Monday, December 8, 2014

#RainbowConnection: Demystifying the LGBT Market

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Do we really need to learn about the sensitivities of the LGBT community to easily come up with effective media strategies?

Some would agree without any hesitation while some would vehemently raise their brows. We all know everybody wants to be treated equally and nobody wants to see certain groups given special care. Though everyone appreciates a VIP treatment, we sometimes get into much trouble if we treat each other unfairly and with discrimination. The real problem comes when some people think they deserve some form of entitlement. Don't we just hate it when we see some people think they are more privileged to earn more respect thinking they have earned the right to break all forms of courtesy?

Like every other group or faction out there, the LGBT community is composed of various individuals with unique personalities. Just like the rest of us, not everyone of them has the same point of view and way of doing things. We are all born uniquely different from each other, and that is what really makes us very special.

I believe the #RainbowConnection: Demystifying the LGBT Market held last November 28, 2014 at the Best Western Plus Antel Hotel seeks to identify better methods to communicate and reach out to the LGBT community. It is with great admiration to the organizers to become part of a worldwide concern in the further understanding of the LGBT market and the many potentials it offers to everyone.

I have so many friends from the LGBT community and truly look up to them because they are so gifted with so many talents that it feels like they are at the upper level of all fields involving creativity and imagination. From fashion to photography and everything else in between and beyond, they are also so easily approachable since they mostly emit an aura of friendliness.

Similarly, just like the rest of us, there are also some bad elements that promote negativity. However, the unfortunate news about their ill-doings are somehow highlighted, exaggerated and given a bad light. These irresponsible news reporting wrongly generalizes the entire LGBT community which is the reason why there are still many hiding inside the closet keeping their real emotions locked up. However, with so many remarkable stories about successful LGBT members coming out and becoming so mainstream already, many are also getting the much needed encouragement to come out loud and proud to show the world that they are part of the community. We are mostly surprised that esteemed personalities that are so popular in many industries are braving the scrutiny they may encounter for they believe that there would be more welcome arms waiting to appreciate them.

How do we tap a market that is undeniably becoming huge, and obviously make up the more active segment of our society?

Thank you to all the speakers, sponsors, guests and of course, the organizers, for making the #RainbowConnection: Demystifying the LGBT Market. Lucky are the attendees for making it to this very rare gathering of LGBT professionals who have already made a name for themselves worldwide.

We somehow got useful ideas from the talks given by the guest speakers who are mostly from the same LGBT community. We all know how well engaged and connected they are now, and we realized that there are no impossible tasks if we worked really hard, kept true to ourselves, embraced our inner feelings, and maintained a more aggressive yet meaningful outlook in life.

I guess the LGBT community actually has an advantage among other groups since most eyes are already upon them. The only thing left to do is how they keep these eyes glued.

For us they call "straight," we ought to learn from their journey into success. Let us all learn how to take the same road they travelled and perhaps we could finally see the rainbow connection.

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