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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Love My Lie

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Back when I was in elementary, I only have few friends because as the Top 1 in the class, everyone thought that I’m a nerd. So as to fit in, I prove them wrong. I observed their acts every day. I know in myself that if I act and talk the way they do, they would definitely befriend me, so I did. Yes I already fit in but I’m not that comfortable. I lost the real me. I sacrificed my happiness and identity just to fit in.

I correlate my past to the story that I had written. Just like anyone else, I want attention. But attention can’t be asked from someone, it should be given, just like love.

Our story below tells about a typical wife who craves for her husband’s attention. Rebecca suspects Sam for having a mistress. She jumped to that conclusion because according to her, Sam’s always out for business trips and doesn’t bother to have a quality time with her. Sam was astonished to hear that from her. He got annoyed that Rebecca wasn’t considering the facts that he is a Company Executive Officer and he’s working so hard for their future.

Craving for her husband’s attention, Rebecca pretended that she has a breast cancer. She asked Lauren, her best friend, to do her fake medical reports and to teach her how she should act and look like as a cancer patient. After knowing Rebecca’s condition, he immediately took a leave in his office to be able to make it up to his wife.

Rebecca’s enjoying the deeds for already two months, until one day when Lauren called thru telephone. She told Rebecca that Sam’s always calling her, crying because of Rebecca’s phony condition. It’s Lauren’s conscience that is bugging her so she decided to end their plan by quitting as Rebecca’s fake doctor.

Lies kill relationships. But what if the only choice left is to lie? Will you have the guts to risk your relationship?

“What time did you arrive last night?” asked Rebecca who’s having a cup of coffee.

“Around 12 midnight? I’m not that sure. By the way, we’ll be having a company outing slash seminar in Hongkong next week. We’re going to stay there for like three days.” said Sam who’s been evidently in a rush.

Rebecca stood up. “What? Last week, you just arrived from Pangasinan. Last night, you just arrived from Baguio. And now, you’re telling that you’ll be leaving again?”

“Look Rebecca! I’m the Company Executive Officer and you’re expecting that I would only sit there in my office doing nothing?” He went to the door but Rebecca gripped his hands to stop him.

“Do you still love me, Sam? Answer me! For the past few months, it seems like you just go home to sleep with me. And to inform you, we never had a quality time together for two months! Two months Sam!”

Sam was dumbfounded to see Rebecca’s expression. She had never been that mad before. Rebecca continued, “Why can’t you answer me? O’ wait! Maybe I’m wrong! Because the truth is you have a mistress! Are you having a secret relationship with..”

“What are you saying Rebecca? All this time, I’m working so hard for you. In return, I want you to appreciate me. I just want to feel appreciated. That’s all Rebecca! But what were you thinking? That I have a mistress? That I’m having a secret relationship with someone? How paranoid!” Sam left and slammed the door.

All of a sudden, Rebecca found herself alone in their house, again. It has been always like that. At first, she tries to understand Sam’s situation, that as a CEO, he always has a propensity to be busy but eventually, Rebecca got tired. If Sam wants appreciation, what Rebecca wants is attention. Actually, she’s craving for it. She’s just missing his other half so much. Desperate to get what she wants, she thought of a plan, a plan that would surely win his husband’s attention back.

Rebecca mocked that she has a breast cancer. That’s how immature she is. That’s how eager she is to have her husband’s attention. She did everything to make her plan work. She even hired Lauren, her bestfriend, who works as a doctor to do her medical reports and to teach her how a cancer patient should act or look like. As Rebecca informed her about her “sickness”, he immediately took a leave to take her of his wife and also, to have a quality time with her.

`”I’ll make it up to you Rebecca. I’m really sorry if I was too busy to the point that I already forgot my duty as your husband. I’ll make it up to you, I swear. From now on, I won’t leave your side anymore. “said Sam to Rebecca who’s lying on her bed trying to look ill.

Rebecca was so pleased because Sam’s so hooked to her story. Days, weeks, months had passed. Rebecca’s enjoying the deeds. Sam never leaves her and he was sweeter than ever before. Everything was perfect but it’s true that lies can’t be kept forever. Whether you like it or not, everything would be revealed at the end.

