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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: (UN)Intended

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This story greatly shows how men can easily dominate women. How they use their own natural strength to win over their captives. Their superiority over the inferior ones. But we can change this fact. We can change this by our decisions, by our own choices. We shouldn’t easily put our trust into them. We should follow our mind and instincts and it will lead us to the right path. Following our feelings are obscure decisions that shouldn’t be made.

Avery made a wrong decision when she agreed to come with Ysselb. First she was being reluctant but she followed her own heart. She brought her life to an end point. That was her mistake. Yes she gained information about the death of her twin and she had the chance to escape from the hands of Ysselb but it was too late.

Michele Obama quoted, you can't make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen. From this, we should stand up for what we believe. We should face our situations courageously. In the end that was the choice you made, and it doesn't matter how hard it was to make it. It matters that you did.

After reading this, tell me if it is intended or not.
If it is planned all along or only a mistake
by chance. Figure it out yourself.

“Let me go. Please! Please.. I am not Audrey, I’m not her. Let me go!”

The night is as still as it ever in the city.

Cars buzz to and forth, like rushed bugs hurrying to escape. Exchanges are done in whispers and husky voices in the alleys of looming buildings and the shade of spindly trees. People with blank faces walked the spotless streets into an empty horizon. A loud coughing can be heard in the distance. The same cans litter the streets and the same lights flash to signal a passing.

The silence of the city is never a complete and total silence. The moon stretches across it all, watching, waiting, absorbing.

Up in an immaculate scene, an awfully tired young lady walks by herself all alone. Cold haze of breeze glimmered in her frail skin, ambiguously struggling with the hefty bag filled of “missing” fliers hastily swang in her shoulder. Her eyes became weary so does her heart.

Bound by the shallows of despair, that is what her heart brings into her life by now. Days turned to months and turned to years yet there’s still no sign of improvement, not at all. Her conscience consumes her but what else can she do? What other way will she take?

She did everything.


She’s in the verge of giving up. But no she can’t. She promised her parents she’ll not stop unless she found out the truth.

“Hey so glad seeing you agai—“


She squeaked shrilling. A perfectly built handsome man swiftly gripped his muscular arms on her. The man then took a step backward because of her response.

“Oops. Did I scare you that much?” The man eased with a low hoarse tone and a chuckle resonated on its throat.

That chuckle brought her chills. Danger. She don’t know why but danger knock sharply in her mind. She nearly pushed him away but was only taken a back when he spoke again.

“Don’t tell me you already forgot me.”

She quickly diverted his gaze up to see his face and tried to manage to remember this guy in front of him. Her eyes met he’s and dang, those rue brown orbs.

She answered in an unsured and low tone. “Ysselb?”

“Ahuh! Thank goodness you got it right. ” The guy smiled at her and she felt like dying.

It was Ysselb Colston. Her first love. Their university’s ultimate heartthrob, every girl’s been dying to be with him well maybe including her. She hardly recognized him at first. His body built changed since the last time she saw him and that x-mark on his cheek. It doesn’t look so much him. But she knew those eyes. Even in her state of shock, she could see that his eyes, those fiery, piercing eyes which always seemed to dance with laughter during their school days were not dancing now as he gazed back at her. He’s smiling but his eyes didn’t tell it so.

“Uh do you.. uhm what can I help you?” She was lost of words. She silently cursed herself, she don’t know what to say.

“I want to have some little chit chat, you know there’s a fine dining restaurant across the street and maybe you’ll join me.”

An astonished reaction registered on her face. Why all of a sudden Ysselb would invite her. Don’t get her wrong. As long as she can remember, they’re not close and never did. Yes her heart skipped a beat because he knew her existence but this was strange. She knew he was gone for a long time and now he appeared in front of her. Should she trust him?

Lub.Dub.Lub.Dub. her mind said no but her heart betrayed her. There’s not right of agreeing to go with him, it will going to be a simple dinner and that’s it. That’s what she thought.

They went to the place Ysselb told her . They took their seats athwart the hall. The place was elegant but she can see many vacant seats and few people. She felt something cryptic there.

“I guess you’re wondering why I asked you to joined me tonight..” Ysselb moved closer to her side and leaned forward that his lips was almost touching her ears. His voiced spawned her to shiver.

I do she mused.

“Listen. I really want you to know that I fell in love with you the first time I saw you staring at me.”

He knew it all along? She asked herself. She’s too dumb. She’s really lackadaisical with her actions. Of course he’ll notice it. But wait. What did he just tell her? He loved her? For real? Is this some sort of chimera because her nerves were palpitating inside.

“So please..” He held her hand gently. “Please give me another chance to prove everything.. I really love you Audrey, I really do.”

She stared incomprehensibly at him, a hundred questions on the verge of her tongue unspoken. It’s not because of the sweet nothings she heard but because of the name he mentioned.

She’s not Audrey but Avery Zedler.

“Hey you love me too right?”

Didn’t he know about what happened to his sister? Audrey Zedler is her twin, her best friend, her dear loving older sister who’s a pluviophile. She went missing for almost a year now. Many thoughts we’re blabbering up her mind.

“Ysselb I’m sorry but I am n—“

“How did you manage to escape?”

“Come again?”

What is he talking about? A slight pain lightened up his heart.

He held her tighter and cleared his throat first. “I’m really sorry for chaining both your hands and feet and locking you inside that house.”

She looked at him skeptically but he only returned an evil grin. “I never thought you could escape Audrey, I made sure no one saw me after I set the entire house on fire. Tell me how many lives do you have? How many lives do you have Audrey?”

And there, pieces of puzzle started to form and led to her in to one conclusion. No way! Ysselb is her sister’s boyfriend. She needs to call her parents now. She needs to tell them now that she have the answers.

“Anything wrong?” The side of his lip twitched upward and she saw a smirk plastered on his face.

She swiftly pulled away. “Can you excuse me for a second?” She picked up her bag and found herself way out of the restaurant. She sped up her walk with a heavy heart.

She was about to rang her dad with her nervous hands when someone grabbed her neck, cupped her mouth and dragged her to the dimmest partition in the road.

It was no other than Ysselb.

He pushed her against the rough wall. And from his back pocket he pulled out a dagger. She could see the long slender blade and how pointed its tip was. Her eyes narrowed. She held her breath to gain some force, to escape in this situation. She needs to tell her dad about what happened to her sister but she should first save her life.

The next thing she knew, he was pointing the sharp object at her belly. She wants to scream, but damn. She can’t. She just can’t. Her body started trembling. Fear resides all over her body. Tears poured down endlessly from her eyes. She tried to loose from his grip and stomped on his feet but nothing happened.

“Oh dear Audrey, escaping again huh?” He hissed with a threatening look.

No, no, no! This is all a mistake! He’s insane. Oh god. She pondered hardly.

“Let me go. Please.” She begged closing her eyes.

“You were saved by the first time and now you’ll be dead right before my eyes.”

“Let me go. Please! Please.. I am not Audrey, I’m not her. Let me go!” She howled as she felt the pain in her tummy.

“I know.”

Contributed by Jayzza Mae Aguilar

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  1. I love the story! And I guess it's intended.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The plot twist is amazing. It's really unpredictable! It's Avery whom Ysselb tried to kill in the first place but he mistakenly captivated Audrey instead. It is INTENDED. But why would he kill Avery? Now, I'm curious.

    - Rose Marl Cheong


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