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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: The Mystery of Mr. Dawn

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John Joseph Cole is a man back from World War I and renting a house in West bank of Long Island. His cousin Victoria and her wealthy husband William lives across the bay in fancier East bank. Stewart Dawn, John Joseph’s next door neighbor, is a wealthy newcomer who throws large parties weekly.

John became good friends with Stewart. John brought Victoria and Stewart back together by inviting Victoria to tea. However, Stewart wanted Victoria which he couldn’t have because she is married to William. William wanted to have both his wife and his other woman without Victoria knowing about it. William and Stewart goes on a showdown to determine who gets to control Victoria.

The story below shows the mysteries of love. It showed that love may last for a very long time on the part where Stewart still loved Victoria after a 6 year time period. It also showed that love may seem fake but it is real, on the part where Victoria chose William instead of Stewart.
The story teaches us to learn to move on. Don’t focus on a girl who doesn’t love you. When Victoria cut in when Stewart’s about to talk he should have known that she doesn’t love him anymore.

My name is John Joseph Cole an average man looking for a new job in New York. I live at the west bank of Long Island next to the house of the famous Mr. Dawn. My cousin Victoria Weinstock lives across the river on the East bank and is married to one of the richest men in the United States which was William Weinstock.

Victoria invited me to come to her house and have dinner with them to welcome me in New York. When I got to Weinstock’s residence I was warmly welcomed by William and insisted me to come in. As we went in the house I saw a beautiful woman named Laura Stephens who was an actress and she was waiting for Victoria to come out of her room. I wished to shake hands with Laura but she ignored me so I moved on to Victoria’s room.

As the servants opened the door, I saw white cloth all over the room and at the end was a white bed and Victoria was on it. She looked beautiful as ever and looked really happy with her life as she told me stories about her adventures with her husband. Then her stories were cut short when William called and told us that dinner was ready.

At the table was Laura with William, and Laura spoke to me for the first time. We were in the middle of eating when suddenly the phone rang. William excused himself from the table to talk to the person on the phone and Victoria excused herself as well and followed William. I was about to tell Laura about a joke but she cut me off and told me that she has heard that William had another woman in New York.

After dinner, Victoria told me about her suffering about the woman and asked me to help her out but I couldn’t. So I went home and saw a man next door on the port at the bank. Something told me that it was Mr. Dawn and it seems that he was reaching for the light across the bank.

The next day, William asked me to join him for lunch in the city so we took the train but for some reason William dragged me out to a car repair shop and there we saw a man named Nick Potter and asked William what was happening and where is his car. William answered that he left it home then a woman named Sarah Potter suddenly came down and told Nick to get some chairs so that they could talk business. So I knew that that woman was his other girl other than my cousin. They invited me to their apartment and mingle with her sister. We had a great time and got drunk.

I didn’t realize that I fell asleep but when I woke up I find myself in front of my house. I went inside and changed my clothes and as I was about to go outside I was greeted by two servants and got an invitation from Mr. Dawn to his party at his mansion. I was really confused because on Mr. Dawn’s party everyone from all walks of life is allowed to go and I was the only one that is invited.

At the party many had come to celebrate and I asked waiters to tell me the location of the host Mr. Dawn but their reply is that they don’t know and that no one has ever seen Mr. Dawn. I was a little embarrassed so I just drank to pass my time.

In the middle of the party I saw Laura and asked her if she knew where Mr. Dawn is and what he is. Some say that he was a war hero and some say that he was the son of the evil king of Germany. In the middle of the chaos I saw a man and asked me how I am feeling but I couldn’t answer so I asked him a question in return.

My question was that does he know Mr. Dawn. He said sorry to me that he is such a bad host and told me that he is Mr. Dawn, Stewart Dawn and he also told me that it is a great pleasure to meet me. He told me that he has a new plane and that he wanted me to come along on a ride. I asked him at what time but he told me that it will take off at the time I will come.

Then somebody whispered to Mr. Dawn that a there was a phone call from the governor and that he has to be excused. He went inside then I saw Laura again. As we were talking Laura she was interrupted by a servant of Mr. Dawn and told her that Mr. Dawn wanted to talk to her.

The evening passed and in the morning I found myself on a cushion and Laura was screaming my name and told me that she knew the truth about Mr. Dawn. I asked her to tell me what it is but her reply was that she couldn’t tell because she swore that she wouldn’t tell me.

She was dragged into her car by a man but she also told me that they will have tea next week. Before I left, I saw Mr. Dawn and told me that the plane ride was still going to happen. So we said our goodbyes and as I walked towards my house I glanced at the house next door and saw Stewart Dawn. He waved at me so I waved back.

The next day I was surprised of a yellow car that was driving in front my house and I saw Stewart on the wheel he told me that we were going to have lunch together so I should get dressed but something told me inside that I was agreeing to everything he says but I actually do not know anything about him.

He drove very fast but and asked me what my opinion on him. He also told me that he was from a family of wealthy men in the Middle West but they all died. He also told me that he became a war hero and that he was given many medals by different government agencies. He told me many things about him and just as he was in the end of his stories we were at the place he was telling me that we are going to have lunch to.

