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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Memories and Regrets

Wazzup Pilipinas!

XQ 1019 a robot made by Joseph, Ana's grandfather, to help a certain someone recover from losing someone important. Ana is Jake's lover; both of them treasured each other that is why when one is lost, the other falls into depression.

In Jake's past, he used to obey the authority for the sake of paying his debt to them and to prevent them from punishing him however, as he grew up he learned how to refuse the order of the authority because he is no longer afraid of punishments anymore.

Our story is about a painful love where in the one you love died, leaving you with full of regret. Even after everything that has happened love conquers all. In the story, the protagonist changed for the better after loving someone and even after death he still treasures that special someone.

In the story, the protagonist showed an overflowing emotion and feelings, like after Ana's death Jake felt so much despair and fell into depression. The protagonist used to be a criminal and as the time passes he learned how to value things and changed for the better.

Please enjoy reading our short story below.

I was stupid. Why did we have to argue? Why did I let go? I wish I could turn back time and immediately apologized. But, I know that that's never going to happen, I'm stuck during that time.

A few minutes before the airplane accident Ana and Jake had an argument and that was the last time they were seen together. Joseph, Ana's grandfather and also a scientist, heard what happened and grieved, however, he knew that someone was even sadder than him. So he decided to make a robot to lift up that person's spirit. He said to the robot, "I will metamorphosize you, XQ 1019, into a human so please help that person cheer up." and thus the robot was given a mission. Joseph made the robot into an exact image of the person's lover hoping to make that person move forward.

I'm XQ 1019 or now called Jake, I was sent by the professor and was given a mission, and here I am at Ana's house in front of her door. I knocked on her door many times and there was still no answer, so when I was going to open the door I realized it was already open. I came inside, looked around and there I found Ana sitting in a corner, watching videos of all the times she spent with Jake before the accident in a loop, because there was nothing to do I sat beside her a few inches apart and watched it along with her. "Who are you?" She asked with a morbid face. "I am Jake; I will help take care of you." I answered. "You're not Jake; I don't want to see someone who LOOKS like that person. I want the real Jake!" "Alright I'll go away for now." I said. After watching, I studied the videos and came up with many ideas on how to cheer her up. I noticed she never eats anything; she just stays in the corner. After a few days of consecutive tries on how to cheer her up, she gradually opens up to me and talks to me. But sometimes when I'm with her, there are images that shows up in my mind, I saw 2 children being maltreated and I don't know what it's about.

On my way home from the supermarket; I saw a poster it says that there will be a festival or a celebration coming up this weekend. I thought of inviting Ana and then I accidentally bumped into someone and fell down, I think he was running away. As he apologized he helped me up and he looked at me with observing eyes. "Aha! So it was you Jake, I knew it. I haven't seen you for a while. It's me Rex" he said, "Excuse me?" I replied as I pondered, then a loud voice shouting came towards us. "Oh! Sorry Jake I have to go, I know we'll meet again." he said as he ran away. I was surprised and no words came out but I thought to myself, "Do I know him? And why do I feel a sense of familiarity when I was with him? Questions I can't answer keep popping up from my mind. What is this feeling? I came back from the supermarket and saw Ana still watching the videos, when Ana noticed me there she told me a few things about Jake. She told me about the time when they talked about Jake's past. And it all started because of Jake's weak heart, his parents borrowed money to help cure his weak heart, however because it was so expensive his parents abandoned him and left. So he was burdened with a huge debt that's why he was involved in illegal dealings, for him, he believed money was everything. She cried for him as he told her his sad past, which I think made Jake fell for her deeper. After telling the story, I invited her to go with me to the celebration.

She kept quiet for awhile and then agreed unwillingly to go with me. The day of the celebration, I was waiting for Ana to finish fixing herself up when suddenly an image of Ana and Jake squabbling popped up from my head. And there was more, Ana was so angry so she left Jake there, what happened next became a blurry vision. Ana tapped my shoulder and that made me come back to my senses. I said, "Let's go." As we gait down the road I feel so restless, after crossing the bridge Rex showed himself. He said, "Hey Jake, I was waiting for you, why don't we sell that girl like the others?" I wondered why he would say that and then suddenly men appeared behind him, trying to surround us. I said to Ana, "Ana, run away! I'll try to hold them back!" She nodded her head and ran as fast as she could towards the bridge, however as she ran, she slip and fell off the bridge. I panicked and jumped off the bridge following her, Rex shouted, "Don't! She's not worth it." As I try to catch up to her, I felt a sudden headache which made all of the blurry images I had to become clear and made me remembered what actually happened. That day, Ana invited me to go with her saying, "Jake, bring your important belongings with you." I wondered why but I never asked and just did what she said. We arrived at the airport; she then said that she wanted us to elope because of the people chasing after me for disobeying the order of committing a macabre series of murder and robbery.

