Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Piles of Garbage Left at Luneta After Papal Mass

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"Pope Francis' message of caring for the environment fell on deaf ears as mounds of garbage were left strewn all across Luneta following the record-breaking Mass." -

We all know cleanliness is next to Godliness but why is it that after every gathering, especially during the recent papal Visit, we would always leave a mess behind. Whenever there is an assembly of great proportion at the Luneta, mountains of trash will always be seen afterwards.

Irony indeed! An oxymoron indeed to those who risked life and limbs especially to those who were at the Concluding Papal Mass at the Luneta to personally witness Pope Francis, an environment advocate himself. To litter the area with all the trash shouting on myriad decibels their love for Lolo Kiko and their feeling being so blessed yet was an utter dismay to Mother Nature, not to mention that the Pope is a Mama Mary devotee even requesting the mammoth crowd to pray the Hail Mary.

How I wish their fervent admiration and adulation of Pope Francis had matched or equaled their patriotism and love for the environment. It is perplexing why some people can profess so much love for their leader yet go against the very values and principles their leader espouses? Dumbfounding? - an understatement!

Were there enough trash bins in strategic places provided by the MMDA or local government unit of Manila? If yes, do we blame the people; if no, do we blame the poor planning of the MMDA and LGU?

Everyone was utterly grateful for being so blessed by Pope Francis but all were oblivious of being the blessing to Mother Nature. Even a million pope's visit and procession at the feast of black Nazarene would be nothing if we don't change our attitude towards many things and our sense of judgement in different matters.

In my case, I keep in my pocket every small piece of trash like a candy wrapper or even a bus ticket, if it's bigger like a used water bottle or milk tea cups, I will hold them until I find a trash can where to dispose it. I don't even throw anything when I'm at the dirtiest part of Divisoria or Baclaran. I also have a garbage bag in my car so I won't have to send wrappers flying out of the car after eating a burger or sandwich. It's all about how you're brought up. It's all about discipline. It's all about common sense, and knowing the repercussions of our actions and its effect on our future, and its impact to next generation.

When we go up to the mountains, we make sure we bring down our trash with us. Its the least we can do to save our natural resources from getting infected by the trash that was not meant to be part of nature. Remember that plastics, styrofoams, and other non-biodegrable substances are hue threats to the environment.

It could have been a perfect and holy occasion if all of us were responsible enough to carry our own garbage back home with us or at least disposed of them properly. Help and support one another to make our environment clean and green. People are either lazy or plain ignorant to the environment. No discipline and definitely no cares at all and no human kindness to street cleaners . And to think, the pope has just spoken to them.

It all boils down to how we were brought up! This is about (the lack of) discipline and values taught to people by their parents while they were growing up. In the days when "ecology" and "environment" were not yet the concerns of the day, there were already parents, school officials and teachers advising their children and/or students to be tidy and orderly, throw the refuse in the waste can, pick up papers and other things seen scattered on the floor and in the grounds, and etc.

One of the failings of our society is basically keeping our surroundings clean and orderly. So we get to see parents with their kids in tow throwing out of the moving jeepney the styrofoam containers of their take-out food from their favorite fastfood joints. And other passengers who conveniently throw anything out of fast moving vehicles!

Cleanliness is a habit (ugali). How many smokers do we know who are 'yosi-pitik'? Many smokers by habit just throw away their cigarette butts anywhere, unconsciously. Same with garbage.

Has anyone forgotten our esteros and riverbanks conveniently converted into garbage receptacles by residents living along them. No amount of cleaning up will be successful unless the residents change their ways or they are all relocated somewhere else.

We clamor for intervention from other countries to help curve the effects of climate change. To care for the environment. When we ourselves can't even contribute in our own little way. We complain the most but we do nothing. Sad, sad fact of the state of our nation. Our culture.

At this point in time when we are experiencing typhoons, we should be aware that proper disposal of garbage can save us from floods. It's time to teach ourselves in the proper ways how to dispose our waste....if we can do that then the world will be a better place to live.

So much for our so called faith and its teachings. If only we could channel all our energy in electing the most qualified politicians, there would be no use for these gatherings. We would be very busy chasing our dreams.

The environment is most vulnerable to pressures of poverty and is exacerbated by corruption that tribes in a political system that allows dirty politics.

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