock Power Bank: Definitely Tough and Highly Recommended

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Our 3 days and two nights weekend getaway at Infinity Resort in Puerto Galera had actually had a side project to test out a new product that recently launched in the market. Aside from enjoying the accommodation, food, pool, beach, and other attractions in and around the resort, we did some test on the Airborne Technologies Tough Rock Power Bank.

This water-proof, shock-proof, and dust-proof device is not like any other power bank I've seen and used. At first look, you'll be somewhat curious, or intimidated, by its distinctively unique and eye-catching appearance and will prompt you to take a closer look and feel.

True enough, it feels tough as a rock, and even as heavy enough to damage or hurt anything you throw this device at. The design is also impressive as it never fails to attract the attention of anybody who sees it.

I've brought it several times at many occassions and whenever I bring it out to recharge my almost zero and dying battery-powered gadget, the people around me will approach me and ask me about it. They'll be surprised to know its a power bank, and would be asking several questions already.

I've seen the the same unit immersed underwater in a fish bowl (for water-proof testing) and dropped to the floor (for shock-proof testing) by the Airborne Technologies guys during its product launch, and it was still working after that demonstration.

Our goal at Puerto Galera is to test it for ourselves. We wanted to try if it will still work after several exposure in  actual water from both chlorinated pool and salt-water beach. We were wondering if the Airborne Technologies guys did something to the fish bowl water to make the power bank last for several minutes. It was in the fish bowl when we arrived early at the launch and up until the start of the event - a surprising several minutes of waiting time seeing how the Tough Rock was able to remain immersed underwater.

The Airborne Technologies guys are really confident of their product. BTW, I loved their cool AVP of the product, everything about it from the song, to the video shoots were amazing.

Testing at Puerto Galera took two mornings and we did it before we started with all of our activities in and out of the resort from the food-tripping on their The Brae restaurant, sight-seeing, enjoying our zipline adventure, riding the water-taxi to go around the many beach fronts, exploring a new adventure park that the owners of Infinity Resort are currently building, eating fresh durian, and other tropical fruits picked fresh from their farm, relaxing in the Malasimbo Spa, etc.

The first morning was testing the Tough Rock in the pool. Yeah, we love dipping in the pool early morning before taking a warm shower. The water is relaxing and the amazing view at the resort surrounded by mountains and the beach was dreamlike. Infinity Resort has remarkable amenities that you'll never want to go back home.

So we dropped the power bank in the pool and let it stay under there for a few minutes while we enjoyed swimming on the pool. Of course we took some photos but only a few because we wouldn't want my camera to accidentally fall in the pool and get wet.

After the swim, we retrieved the power bank and let it dry up within the day.  We were a bit hesitant just drying it up with a cloth or towel and using it already on my smartphone since its either we fry up the Tough Rock or worst our smartphones may suddenly die on us.

So we left it for the day and opened it when we got back from all the activities. We used our less important smartphone that we use only to browse our emails and the Internet. Wow! Our smartphone was charging! Amazing!

Second morning was to try it out on the salty beach. I wanted to take it farther out to the beach but my wife kept saying it might get lost since the waves were strong that morning. So we just let it be swept by the waves on the sandy beach.

They say salt water is a lot more riskier to get into your gadgets so this second test on the Tough Rock would be something I was hesitant on doing since it may do something nasty on the power bank. But the testing should proceed as planned.

The Tough Rock power bank may be heavy, but the waves were too powerful that the power bank was rolling in every direction. We let the waves play with it for at least 15 minutes while we were also challenging the waters.

I kept on guard to prevent it from being dragged further away. My wife was so worried it might get lost because she thought I just borrowed it for testing purposes. I forgot to tell her it was already mine. But I did hoped Airborne Technologies would replace it if in case it stopped working after all these beating.

Again, after that more rigorous test, we left it in our room and spent the day going around Puerto Galera to enjoy the other attractions. When we returned to the resort, the first thing we did was to check out the power bank with the same smartphone we used a day before.

Do I still need to say it was a resounding success? Two thumbs up for the Airborne Technologies Tough Rock Power Bank as it was still working well after all that rigid testing that tested its water-proof and shock-proof features!

The Airborne Technologies Tough Rock Power Bank is highly recommended for travelers, beach bums, mountain climbers, and other adventurers who wants to have a durable gadget. I mentioned this to a fellow blogger who travels a lot too and he bought one for himself.

What are you waiting for? Buy one for yourself and your friends! Now!

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