We were welcomed by a tall black man named Steve Collins. I was confused because we were at a barbershop but Steve knocked on the wall and a door opened inside was a secret bar and we saw William. I introduced William to Stewart but in a short moment I talked to William, Stewart disappeared so I came home alone.

A week later I came to Laura’s and told her everything I knew about Stewart. She cut me off and told me that Stewart wants me to invite Victoria to my house. I was confused so she had to explain everything to me. She told me that she saw Victoria and Stewart before about 6 years ago and that they were a happy couple after that a World War came so Stewart was separated from Victoria. After the war they were about to get married but Stewart didn’t came. Victoria received a letter and she found another man and that was William. They got married so Stewart couldn’t see her anymore. Since then Stewart bought a house right across Victoria’s hoping that he would see her again.

Laura was done telling her story so I went home but when I was on the cab I saw a man. The man was Stewart so I told him that his house looked beautiful and he asked me to join him to go on a ride when I refused he offered me to swim in the pool. I refused again and told him that I’ll invite him tomorrow at four.

He offered me many generous things again and I told him that it is just a favor. He seemed to be mystified by the word favor like it was new to him so we said our goodbyes and went to sleep.

The next day I saw men working on my lawn. I was surprised but the outcome was beautiful. At 3:00 P.M. it rained and Stewart came with daisies and other flowers which is colored white. Waiting for the clock to strike four, Stewart seemed pretty nervous.

When the clock stroke four, Stewart wanted to go to home but a car came and I told him that it was her. I invited Victoria inside but when we got inside Stewart was gone. Somebody knocked at my door and it was Stewart soaking wet. I invited him in but he is still nervous and when he saw her again he was still nervous and there was an awkward silence so I left them alone for a while.

When I got back, they seemed pretty close together again. They were inseparable and Stewart invited Victoria to go to his house. They went next door and Stewart showed everything to her. She cried about the wonders she saw but Stewart was there to comfort her.

Before dark, Victoria went home and Stewart invited both me and Victoria to come to his party the next night. All of us came to the party including William and Laura. We were having a great time and Stewart excused Laura for a dance but they were actually going next door to talk about how they will admit their love to William.

William asked me about Victoria’s location but I said I didn’t know. He waited for them to return but it was the next day when he found them. After that incident, Stewart’s gates were closed. William invited Stewart to their house to get know more about each other. Stewart came and there was silence in the room. Steward about to admit their love but Victoria cut in and wanted to go to their apartment. They had agreed to go to the Weinstock’s apartment in the middle of New York.

On Stewart’s car were William, Laura and me and on William’s car was Stewart and Victoria. Before they got to the apartment they got to Nick’s repair shop to refuel. Nick told William that they were going away because he was sick so William got angry but went after Stewart.

On the way to the apartment William told Laura and me what he found out about Stewart’s life. At the apartment William provoked Stewart on telling the truth on what Stewart’s business was which is selling drugs and how he got that rich when he came from a family of poor people. Stewart got so mad that he screamed and held William on the collar. He tried to say sorry but Victoria saw his true color and asked William to get Stewart away from her. She got to Stewart’s car and drove with Stewart to Weinstock’s residence.

At that time, Nick found out that his wife was cheating on her but he doesn’t know who the man is. Sarah ran outside and saw the yellow car thinking that it was William to get her out of the mess but the car didn’t stop and ran her over and others saw that it was a speeding yellow car that ran her over.

William, Laura and I was about to go to Weinstock’s residence when we come across the commotion. William stopped over and saw that Sarah was dead. Nick accused William of the crime but William explained what happened that it wasn’t him that killed Sarah. Nick asked William who owns the car and answered that it was Stewart’s car. William told us everything that happened and all of us concluded that it was Stewart who ran her over.

We left the crime scene and got to Weinstock’s residence. William asked me to come in but I refused and as they closed the door I saw Stewart I tried to let his conscience take away his mind but he tried to explain to me that it was Victoria that ran Sarah over and that he was there thinking that William would do something bad to Victoria.

We both went home and tried to cover the blood stains on his car. He also told me that he and Victoria are going to run away as soon as she called him. He asked me to join him on a swim but I refused so I went home and told him good luck.

On that day I went to work. Nick was planning to seek his revenge today. He went through the hedge opening beside my land to pass the security and gate. I was calling Stewart at this moment when I heard a shot from a gun and I assumed that it killed Stewart because he didn’t speak to me.

Another one fired, then the line was cut. On the funeral of my friend Stewart the media came pouring in on his house but no one of his friends came. I called up Victoria but the one who answered was their servant and told me that they moved away. I was so disgusted of the people that enjoyed his hospitality but didn’t show up on his funeral. I never heard anything from anyone I met in New York.

Contributed by Kobie Cadenas

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  1. I like it and the title's really catchy. :) I'm a fan of war movies so the story really caught my attention upon knowing that the setting was during World War I. Nice job! :)

  2. It was a great story.The ending was cool. The author did a good job in writing this short story =)) I hope you will continue to write some short stories.

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