Friday, January 9, 2015

MMDA Enforcers Wearing Adult Diapers: Practical or Dehumanizing?

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Whoever thought of the idea of forcing MMDA enforcers to wear adult diapers should try it himself at once, stay in the post under the sun and be ready to get strange looks from citizens all grinning with the thought.

They should have not divulge this stupid idea
to the public since the MMDA Officers would surely feel a bit shameful standing at their post. Where's the dignity in this? Why can't there be a change of guard? There's so many policemen doing nothing at the police stations so why can't they be assigned to do shifting instead?

The wearers will likely need to buy trousers or pants a size bigger. A condom catheter with a urine bag strapped to the leg would be a better option. They will still have to leave their post to change the diaper anyway. But I do agree it will lessen their absence from their post. But who in his right mind would want to endure something to emotionally stressful especially if it will be done by the individual for the very first time. Hahaha, I would be laughing if they underwent training for getting used to peeing in the adult diaper!

I bet the MMDA found implementing several portable toilets all over very expensive so they decided to humiliate their people instead. MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino defends that the adult diapers are "1. used by the Beijing police during d 2008 beijing olympics , 2. used by all NASA ausronauts during all space shuttle launches and reentry into earth atmosphere and 3.used by Buckingham Palace guards." But hey, you don't hear them announcing these facts all over the news.  

These MMDA enforcers are human beings, they need to have a bladder break. It is very humiliating and inhuman to oblige them to use diapers. There's actually nothing wrong with wearing diapers but it shouldn't have been publicized (and worn only by those incapable to hold their pee). Rizal monument guards probably don't wear adult diapers and so therefore their kidneys will be subject to some stress.

This is the most IDIOT plan i have ever heard in my entire existence.
The pope would surely not approve.

In the USA, w
hen there is road repair or construction, they provide portable toilets. The police and pilgrims could use this. The City of Manila should provide a plan for disposal after the event. The portable toilets could be used over and over. They could use these in parades with huge public gatherings. They could have reused them Use this when Pope Francis arrives on Jan. 15, 2015.
Take out the outrage and stick to the practical. This is what Tolentino gets for out-of-the-box thinking.

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