“Hello Lauren! How can I help you?” asked Rebecca to Lauren who called thru phone.

“Let’s stop this.”

“Stop what?”

“This stupid plan. Rebecca, my conscience has been bugging me for two months. Sam’s been calling me almost every day. He always checks up on you. He cries and it’s upsetting to know that I’m one of the reasons of his tears. I can’t be your fake doctor anymore. I’m sorry.”

“No! You can’t just leave me like that. You’re my bestfriend, you know that well. You just can’t leave me hanging.”

“Yes, I’m your bestfriend. And as your bestfriend, Rebecca please, I’m begging you. Let’s stop this. It’s Sam. He’s living in a lie for months. Aren’t you scared that if Sam knew this stupid plan of yours, she would be mad at you big time? Or even worse, leave you? I’m sorry Rebecca but this is the best thing to do. Bye.”

Rebecca’s so worried. What will she do now? If Lauren won’t make her medical reports anymore, Sam might consult other doctor and he’ll eventually know that his wife’s just lying. Rebecca’s afraid to lose her husband, he’s her everything and she won’t let anything break them. After a while, Sam entered Rebecca’s room crying.

“How can you do that to me Rebecca?”

“Do what?”

“I heard it all on the phone. I thought you were sleeping so I grabbed the phone. But when I was about to speak, I heard you and Lauren. I badly want to know your condition so I didn’t hang up the phone. But unintentionally, I heard what I wasn’t supposed to know. I’m so stupid. Why did I easily believe you?”

“Let me explain Sam. I just did that to have your attention because I’m missing you. And I’m missing you because I love you.” Rebecca’s tears fell.

“Love? How can you even say that word? If you love me, you won’t lie. You won’t do things that might possibly hurt my feelings!”

“I’m sorry Sam. Give me another chance.”

“I sacrificed myself for you. How can you even do that?” Sam became more emotional and more tears fell from his eyes.

“What? I can’t understand you Sam.”

“I have Leukemia Rebecca! But I chose not to be diagnosed because I’m afraid that you might get worse if I let you know. The day you started lying was also the day that I was about to tell you about this but I chose not to. And now, what will I get? You never really fail to dishearten me.”

Sam continued, “The doctor just gave me three months. I’m dying Rebecca. I’m dying…”

Contributed by Carmina Mejia

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  1. WOW!.. reading your story left me with mixed feelings. It is so unexpected and that's what I like about it. Also, the fact that the story relates to everyone is wonderful!
    In a relationship... surely trust and honesty is really important but of course time and communication as well. I am really disappointed at the female protagonist. Although she felt really unimportant and wants attention still, lying to that extent is the worst! She could have just become more honest and of course she should understand and trust her husband more. The husband has his faults but of course he has valid reasons. OOhhh... making me this angry. hahaha I'm really hooked with your story Carmina! :) You did very well :DD

  2. The story is actually good at first it was predictable but in the end you proved me worng. Nice job!

  3. The plot twist left me dumbfounded. I thought it's just a typical story of an attention seeker wife/woman, but I'm wrong. The story is really great, but I just got curious to the husband's point of view and what happened at the end of the story

  4. Nice job! Great story, keep it up.

  5. It is really true that trust is the foundation of any relationships specially marriage. In the case of Rebecca and Sam, both of the didn't show any trust to the other. They haven't been completely honest to each other. They should've admitted to each other that they are lying because in their case, there are only three months left to be with each other and they shouldn't waste it by lying to each other.

  6. Wow! This story left me with mixed emotions. I felt sorry for Sam. You did a great job in doing your short story! Keep it up! :)

  7. I totally loved the flow of the story. It has a nice plot and is surely relatable, even my feelings was carried away :)) Amazing story though :)

  8. I kind of relate with the prologue wherein you want to be like anybody else. That made me hooked up in reading the story. Over all, this is a great story. Nice plot twist in the end! This story tells us that in a relationship, all you need is trust and appreciation. Even though you're so busy, you'll have to find time for your partner. And if you're the one left at home, prepare something nice so that your partner will have something to look forward to when he gets home. This shows that the best feeling in the world is just to love and be loved. Fascinating story!! :)


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