Even though she knew that it would be arduous to escape without money she stuck with her decision saying that she would be alright if they were together. I knew that her stubbornness was just because she was worried about me, not wanting me to experience the previous punishments again. However I can't help arguing with her because as she was always thinking about me, I was also always thinking about what's good for her and I can't let my problem be a hindrance to her future. Ana became so furious at me and left me alone to board the airplane. I didn't even tried to stop her from going, I let her go thinking that I should just let her cool down for a few days and then go to her wherever she is, but I guess that's never going to happen because of the accident. As the airplane was about to leave, there was an explosion in the engine of the plane which made it fall from the sky and it was announce that there were no survivors in the plane accident. "She was the only person who tried to understand me, the only person who accepted and most of the entire only person I loved. I wanted to protect her, I should have been the one who died, and if we never met in the first place this shouldn't have happened." After Ana's death, I felt so much despair, I felt like my soul was sucked out of me and I felt so much regret that I wanted to erase everything which made me forget who I was.

When I came out of the water, I wasn't able to clasp on to Ana. Rex then said, "I'm sorry, you really treasured her... But that one is just a robot. Accept the fact that Ana is already dead!" I looked at him as if I was out of myself and replied "Yeah." I left silently; Rex and the others just watched me go away. I went to Ana's grandfather and I asked him, "Why?" Just by looking at me he understood what I meant. Joseph saw how sad I was and wanted to help me out. He knew that Ana wanted to leave with me, he never blamed me for her death because he knew that while they were together Ana lived a happy life. As repayment for loving her and for the happy life she lived he wanted me to move on and look forward towards the future, he said it was also for Ana's sake, he knows that seeing me depressed will also make Ana depressed.

-- Five months later --

With the help of Joseph, I fully recovered from the depression. However, it doesn't mean that I have forgotten about Ana. It means that I finally learned how to accept and treasure the MEMORIES of my time with Ana inside my heart.

Contributed by Vangelyn De Luna

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  1. I really liked the story and the way it has been written by the author. This kind of story really gets to the heart of many readers. Thank you for posting this on your blog.

  2. It is true that remembering something from your past makes you feel a multitude of feelings like happiness, longing, sadness, but most of all, regret. All of us can relate to this story because we all wish that we can change or rewrite our past.

  3. This a good short story but I really think that in able to forget someone or move on from our past, we must delete and destroy all the memories that the person left with us. Looking back on the past conversations and events make us feel more sad and it doesn't help us at all. But if ever someone would make me a robot that is the same as the person I'm missing, I would cherise the relive the moments with that person one last time. And then I will truly forget. We are humans and we have to get hurt first before we will grown. Our eyes need to be washed away by our tears and when we wipe all the tears away, we will have a brighter and clearer view of life.

  4. A very heart throbbing story. Well done.

    -Shanthy Garcia

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  6. I love how the author was able to create a plot twist that we never really expect. I love how it shows that we can never change our past and we can never replace the original people we care and love with something artificial no matter how perfect they are. We just need to accept the facts and move on. I know it's easier said than be done but I think the love ones that passed won't like it if we would stay depress and sad to the point we can't fuction properly because of them. So smile, cherish the memories they had given you and face the future. :))

  7. It's a good story and it's not the common story that I heard because the girl was just a robot. Nice job!

  8. It was a great story and it was cool because it's not similar to the others stories. The author did a good job in writing this short story =)) I hope you will continue to write some short stories.

  9. I was really surprised by the plot twist of the story, I thought it's a cliche one but I realized that this story is way different from the other stories I have read. It was confusing at first, but it's really worth the time.

  10. What a moving story, especially to those who have lost someone they love. Keep up the good work!

  11. Great story! Keep up the good work.

  12. It is really hard to say goodbye to the people we love but sadly, we don't control time. And by the time that this kind of things come, we should really accept the reality that they're gone. Yes it is depressing but we shouldn't let this kind of sadness stop us from moving on and being happy.

  13. The plot twist is good and I love the concept of the story. It's true that even though our loved ones is already it doesn't mean that they are also gone in our hearts, of course there will always be a place for them in our hearts.

  14. What a nice story. The plot and the concept of the story was really amazing. The author write so impressively. The story shows the value of love and the concept of letting go. It's really hard to say goodbye to the person we loved the most but, for us to be happy, we must learn to move on and accept the reality. There's an end for everything. That person is gone but the memories with him/her will still remain in your heart until eternity. :)

  15. This story is unique. The author did a great job!

  16. The writer did a great job in peeking the readers' attentions. The choice of the theme for the story is very good. A lot of people can actually relate to it. Kudos to the writer for making such a good story!

  17. Exceptional plot! Great choice of words :) The story tells us how hard it is to lose someone who means the world to you. But despite all these, you have to move forward and just accept that everything happens for a reason. Going back to the structure, there are just some unclear parts in the story, the phasing of events was a bit confusing. But other than that, the story's awesome!! ;)


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