Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Free Jack Daniel's Burgers to Celebrate T.G.I.Friday’s 20th Anniversary

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The best thing about T.G.I.Friday’s Philippines’ 20th anniversary is that it’s so big, everybody is invited. Starting as your favorite go-to restaurant for after-office hangout and reunions, it has now evolved as your family-friendly, craving-solver restaurant.

As a big thanks to all the love and support for the last 20 years, T.G.I.Friday’s is giving away your favorite Jack Daniel’s burger - Expertly seasoned and fire-grilled to order, our juicy burger is glazed with Jack Daniel’s sauce and stacked with two strips of crispy bacon and American cheese on a toasted bun. Served with a side of Jack Daniel’s sauce, the classic fixings and crispy seasoned fries.

In turn, they just ask you to tell them the 20 things you love about T.G.I.Friday’s and the first nine people gets to win!

In my case, the top 20 things I like about T.G.I.Friday’s are:
1. Friday's Shrimp

2. Friendly waiters
3. Cool ambiance
4. Comfortable seats
5. Mocha Mudpie
6. eGift Card
7. Long Island Iced Tea
8. The bartenders
9. Jack Daniel's Burger
10. Friday's Tostada Nachos
11. Citrus Shrimp Summer Salad
12. Sizzlin Fajita
13. Ultimate Mojito
14. Texas Ribeye
15. Sizzling Chicken and Shrimp
16. Penne Brisket Bolognese
17. Caramel Cheesecake
18. Perfect Ten Smoothies and Fling
19. Ultimate Margarita
20. Party packages

Like T.G.I.Friday’s on Facebook as they spearhead this party today! Let’s kick-start this awesome online party with a bang! See you online!

Guidelines to Remember: (Follow these rules in order to qualify)

  • Just post 20 things that you love about T.G.I.Friday's and the first 10 people gets to win.
  • The contest will only run from today until tomorrow, December 11, the anniversary of TGIF.
  • I will pick the winners who made the correct entries and announce on December 15.
  • Every winner gets 1 Jack Daniel's burger. An entry can only win once.
  • All the entries will be entered here in the comments section of this blog, not on social media.

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  2. 1. Feel Good Music
    2. As for my family’s experience they have a friendly staff
    3. Wide varity/selection of food
    4. Discounts, Promos and Freebies
    5. Good Ambience
    6. Quality service
    7. Restaurant colors and designs are soothing
    8. Big servings, big savings
    9. Website updated
    10. This is a perfect place for a family to dine-in
    11. Clean restroom
    12 Greets birthday with freebies
    13 .Crispy, fresh salads like Citrus Shrimp Summer Salad
    14 .Al Dente Pasta dishes
    15. The sweetness of desserts are just right like the Mud Pie...yummy
    16. Cutie uniforms with pins and caps
    17. Awesome Holiday events being joined and celebrated
    18. Price just right for the bite
    19. Free wifi
    20. Great furnitures

  3.  Their chicken fingers
     So tasty Garlic Chicken Primavera
     Free WIFI
     Affordable Party Food Packages
     Nice staff uniforms with pins and caps
     Delicious food
     Their famous fish Tacos
     Oh so tempting desserts
     value for money
     Jack Daniel's Burger
     World-renowned bartenders
     Secured parking space
     Presentable and neat table setting
     Scrumptious servings
     Chicken Quesadilla
     Oreo Madness
     Accommodating staff
     Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
     Clean restroom
     Great furnitures

  4. • Free game viewing on their BIG LCD TV’s
    • The Darft beeeer
    • I can ask for more dipping w/out extra charge
    • Jack Daniel’s food line
    • TGIF Liempo
    • Good music selection
    • Chill Ambience
    • Relaxing Seat
    • Drink Selection
    • Friendly Staff
    • Fast Serving
    • Free WIFI
    • Hot Buffalo Wings
    • Talented Bartenders
    • The Annual Bartending competition
    • Tex-Mex Mac & Cheese
    • Freebies and Promo
    • Salad selection
    • Nachos
    • Seafood platter

  5. PHERLOUIE MOYA (twitter: pherlouiemoya)

    20 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT TGIF! :-) :-)

    1. Best place to go if you want a full meal
    2. A place to drink
    3. Comfort food
    4. Their burgers and ribs
    5. Must try is their Adobo
    6. Awesome place
    7. Good ambiance
    8. Yummy steaks
    9. Place to watch sports games
    10. Good music
    11. Updated websites
    12. A lot of branches
    13. Freebies
    14. Pasta dishes
    15. Desserts
    16. Friendly staffs
    17. Promos
    18. Big portion of food
    19. Good music
    20. Varieties of drinks

  6. i love about TGI Friday's
    1. huge servings
    2. baby back ribs
    3. the staffs are very accommodating
    4. the place to be in any occasion
    5. quick service
    6. heavenly desserts (oh god!)
    7. the ambience
    8. instagram perfect food presentation
    9. chicken fingers
    10. PROMOS
    11. cocktails
    12. green mango shake
    13. bacon cheeseburger
    14. the music
    15. american feel
    16. buffalo wings (cant get enough)
    17. Mozzarella sticks
    18. majestic Seafood platter
    19. forget the diet feel
    20. Its always friday!

    happy 20th, TGI Friday's!

  7. 1. fried Mac & cheese
    2. buffalo wings
    3. ball park nachos
    4. jack Daniel's triple barrel
    5. Baby back ribs
    6. burgers
    7. Strawberry mojito
    8. Jack Daniel's steak
    9. friendly staff
    10. generous serving
    11. Clean restroom
    12. Enough supply of tissue
    13. Interiors
    14. Wide variety of food
    15. Promos
    16. Value for your money
    17. Desserts
    18. Food presentation
    19. Clean surroundings
    20. Feel good vibe

  8. 1. Superior customer service.
    2. Affordable.
    3. Family's go-to restaurant
    4. Chicken Fingers
    5. Their colors- red, white and black. You know it's TGIF.
    6. Local favorites- Yay Filipino food!
    7. So many branches that we can go to.
    8. My favorite dessert - Oreo Madness
    9. My favorite burger - Cheeseburger!
    10. Celebrated so many birthdays with TGI Friday's
    11. Cocktails.
    12. Big serving!
    13. Promos!
    14. Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta --- because I have the biggest heart for shrimp.
    15. Fried calamari - me and my bros go crazy for this! Hahaha
    16. Buffalo wings. PERIOD NO ERASE
    17. Resto's chill vibe.
    18. Fish and chips! How can you not order these??!
    19. Baby back ribs. How can you not order these??!
    20. I love Fridays... and Friday's!!

  9. 20 Things I love about TGIFridays
    *The dishes are so flavorful
    *Cute servers in costumes
    *Majestic platter of Nachos
    *Free WIFI
    *Wide variety of dishes to choose from their menu
    *Kiddie crew during summer
    *Mojitos and good looking baristas
    *Perfect dining ambiance for family and friends
    *Staff are so nice and attentive to your needs
    *Happy and positive vibes only
    *Dishes are good for sharing
    *Instagramable food and interior pieces
    *All-time american favorites are within your reach at TGIF
    *Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta lover forever
    *Best hangout place for friends chika and catch ups
    *Mocha Mud Pie
    *Freebies and Promos
    *Buffalo wings
    *Momentous gatherings are perfect to celebrate here such as birthdays or anniversary
    *Mouth watering and heavenly desserts

  10. Audelio A. Gonzales, Jr.

    1. big servings
    2. bottomless drinks
    3. accessible locations
    4. hip resto design
    5. jolly and cheerful crew
    6. sports tv always on
    7. free wifi
    8. gives discounts for bistro card holder
    9. serves ice cold beer
    10. big dining area
    11. has a smoking area
    12. very yummy tacos
    13. juicy and tender baby rack ribs
    14. very happy music background
    15. family oriented place
    16. social media promos
    17. open up to wee hours
    18. cool bathroom
    19. they sing and greet you if its your birthday
    20. desserts are one of a kind

  11. 20 Things I love about TGIFriday's Philippines ‪#‎TGIFridaysPh‬
    1. Perfect place for barkada sports viewing
    2. Ideal venue for business meetings
    3. Good ambiance to enjoy music
    4. Fine tasting western foods
    5. Great sports memorabilia
    6. Impressive Music props
    7. Promos were exciting
    8. Theme are on time
    9. Friendly and pro happy well-trained staff
    10. Interior
    11. Marketing
    12. Facilities
    13. Clean Restroom
    14. Comfortable Chair and Tables
    15. Great Chef
    16. Menu
    17 Uniform were attractive
    18. Show
    19. Kids at work serving or kids program
    20. Bday Specials



    1. High energy restaurant
    2. Staff knows the menu by heart
    3. Desserts to die for
    4. Can be a party place or date venue
    5. Love looking at the interior
    6. Bday songs are always an Attention grabber
    7. Loyalty card has so much to give
    8. Clean restroom
    9. English speaking waiters
    10. Charming waiters and waitresses
    11. They always say hello and goodbye
    12. Complaints are handled with ease
    13. Entertainment all around
    14. Awesome cocktails
    15. Big servings
    16. Food is always fresh
    17. Always in central Locations
    18. Accommodating to kids
    19. Free fast wifi
    20. Best of all, Always have new exciting promos like this one

  13. 1. Friday's birthday greetings and treats!
    2. Bacon Cheeseburger sliders
    3. Friday's Mozzarella
    4. Double chocolate milkshake
    5. Jack Daniel's Pork Chop
    6. Fajitas
    7. Buffalo Wings with bleu cheese sauce
    8. Fish and Chips!
    9. Bottomless sodas!
    10. Classic Chardonnay
    11. Tennessee Cheesecake
    12. Mozzarella Sticks!
    13. Tortilla chips!
    14. Fried Mac & Cheese
    15. Ball Park Nachos
    16. Garlic chicken primavera
    17. Chicken quesadillas
    18. Huge serving portions!!
    19. High food quality
    20. Mocha Mud Pie

  14. I - Incredibly fun ambiance

    S - Superb quality of food

    O - Outstanding customer service

    L - Location is at its best, we have one 5 minutes away from home.

    O - Oreo Madness

    V - Very wide array of choices.

    E - Everyday feels like Friday!

    Y - Yolo so best spend it at TGIF!

    O - Onion Rings

    U - Unlimited mojitos

    T - Three for All Sampler Platter

    G - Good for sharing servings

    I - Iced cold drinks

    F - Freshest greens available.

    R - Really fun bartending

    I - Instant discount with BDJ Coupon

    D - Date nights in TGIF

    A - Amazing experience

    Y - Your promotions

    S - Starwars designs.

    Ma. Clarice Itumay

  15. Hello, guys...Due to the generosity of our sponsor, instead of just 9, we will be having 11 winners of the TGIFridays Jack Daniel's Burgers. As said in the mechanics the first 9 gets to win, now it's the first 11 so for everyone here who posted their top 20 things they love about TGIFridays, please email us your name, email address and contact numbers to be submitted to TGIFridays. Please send the info to our editor at asap so we can announce the winners on the 15th of December

  16. Congratulations to the first 11 to post their top 20 things they love about TGIFridays restaurant. You may all claim your Jack Daniel's burger at any of the branches of TGIFridays starting next week. :)


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